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    Wellness Programs

    My wellness programs are designed to help you build your health from the inside out so you can feel better in your body.

    These programs are based on my Core Four, the four main pillars of health:

    • Eat nourishing foods. (Buh-bye strict diets.)
    • Strengthen your body. (Exercise, yeah, but so much more.)
    • Recharge your energy. (More often than you think.)
    • Get your mind right. (You think, therefore you are. Thanks, Descartes.)

    My signature wellness program is The Harder to Kill Challenge, a 6-week experience where you get to build and balance the Core Four.

    I’ve helped thousands of people transition to a healthier lifestyle, and here’s my best advice:

    Make small, manageable changes. A truly healthier lifestyle means making strides with sleep, movement, exercise, stress management, and mindset in addition to food. Think about what you can sustain for decades, not just days.

    My wellness programs will help you take action and make lifestyle changes that last.

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