• Meatsuit: Harder to Kill Radio S2E4

    What’s a meatsuit? Your muscles. And strong muscles matter…

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    …for so many reasons other than what you initially think.

    This “meatsuit” of yours – your muscles – are critical to your strength. But did you know that muscle mass is also a huge predictor of your longevity and your ability to recover form catastrophic health events?

    In this episode of Harder to Kill Radio, my special cohost Jamie Scott and I are chewing the fat about strength, muscle, fat, and the dire circumstances our modern world puts our meatsuits in…

    …unless we consciously opt out of anti-gravity conveniences like cars, chairs, moving sidewalks, and escalators.

    This issue goes beyond just vanity.

    It’s time we go beyond a discussion of fat vs. skinny. It’s time we start peeling back the layers of complexity that are central to society’s aversion to being strong.

    Our health literally depends on it.

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    It included some tempo back squats (totes normal for me)…


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    …and lots of other stuff too.

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    In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, We Cover:

    • the role of muscle in health & disease.
    • why a strong meatsuit matters for reasons far beyond vanity.
    • how our modern world is setting us up to be sedentary and weak.
    • what to do to counteract a sedentary life.
    • why this issue goes beyond a binary of skinny or fat.
    • …and a lot more.

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    1. Hello! I have just discovered your podcast, and am really enjoying your content! This episode really resonated with me, but left me wanting more information on how to “build a new baseline” after being sedentary without hurting ones-self. If you could refer me to some of your other content, I would appreciate it! Thank you!

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