• Stop Letting Perfectionism Control Your Life w/ Aimee Suen – Harder to Kill Radio #139

    Aimee Suen is a nutritional therapy practitioner, author of the Small Eats blog, and one my dearest personal friends. Aimee is passionate about helping people improve their health habits and lifestyle in an ultra approachable way. Today we are discussing perfectionism, taking care of yourself, and mindfulness, to make sure you are taking care of your body in every way possible.

    Harder To Kill Radio 139 | Stop Letting Your Perfectionism Control Your Life w/ Aimee Suen

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    About Aimee Suen

    After a very real quarter-life crisis, Aimee decided to stop placing her value on the things that she did, and more on who she is. She brings this life-altering realization to all of her readers and is here to help you on your health journey. By taking lots of small steps, being kind and affectionate to yourself, and accepting life’s inevitable mistakes, you can work to develop tools and skills to help guide you through any situation.

    If you are ready to work out at the gym of your mind, then listen in now! What do you think about Aimee’s tips to help put yourself first? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


    On Today’s Episode

    • How to gain perspective when dealing with perfectionism
    • What is mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy and why it can beneficial
    • Why you should have no shame in therapy
    • Embracing change as the only constant
    • Small steps you can take to be more kind to yourself

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    Self Compassion by Dr. Kristin Neff


    “It became really clear to me that I had put myself last and I had put art and college and doing and achieving first. I’ve always been a really good doer and achiever, I haven’t always been great at taking care of myself.” (13:09)

    “It’s really nerve-wracking. And I think what’s so natural to happen is your identity, without you realizing it, gets super wrapped up in ‘this is who I am and this is the only thing I can be’. “ (22:24)

    “Paying attention to my thoughts in a very non-judgemental way has been very helpful, but 1000% did not happen overnight.” (27:19)

    “It’s almost like a storm sometimes, these thoughts. These thoughts you get caught up in and then sometimes you realize a little too late like, oh no I’m still outside and it’s raining.” (30:40)

    “The idea of self-compassion is just turning all of that compassion and support that you know you can very easily give to someone else, and turning that on yourself. (37:48)

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    Harder To Kill Radio 139 | Stop Letting Your Perfectionism Control Your Life w/ Aimee Suen

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