• The Big D (Divorce) – Harder to Kill Radio #140

    Divorce is such a loaded subject, and for women especially, something that we get judged harshly for by society, friends, and family.

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    Why A Show on Divorce?

    For many years, I avoided admitting the truth about my own divorces for fear of judgment. (Sometimes, we’re our own harshest critics.) I’d casually fib by saying things like, “I’ve been married before.” Really, it was a way to dodge having to be truthful because I didn’t want others to see me as damaged goods.

    Last year, I decided I was tired of lying. I got sick of edited the story of my life, and I knew that hiding in shame only served to keep me small in other ways. Each time I’ve talked about my divorces in public (aka social media), I’ve heard an outpouring of messages from women thanking me for helping them feel less alone.

    In this episode, I’m sharing my stories about divorce, why I was afraid to date my current husband, and why kindness and compassion about people on the other side of the relationship coin is vital.

    On Today’s Episode

    • Why I used to lie about being divorced
    • The reason I was afraid to date my husband
    • What happened when I started opening up about my divorces
    • Why judging people for their marital status sucks

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    4 thoughts on “The Big D (Divorce) – Harder to Kill Radio #140

    1. Steph,
      The Big D podcast really resonated with me. I have a twin sister that is on her 3rd marriage, and I never judged her as I am also on my 3rd relationship. Married now, but I was engaged twice before in other relationships, and bailed out badly. We both ended up with self-employed businessmen in our 3rd relationships. Having said that, we both felt judged by others, especially our dad. Glad you are in a good place, as that is what matters.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Lisa. It’s hard when those closest to us don’t accept us for who we are and the choices we’ve made. I really appreciate you being part of the conversation.

    2. This past year was a rough one with a lonely relocation, and I lost myself along the way- which led me to search and find YOU! Unbelievably, since I have joined your community, my husband has decided he isn’t able to be married any more (June 20180). We have two littles (3 &4) , one with major disabilities. I can’t believe the painful path that has been presented. I have struggled hard this year, and now am really finding this season exceptionally overwhelming. I keep finding your generosity with your own story to be a life-preserver of sorts. Weird timing. While I never ever imagined this would be my situation (I gave everything to my marriage), thank you for hope against a harsh stigma, and reminding of what is waiting past a hard situation.

      1. I can’t imagine how hard this is, MaryAnn. I’m lifting you up and holding space for you. I know you’re strong <3

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