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  • How To Play Your Way To Your Fitness Goals w/ Darryl Edwards – Harder To Kill Radio #107

    Think back to when you were a kid and exercise was something that you enjoyed, that didn’t feel restrictive or limiting. This is the nostalgia that Darryl Edwards hopes to evoke through his Primal Play methodology. Focusing on finding physical activities that people actually enjoy doing, his Primal Play method is for those of you who hate exercise, are looking to surprise yourself, or just want to try something new.

    Darryl finds his joy in helping people find activities they enjoy that don’t feel like exercise. He focuses on how you feel immediately, not the long-term results. The heavy and negative connotations some associate with exercise are non-existent in Primal Play, where play is used as the application of functional movement, but in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

    Through his method, Darryl helps people remember that playing gives you the ability to learn much more about yourself, all while getting faster, stronger and healthier. Rethink how to get back to basics with Darryl Edwards on today’s episode.

    Harder To Kill Radio 107: How To Play Your Way To Your Fitness Goals w/ Darryl Edwards

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    About Darryl Edwards

    Darryl Edwards, the creator of the Primal Play Method, is a movement coach, Natural Lifestyle Educator, and nutritionist. The Primal Play methodology was created to inspire others to make activity fun while getting stronger and healthier. His technique is focused around a practical view of fitness, helping people get fit for real life, not just to look good.

    Darryl has written multiple books, has been published in multiple media outlets, and has dedicated himself to helping people make physical activity fun again. Darryl travels around the world spreading the word about Primal Play and helps people remember a time when exercise wasn’t a chore.

    In This Episode

    • How running away from a gang of thugs turned into one of Darryl’s most valuable lessons
    • Why humans are the ideal physical generalists
    • How to avoid becoming a fitness cyborg
    • The importance of both serious and fun play
    • How to learn to enjoy movement and exercise again

    Resources Mentioned In This Show

    Darryl’s New Book Animal Moves

    Primal Play

    Follow Darryl on Twitter @FitnessExplorer


    “That nostalgia and enjoyment around movement is what I wanted to regain as an adult and I wanted to make sure that it was sufficient enough for it to tick all my boxes as an adult.” (15:53)

    “The best forms of play, in my opinion, are when you take it really seriously and when you are very mindful, because you are less likely to set yourself artificial limits and ceilings.” (20:50)

    “Many of us just need to move more. Many of us need to explore what our bodies can do. And many of us need to be confident and happy with what we can and can’t do.” (43:10)

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    6 thoughts on “How To Play Your Way To Your Fitness Goals w/ Darryl Edwards – Harder To Kill Radio #107

    1. This was a superb episode! Loved what you both had to say about play. Darryl Edwards is inspirational with his work on Primal Play!

      1. Thank you so for for dropping by and letting us know, Simone! Always love hearing from listeners 🙂 Darryl has a heart of gold.

    2. I love this idea! Way too often we get this mindset around “having” to work out. It feels boring tedious, and more like a chore than a privilege, or fun. Playing with exercise is a fantastic way to get into a routine, stick with one, and see results.

    3. There are so many aspects to working out.
      I know I am preaching to the choir but just some thoughts.
      Movement of any type throughout the day, according to a Harvard study, has been shown to be more beneficial to overall health and fitness than a standard once a day regiment of any form of exercise.
      So, as a minimum criteria to healthy living, consider never sitting still for more than 30 minutes and incorporate life’s demand into achieving that standard – minimum of 1/30 minute of whatever.
      If we think like children in the way they go about their day of playing, running and resting it may make easier for adults to incorporate movement as a basic human need/function.
      You can always incorporate more structure into movements to satisfy other needs or requirements.
      The science of working out is changing to, less is more -quality over quantity. This mentality makes it easier to adapt and incorporate critical exercises into your regime.
      Enjoyed the talk and found you and Daryl inspiring.

      1. Really appreciate your thoughts and perspective Andre! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to share 🙂

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