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    Oh hai there, and welcome to a brand new feature on the blog…my Thursday Thoughts column.

    Join me for the first ever Thursday Thoughts column right here on the blog. Find out what I'm crushing on this week and come hang out! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Each Thursday I’m gonna check in with you about some of the stuff going through my brain…musings, things I’m digging, and cool things I find in my daily travels.

    It’s my hope that you’ll get to know me even better because for a long time, I was a little too focused on “content” and got a bit distant. And while recipes, articles, and real talk matter, I want you to know I’m a pretty normal chick and to let you in on a bit more of my life.

    These Thursday Thoughts columns will each have a main theme, but expect it to diverge from there. My goal is to share 7 things each time…but we’ll see if that sticks (heh!). And I really want to know in the comments what, if anything, resonates with you.

    So here we go!

    1) Can we talk for a sec about how frickin’ cute succulents are? I snapped the photo of the succulent wall above while walking in North Park (#goals), and it totally inspired me to get off my arse and buy some for the house. I’ve been on a quest of sorts since the new year to make our house (also our workplace), well, prettier. Not in a girly girl sort of way because that’s just not me…but in a pleasing, everything in its place sort of way. I also organized the bookcase by color. OMG that’s made me so happy! And, I picked up a piece of amethyst (my birth stone) at the farmers market.

    Pretty things, for the win.

    2) I’m tardy to the party yet again and just started watching The Crown. Holy bejeezus…this might just get me to learn something about history. (Sorry to Ms. Tenerowicz for falling asleep in class junior year.) I’m on Season 2…so far loving it though I heard mixed reviews. Are you watching?

    3) Totally obsessed with this Zesty Detox Salad from Mickey Trescott. I’ve made it every single day this week! I switched up the dressing a little and made a really yummy balsamic vinaigrette. Which leads me to…

    4) I started sprouting broccoli seeds. Believe it or not, out of all the crunchy / DIY things I’ve done (kombucha, homemade ghee, fermenting all sorts of veggies, etc) I’ve never done sprouts. Why broccoli sprouts? They’re super packed with sulforaphane, a potent antioxidant. I’ve got the basics down, but if you do your own sprouts, is there any tip / trick/ hack I neeeed to know?

    5) For the ladies…if you’re looking for a cool Kickstarter to back and you’re a menstrual cup user, check out Keela Cup. It features an innovative design that should make removal way easier. I’ve been a cup user for about 6 months now, and I’m totally backing this.

    6) Jiu jitsu is so hard. Every day. The end.

    7) I’ve shared this in a couple places this week, but hey…here goes: toward the middle of 2018, this website is getting a complete makeover and a new name. And in the spirit of full transparency, I want you to know that I’ll be retiring the Stupid Easy Paleo name.

    You’re still going to get the same rad content about fitness, nutrition, and mindset (yay!) plus a bunch of new, rad features. I’m so pumped about this next evolution, and I want you to feel included along every step of the way…nothing big will be happening for a while, but when we’re ready to start the process, you’ll be the first to know. SQUEEEEEE!


    Okay, anything here resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading the first of many Thursday Thoughts!

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    28 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Pretty Things

      1. I’ll send you a photo…it’s the deepest purple. SO pretty!! Ahhhhhh omg obsessed with the whole thing. And I can’t wait for season 3…with a new cast! Such a cool concept.

    1. 1. I love succulents. They are so pretty and simple to care for! Just overall very pleasing and calming. They, and all plants really, give me such a sense of quiet joy.

      2. The Crown. I found it last January and had been chomping at the bit waiting for season 2. I tried to make it last by not watching ceaselessly, but finished in 5 days because I basically had no self control. Elizabeth would be soooo disappointed in me.

      1. Hi Vicki! I’m with you on the succulents. They ARE so calming…I totally agree. Plants are so amazing, really. Season 2…wow…I’m halfway in and let’s just say that IMO I think it’s better than season 1. The bombshells, the drama!! I’m so fascinated by QE now…bahahahahaha I can picture the look on her face.

    2. I love this new Thursday tradition! I love succulents too – I was at Trader Joe’s last weekend while out of town, and they had these cutest cutest little tiny plant pots for $1.99 each. I bought one succulent and two flowers – one yellow and one pink. I replanted them into this clay pot I love and topped it with some pretty rocks. There is a very large chance I will kill it all, but I am worth $6 for temporary beauty, right? That is one of my stumbling blocks – not doing things unless I am sure I can succeed. Working on being willing to fail in the effort of trying.

      Also, LOVE the cup. Sad it took me to the ripe age of 42 to figure it out – all those months filled with discomfort, cramps..not to mention the money spent. What a phenomenal invention!

