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  • How Mobility Can Help You Unlock Your Inner Power w/ Dr. Jen Esquer – Harder To Kill Radio #129

    Dr. Jen Esquer believes that by building strong bodies and resilient minds you can embrace and own your inner power, which is one of the key principles here at Harder to Kill Radio. Jen is better known as Doc Jen Fit, and with +475,000 followers on Instagram, she is a strong female voice and is using the social media platform as a chance to educate and inspire.

    Harder To Kill Radio 129: How Mobility Can Help You Unlock Your Inner Power w/ Dr. Jen Esquer

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    About Dr. Jen Esquer

    Jen took a leap of faith and created The Mobility Method to help her clients and customers around the world regain their mobility. She has been using the platform to help blur the lines of physical therapy and teaches her followers how you can transition into your own power. By treating a person as a whole individual, not just a diagnosis, Jen encourages her clients to learn about their own bodies so that they can create a plan that doesn’t rely on anyone but themselves.

    Today we are tackling topics ranging from the difference between flexibility and mobility, how your breath can have a huge impact on your range of motion, and why consistency is key when stabilizing the body. Jen is a huge inspiration and wants to make sure you know that you are not alone in your fears. Did Jen’s message of self-compassion and finding freedom in your body resonate with you? Let us know in the comments!

    On Today’s Episode

    • How you can use social media to educate or learn a new skill
    • The scariest part of taking the leap and starting your own business
    • Blurring the lines of what physical therapy is and how you can transition into your own power
    • Why learning about your own body is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself
    • The basics of better guiding your breath into a relaxed state of being to improve your mobility
    • Having compassion for where your body is at and what it needs and wants

    Resources Mentioned In This Show

    Doc Jen Fit Website

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    The Mobility Method

    The Optimal Body

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    “There is kind of a double standard I think with women in the health and fitness industry, because sometimes we have to fit a certain way of looking if we’re going to be taken seriously but if we look too good or are too fit or whatever then people think oh you couldn’t possibly have anything educated to say because you’re just pretty or you try too hard.” (11:01)

    “Four years ago if you would have asked me if I was going to be an entrepreneur I would have been like ‘Ha, funny!’. I always said you know business is over my head that’s just not what I’m interested in. And I never really thought that I would do what I’m doing right now. But I really just followed my passion and my passion has kinda lead into what it is today.” (13:32)

    “We have this perception that successful people haven’t had to overcome obstacles, or that they are not currently overcoming obstacles in what they are doing. And I think that that is so valuable for people to feel like they are not alone in whatever it is they are afraid of, everybody’s had to figure out the details.” (23:13)

    “You know you are not your diagnosis. I understand that you have shoulder pain but is your back moving well? Are your hips moving well? Are your feet moving well? Could your shoulder be stuck because you are leaning to one side when you are walking? So just starting to understand that your body works as a whole and you need to assess what’s happening throughout your entire body and being able to have a screening process that’s self-screening that you can just dive into to and start to see what’s not working very well on a “normal” basis. Then you can start to see how these things can play in together.” (33:33)

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    Harder To Kill Radio 129: How Mobility Can Help You Unlock Your Inner Power w/ Dr. Jen Esquer

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    2 thoughts on “How Mobility Can Help You Unlock Your Inner Power w/ Dr. Jen Esquer – Harder To Kill Radio #129

    1. Steph, thank you so much for introducing us to Jen! I’ve been social media stalking her all day!! Ha! I love everything you talked about on this episode! (I wish you would have dove deeper into hyper-mobility/joint laxity, but maybe a future podcast?? We are kind of a neglected group 😉) Anyway, I LOVE Fierce Love Friday and the direction you are taking your brand. Thanks for all you do!! Hugs, Mel

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