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    • gain the confidence to make it at home.
    • learn from clear, step-by-step instructions.
    • watch video tutorials of the process.
    • learn how to troubleshoot your brew.

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    How to Make Kombucha | stupideasypaleo.com

    Home Fermentation Doesn’t Have to be Scary

    Tired of spending upwards of $4 a bottle for kombucha at the store? Want to make your own but you’re not sure how? Afraid you won’t know how to troubleshoot the process once you’ve started?

    Don’t fear the ‘booch! I’m going to take the mystery out of fermenting this tasty drink and ease your fears about dipping your toes into the home fermentation pool.

    I saw your bat-signal in the sky, and I’ve come to the rescue.

    In this ebook, I’m taking you from beginning to end and showing you exactly how to make your own kombucha. Other websites make it sound SO complicated, but not here. I’m keeping it as stupid-easy as humanly possible, and pretty soon you’re going to add “awesome at kombucha-brewing” to your list of kitchen Ninja skills.

    You’ll learn how to dial in the process and best of all, stop giving kombucha companies all your hard-earned cash.

    What Comes In the How To Make Kombucha Ebook

    • Thorough yet easy-to-follow instructions for the first and second fermentations
    • Step-by-step photographs
    • Four video tutorials covering everything from growing your own SCOBY through the end of the process
    • Five exclusive recipes for different flavor combinations
    • Extensive troubleshooting and FAQs section

    How to Make Kombucha | stupideasypaleo.com

    How To Make Kombucha probably isn’t for you if…

    …you’re already an experienced kombucha home brewer.

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    How To Make Kombucha Ebook | stupideasypaleo.com
    How To Make Kombucha Ebook | stupideasypaleo.com

    How To Make Kombucha Ebook | stupideasypaleo.com
    How To Make Kombucha Ebook | stupideasypaleo.com

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a printed book? No, this is an electronic book delivered in PDF format. When you purchase your copy, you’ll receive a link to download the ebook file. Please be patient as the file downloads—it may take a while based on your internet connection speed.

    If I have a Kindle, will I be able to view the ebook on it? Yes.

    Is it for sale on Amazon (for Kindle) or iBooks (for iPad)? No.

    Will you ever sell a print version? Probably not because it’s a relatively small book.

    Do you offer refunds / returns? Since this ebook is distributed in electronic form, it’s not possible to accept returns.

    Why do some of the hyperlinks in the book come to a resources page on your blog? I’m an Amazon affiliate, so when I link to products I recommend, Stupid Easy Paleo receives a small percentage. This helps me keep the blog going! Amazon links can’t be embedded directly in the ebook because that violates their Terms of Use—and nobody wants to mess with that.

    How to Make Kombucha | stupideasypaleo.com

    Praise for How to Make Kombucha

    dandmsidebarWhole9-Header-FINAL-170px “Thanks to Stupid Easy Paleo’s ‘Teach Me How To’ program, your kitchen isn’t quite so scary! This series is perfect for those hoping to take the intimidation factor out of adopting a paleo/primal/Whole9 lifestyle. The thorough-but-uncomplicated tutorials are beautifully photographed, and Steph’s cheeky writing style…and the helpful end-of-lesson troubleshooting guide add unexpected value to her beautifully crafted “how to” videos.”

    -Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, whole9life.com

    IMG_2326_r-L_grandelogo“I have spent a small fortune on this wonderful fermented tea but have been to scared to DIY it. I love the simplicity of this tutorial! Most of the online resources make you feel slightly inadequate, as if you will be a slave to the nearly $4 a bottle kombucha forever. Not Stupid Easy Paleo! Best of all I can share my knowledge with my friends. So excited to see what new tutorials Stephanie comes up with.”

    -Claudette Wilkins, cavegirlconfections.com

    Portrait Edited TwitterPP Resized for Header“As a Paleo blogger, brewing kombucha at home is somewhat of a given. The thing is, for the life of me I could not figure it out! How embarrassing! I read as much as I could through various online resources and none of them answered my questions nor explained the process in a way that resonated with me. [Now}], I FINALLY have the answers I need and am successfully brewing my first batch in nearly a year. Stupid Easy Paleo breaks the ingredients, process and variations down in a way that anyone can understand; the lesson isn’t cluttered with historical anecdotes or other bits of information that cloud simply learning how the heck to do this! It is refreshing to find a resource that clearly cares about the reader walking away with knowledge, skill and confidence.”

    -Ciarra Hannah, popularpaleo.com

    The Paleo Athlete | stupideasypaleo.com