      1. Hey Gwen! Gosh, I appreciate you so much. Ohhhh I’ll definitely check out TJ’s and see if they have any different succulents.

        You know, yes…you are worth it. I have a friend who buys herself fresh flowers each week…nothing extravagant, but something simple and pretty. I used to see it as so wasteful because they’d eventually die but now I’m seeing it in a different way. “Working on being willing to fail in the effort of trying.” <-- this is so beautifully said It's so great. I KNOW! It took me until 38 to try it...I'm glad I finally did 🙂

    3. I love that you are opening the door to let things *specifically your website* evolve and change – I have greatly enjoyed SEP and look forward to the next incarnation!

      Tots going to check out The Crown too!

      Please excuse the reminder (can’t help myself) to keep any plants that might be toxic out of Ellie’s reach 😉

      The universe is better because of the work you are doing! Keep it up!

      1. You’re so sweet Elysia! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on SEP. I’m really excited about this next step.

        The Crown, my gosh. Give it a shot!

    4. Steph!!! This isn’t so fun! I loveeee the idea of sharing things about you ! Also, Change is sometimes scary so I’m totally proud of your kickass determination to make your business even better ! I look forward to the new name …. o la la that’s fun!! Haha! Thank you for being genuine and talking about the hard stuff . You have truly impacted me . Forever thanks !!!!!!!!!

      1. Oh my gosh, Staci…you’re awesome Thank YOU for all the wonderful sentiments here. Change is totally scary and even though I’m excited (like really really) I’m still a little bit nervous. I guess that’s a good indicator that it’s time to grow, eh? Much love and thank you again <3

    5. You have been such a positive force in my life going on 2 1/2 years now. I love, love, love that you’re going to get a bit more personal. And I’m kind of excited about the name change. You’re so much more than the current name suggests, but I confess, it is a catchy name! Thanks for putting yourself out there and allowing me to come along for the ride. 😘

      1. Hilarie, your sweet comments totally made my day. Thank you SO much for sending that my way. SEP is catchy for sure but it’s time to step forward. It’s funny bc when I named the blog in 2011, it was totally spur of the moment and I had NO idea it would become what it is today. Crazy to see how things change. I’m honored that you’re here <3 Happy weekend!

    6. I love succulents! don’t know if you are aware, but some succulents are poisonous for pets, I know Kalanchoes are. Check the ones you got online.
      I tried making broccoli sprouts, and loved them, but have to say I found more enjoyable growing them as microgreens, they require less care, grow super quick, and you can harvest as you need them.

      1. She was sniffing them out when I first got them (and took the pic) but isn’t interested anymore 😉

        Ahhh interesting. I’ll take a look at the microgreen aspect if the sprouts don’t work out. Thanks Jocelyn!

      1. Ahhh thank you my friend. Random…last week, I had a dream that I was in an airport waiting for a flight. I looked up and you and Jess were running (like for fitness) in the airport and stopped by to say hi!

    7. Love it! I enjoy everything you offer, but the personal touch makes it special. Looking forward to checking on it that detox salad. And, I just finally bought myself some succulents, too! They are so fun! Enjoy your day!

      1. Thank you so much Laura! OMG I’m obsessed with the salad…so good and it’s a great way to get so many good-for-you veggies on one plate. The succulents are totally fun…love them. I’m glad you stopped by. Have a great weekend!

    8. Now I have something to look forward to TWO days a week – the podcast and your Thursday Musings! I’m always inspired by your authenticity and willingness to branch out. Looking forward to learning about your new endeavor. I know it will be inspirational and amazing.

      1. Ahhhh thanks Gina! I’m looking forward to it, too…and I appreciate your enthusiasm <3 I can't wait to share it with you!

    9. The Crown… I’m also loving it. And I also feel like it is teaching me some history (i’m a numbers girl, not a words girl).

      And succulents are so beautiful and geometric and varied – I miss them so much from when I lived in LA. Don’t see them in NC as much, except indoors.

      1. I totally agree Leslie!! I’ve definitely learned some history 🙂

        You know, maybe that’s why I love succulents so much…their shapes and various colors…so good.

    10. The history nerd/anglophile in me was unable to resist The Crown. I don’t watch much TV, but love this show.

      Also, I relate to #6 so much it hurts. I started going to the ground survival class at my Krav gym (with some encouragement from my BJJ blue belt SO) and I go in and get smashed. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I am starting to survive the rolls longer, though. I’ll take whatever victories I get.

      I am super stoked for everything you have in store for 2018.

      1. Hi Sandi! Thanks for sharing that about your ground survival class. Right…isn’t it so hard?! But good?! But hard?! My friend Maris says, “I can do hard things” all the time and I call on her wisdom there sometimes. Big love!

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