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  • Why You Need To Own Your Weight To Live Your Healthiest Life w/ Well Fed Women – Harder To Kill Radio #123

    Are you tired of constant calorie restriction and wagon mentality diets? Noelle Tarr and Stefani Ruper were too, so they created the Well Fed Women Podcast to spread the word about self-acceptance and bio-individuality. They promote a judgment-free zone that encourages you to stop getting hung up on the toxic numbers on the scale and instead check in with your own body to see what it needs most.

    Harder To Kill Radio 123: Why You Need To Own Your Weight To Live Your Healthiest Life w/ Well Fed Women

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    About Well Fed Women

    Noelle is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and Stefani is the founder of paleoforwomen.com and author of the book Sexy by Nature. Together they are debunking the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health, weight, and wellness.

    Together we talk about moving away from typical meal plan restrictions and labels and encourage women to eat in a way that makes them feel good. When you stop restricting your food intake, release your mental stress and replace ‘maximum’ with ‘minimum’, Noelle and Stefani believe you can change the conversation about your weight, happiness, and relationship to food.

    Yes, your weight will fluctuate over the course of your life, but your relationship with your body is the longest relationship you will ever have. If you are ready to take back control erase the restrictive mentality around food, this episode is for you.

    What is your relationship like with food and your weight? Let me know your thoughts on Noelle and Stefani’s body positive messages below

    On Today’s Episode

    • Taking back control and changing the conversation around food
    • Trusting your body and finding your natural set point
    • How eating more and working out less could actually make you feel better
    • Destroying the social stigma connecting low weight and self-worth
    • Customizing the fitness experience in a way that fits your lifestyle

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    “Most women think they are doing good things. You know, this is what they need to be doing, this is what they, “should” be doing, and they spend the majority of their lives trying to accomplish this and feeling like a failure when they cannot maintain it. So we are just giving people the freedom to eat again, the freedom to eat in a way that is right for them” (7:28)

    “Our society is so terrified of gaining weight that we would rather starve and starve and restrict and restrict ourselves and keep running, we’re like running from something we can’t escape. The more and more you try and lose weight, often the harder and harder it gets.” (14:42)

    “If you pay attention to how you react to things and are really intentional in how you are responding to that, then you are working with your body, right, and you can experiment with different things and take care of symptoms as they come up and all of a sudden you realize that the things you thought you always had to live with you actually maybe don’t. You can maybe play with them a little bit and you can help them. And you also don’t have to live in this like psychological warfare mentality you have against your body because it really can be more like you are just friends in a field of daisies or something.” (34:52)

    “You are not a bad person and you don’t deserve to be punished and your world isn’t going to end if you did something that you think puts you in caloric excess. You just have to keep focusing on what your goals are. And for us, goals mean physical and psychological health first and foremost.” (54:51)


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    Harder To Kill Radio 123: Why You Need To Own Your Weight To Live Your Healthiest Life w/ Well Fed Women

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    4 thoughts on “Why You Need To Own Your Weight To Live Your Healthiest Life w/ Well Fed Women – Harder To Kill Radio #123

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for this episode.

      I’ve come across Paleo a few times over the past few years, but the focus on weight/skinny, and endless comments about people who don’t follow paleo being fat (with fat as a shorthand for stupid/worthless/gross) drove me entirely away. That, combined with working in an office where a lot of women seem to equate your weight with your worth as a human being… it’s just a recipe for hating your body, which (for me) means that I may as well not work out and eat ice cream because why treat well something that’s worthless/you hate, and it all goes downhill…

      It’s in the past year (around the time that I ran into your website again, though unrelated) that I managed to stop giving a fuck and decided that I liked me and anyone who didn’t could eff right off. And I’ve been eating healthier (aka: eating mostly plants with some meat/protein and the occasional treat, balanced and not obsessive), doing weight training (I can squat 180 and run miles!), feel GREAT, my blood pressure dropped by 20 points… and y’know, I don’t think I’ve lost weight, but that’s FINE. It’s not the goal. I’m strong, I’m healthy, I feel great, I can do so much, and anyone who doesn’t like it isn’t relevant, so… yes. Massive life improvement.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Ros. I know you’re not alone with your experience with paleo in the earlier days. I’m glad you’re here.

    2. I really like the direction you’re headed. It’s refreshing. I’m so over primal eating and the need to wind myself back up again like I’m an alarm clock. I don’t need to overcompensate with a diet because I looked at a potato chip. You look incredibly well in your posts. Downright happy. I threw dieting dogma out with the bathwater. I no longer spend my time looking at rigid foodie plates filled with pristine, clean foods. I see disordered eating but not wellness. Catchphrases and quotes, ‘what you eat in private you’ll wear in public’ with all of the other anxiety/guilt producing rules and regulations surrounding food. I think the tide is beginning to push back to some modicum of normal. That’s where I’m headed because I’m through with all of it.

      1. Absolutely love what you have to say here Alexis. Thank you for sharing your perspective. The pendulum swung way too far in one direction and I think it’s coming back to a more sane and balanced place again. Be well <3

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