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  • Why The Way We Think About Fat Is Wrong w/ Nina Teicholz – Harder to Kill Radio #106

    The rock star of nutritional health, Nina Teicholz, will be discussing how our views on fat may be wrong and why we may not be getting the whole truth about the science behind nutrition. In this episode, we will divulge the myths surrounding society’s idea of health and wellness, and how to find out the truth about what you really should be eating.

    Since the 1960’s, the way in which our nutrition has been institutionalized has had a cloaking effect on how we think about food. Most of us have not been told the truth about which foods our bodies truly need to thrive, and Nina is here to set the record straight.

    Harder To Kill Radio 106: Why The Way We Think About Fat Is Wrong w/ Nina Teicholz

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    About Nina Teicholz

    Nina is an investigative science journalist and author of The Big Fat Surprise, an international bestseller. She has been working tirelessly for over a decade to challenge science, conventional wisdom and the status quo when it comes to our nutrition.

    Through her book, Nina uncovers the truth behind dietary fat and seeks to find the truth behind the American nutritional system. Nina asks the hard questions about how is it that our society got everything about cholesterol and fat so wrong, and how we can begin to fix it.

    In This Episode

    • How our society’s policies do not line up with the actual science of food
    • Why some of the dietary studies we should all know about are buried
    • Did Eisenhower’s heart attack fuel the fire of diet bias?
    • The real truth behind saturated fats and low carb diets

    Resources Mentioned In This Show

    Nina Teicholz

    The Big Fat Surprise

    What the Health

    MedScape Article by Nina Teicholz and Eric Thorn

    The Nutrition Coalition

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    “The reason it took me so long is that all of these ideas are so counterintuitive that it took me a really long time to actually convince myself that I was onto something that could be true.” (4:29)

    “People don’t have an accurate description of what is going on in nutrition science because there has been an overwhelming bias towards diets low in saturated fat and high in grains and plants, and that bias has been around for 40 or 50 years now.” (21:11)  

    “If you were a Ph.D. Nutrition scientist your career would be over if you wrote a book like mine” (36:15)

    “What is this attempt to attack low carb by all these experts? I think they are threatened by another model that is really, really, different from theirs, and is supported by evidence.” (43:45)

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    Harder To Kill Radio 106: Why The Way We Think About Fat Is Wrong w/ Nina Teicholz

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    6 thoughts on “Why The Way We Think About Fat Is Wrong w/ Nina Teicholz – Harder to Kill Radio #106

    1. Hello – I love the podcast, finding it entertaining and educational. Thank you! I just signed up to receive your newsletter and would love to be able to get the transcripts for episode 106, if possible.

      Thank you so much for caring enough to try to teach us something and breaking down the nutritional myths.

      1. Hi Barbara…thank you for the kind words about the show…I’m glad it’s helpful for you. I would love to be able to send that transcript, however I discontinued transcripts after episode 101. Nina’s book is amazing and contains most of what we talked about: https://amzn.to/2ukG405

    2. I just started listening today and have already listened to 4 episodes. I especially loved this episode! MIND BLOWN!!!!!!

      1. Thank you so much for listening Stephanie! Nina is amazing, and I’m super stoked you loved this one.

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