• Is Belief In Yourself Enough For Success?

    Is Belief In Yourself Enough For Success? | stupideasypaleo.com

    “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  ― George Eliot

    Poignant words, right? The translation: Don’t give up on your dreams. You’re not too old, too behind-the-times, or too unskilled.

    See, when you’ve got this passion on the back burner—like I did when I first started this blog four years ago—and it grows and grows until you can’t ignore it, there comes a time when you sometimes have to make a choice. Do you continue to water and feed this little passion of yours, or do you decide it’s too late and let it wither?

    This lesson is true of life in general. Passion and belief in yourself are critical but without something else, it’s nearly impossible to see your dreams become reality. Here’s an example…

    Let’s say you’re, oh I dunno, a food blogger. You start by setting up a WordPress page, pick a theme and start posting recipes. Maybe you’re taking pictures on your phone because you’re just starting out. Your family and friends start to follow your blog page on Facebook, and pretty soon you’ve got, like, 100 followers. Feels pretty freaking great, right?

    Time passes and you find yourself making recipes in your spare time and improving your photography. People email you to ask your advice for getting started, and the more you help them, the more you know that this is what you’re meant to do. You’re a natural problem solver and you want to inspire others to lead healthier, happier lives. 

    You believe in yourself 100%, but try as you might, something just seems to be holding you back from finding a better balance between your passion and your day job. (Or, something’s squelching that moxie you need to walk away from your day job altogether.) (p.s. that’s basically my story!)

    What’s missing? Tools and skills.

    See, you may have the biggest heart, but without the skills to reach enough people, you can kiss your dreams of a successful blog-turned-business goodbye. Seriously, we’ve all gotta eat and pay rent, but you can’t swipe your debit card if your account is full of good intentions instead of cash.

    And yes, without self-belief, it’s nearly impossible to pursue the skills that’ll get you closer to your dreams.

    If you need the right tools to help you create a career out of your big-hearted desire to help others, your compassion and your generosity. But what if you don’t know how?

    There are 13 keys you need to consistently not only practice but nail if you’re going to transform your back-burner-passion into your new kick-ass job.

    Click here to watch a suh-weet, free video that details the 13 keys from none other than Marie Forleo. (In case you don’t know, she started B-School, the program that gave ME the tools to turn my belief in myself into action. You know, taking the leap and getting $hiz done.)

    Stay tuned for the last free vid which arrives in just a few days!

    Do you have questions about B-School? Put them in the comments below, and I’ll get back to you!

    p.s. If you decide to sign up for B-School and do so through my site or links, I’m giving you an exclusive bonus package of mentoring and awesome goodies because I want you to succeed T H A T much. xo

    p.p.s. I did B-School in 2013, and it changed my life. I believe in the program 1 billion percent and in what it can do for you. I’m a B-School affiliate partner, and may earn a referral fee if you sign up for the program using my links.

    p.p.p.s. This is part two in a 3-part series about turning your passion into a career. Click here to read part one. While you may be here just for the recipes (totally cool!), there’s a chance you might have your own blog, want to be a nutritionist / health coach, have aspirations of owning your own personal training business, or just need some extra motivation in life. I’d love to connect with you more about that!

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