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    Thanks for checking in with me for Thursday Thoughts! This is my weekly column where I share my musings, things I’m loving out in the world, and other random stuff.

    Thursday Thoughts - Robots | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    1) I’ve been thinking about robots this week. (I told you these musings were random.) I suppose it all stems from seeing the new Westworld trailer that came out during the Super Bowl. P.S. That Kanye remix!! So good.

    Anyhow, it got me thinking about robots versus humans and how often we try to oversimplify our needs as if we were machines. (And I’m all for keeping things simple, but oversimplifying often gets us into trouble.

    There are countless analogies of the human body as a car and food as the fuel. We push ourselves to work for hours and hours on end without renewing our energy. Heck, we’re even scared to let ourselves feel difficult emotions, instead believing that a state of constant happiness is the ultimate destination. And this got me thinking about a lot of the conversations I’ve had in the last few weeks with you – my community – about food quantification and appetite.

    More specifically, I’ve talked to a lot of you via social media, email, and blog comments about how you get kinda freaked out when your appetite isn’t the same every day. This appears to be especially common in the subset of folks who are counting macros or otherwise quantifying food (calories, blocks, whatever). I know how emotional a weight loss journey can be. The world is full of confusing advice. But today I want to remind you that you’re not a robot.

    It’s not normal to eat the exact same number of calories or macros every single day for eternity. It’s normal to feel hungrier sometimes, less hungry at others. If you’re a woman, appetite fluctuations are part of your monthly cycle. (Yes.)

    (Note: I’m totally supportive of food quantification for the VERY short-term as a way to recalibrate your visual cues for portions. Long-term use, however, becomes a problem for many people. If you’re reading this and your hackles are up, take note. What we get defensive about is often the very thing that isn’t truly working.)

    My point in all this is that your body is sending you signals all the time. Choosing to ignore them may not be the best strategy. You aren’t a robot. The end.

    2) Ahhhhhhh the first in my series of ROMWOD stretching routines is up on their site! Click here to check it out for free. ROMWOD stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of (the) Day. It has new stretching routines that get released daily, most taking 15 to 20 minutes to complete. They’re modeled off yin yoga, a chill form of passive stretching. Now, not everyone needs to stretch (looking at your, hypermobile folks). But many of you could use some of this active recovery in your lives 🙂

    3) I’ve decided that February is period month around here. I mean, every month is period month for a massive chunk of the population. But this month I’m bringing you a series of period-related resources, starting with my (now) most popular podcast ever. If you missed The Truth About Periods with Dr. Lara Briden on Harder to Kill Radio #89, go listen.

    I’m also (finally!) going to publish my article on training in sync with your menstrual cycle and non-tampon options for periods. It’s about time we ended period stigma and shame. Are there any period topics you’d like to read about? Leave me a note in the comments.

    4) Just started watching Ozark on Netflix. Holy snikes…what a good – but dark – show. Also, you know what? Laura Linney is 54 years old and I feel like, for once, a woman in Hollywood is allowed to look her age on screen. I mean that in a good way. They aren’t hiding it, and it’s refreshing to see.

    5) If you didn’t see the SpaceX launch of Falcon Heavy and successful simultaneous landing of two of its boosters, OMG go watch it now. Starman going to Mars strapped into the front seat of a Tesla whilst David Bowie played in the background was equal parts camp, technological innovation, and making space FUN again.

    6) I love iced coffee way more than hot. Hot coffee just does not stay hot long enough, and I don’t like to rush through my morning cup. Iced coffee in literally any weather. Period.

    7) The recipes for the new book are almost done! (We’re looking at a May 2019 release, so don’t get too excited quite yet.) I just made a bomb cauliflower recipe last night that I know you’re going to love. Keep an eye on my IG Stories because that’s where I share most of my behind the scenes stuff.

    Let me know what’s resonating this week in the comments below. Have any feedback for me about #3? Share away! I love hearing from you.

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    10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – No Robots Please

    1. I loved the new podcast with Dr. Briden, and love that February will be dedicated as “period month”. So many women, myself included, struggle with period related issues, and they are NOT talked about enough. Thank you for pushing to change the mindset around that! 🙂

      1. So glad you liked the episode, Whitney!! I’m going to do my darn best to use my voice when it comes to this issue. Hugs!

    2. Absolutely love that you’re dedicating a full month to periods! It’s great to empower women to understand their own bodies instead of be “grossed out” by it. I would love to know more about balancing out hormones post-pill break up (high testosterone, low progesterone and estrogen). I just purchased Period Repair Manual and am excited to read it!

      1. Hey Kristina! I’m sure it’ll only scratch the surface but I hope at the very least that it helps open up the conversation a little bit more. The Period Repair Manual will definitely help you address those concerns! And if you poke around on Dr. Briden’s site, you’ll find more info while you wait for your book to arrive <3

      1. Hey Aimee! At first, it’s SO counterintuitive but I find my work sessions so much more productive now with breaks <3

    3. Learning to train according to my cycle would be super helpful. and the episode with Dr. Briden was awesome (great time to start too, I feel like a newbie in the gym after being out for a few months with a fractured foot)!

      Also, hot coffee all the way! Even in hot weather, it’s the best way to start the day!

      1. I’m going to publish that article next week so keep an eye out <3

        You're back to it, Sarah...and that's what matters. Getting started again can be the most challenging part and you've done it!

    4. I’m interested in your comment about hypermobility and stretching. I am hypermobile, but still feel the need to stretch my sore muscles and tight hips! Are there any resources you can point me to for learning more about this? I just did a quick google search and oh my! There is a lot out there.

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