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    “But I just want abs.”

    I Just Want Abs | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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    When you ask people what their idea of a healthy body looks like, invariably, the word “abs” comes up.

    It’s like experiencing a ton of positive improvements in your health but then getting upset that you haven’t lost enough pounds on the scale.

    With January coming around again soon, it’s really important to help people get clear about health. Simply put, health isn’t something you can get really amped up about in the first month of the year, then forget about for the other eleven.

    The challenge is to select healthy habits you can sustain for, well, life. It’s not sexy, but a more moderate approach tends to be what most people can keep doing for a long period of time.

    No matter what your goals are – aesthetic or otherwise – I urge you to get really clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in things that aren’t right for you.

    In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, We Cover:

    • Why it’s not wrong to have aesthetic goals
    • How to spot unhealthy health habits & Steph’s past struggles
    • The 5 Whys strategy of getting to the root of your motivation for any health changes
    • The triad of aesthetics-performance-longevity
    • Why “form follows function”
    • …and a lot more.

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    I Just Want Abs | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Photo of Steph: Fresh Burst Photo Athletics

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    7 thoughts on “I Just Want Abs: Harder to Kill Radio S2E2

    1. I love pictures of ladies that look like me (thighzilla and all). It helps all of us weightlifting women to know that muscles and curves DO go together well 🙂

    2. Hello Steph and Craig,

      I have Podcast addict, and decided to leave my review directly on your page.

      I wanted to thank you for your great work in sharing your true feelings based on your experience and knowledge. I’m LOVING your new season. I am a 40 year old Business Owner, happily married, mother of 2 teenage Daughter that is on her own Journey to keep a healthier lifestyle as possible. As you discuss in this newest episode, I am too tired of the craziness that all this “health” INDUSTRY exposes us to, the perfect pictures in Insta and the perfectionist quotes in FB. The way I see it, healthy living is meant to be a Lifestyle, a life long process of learning, filled with trials and errors. As humans we should be able to explore new things but with the end goal of finding what is right for you.

      I have some knowledge in nutrition and I really enjoy podcasts that discuss topics that I find useful (health related). It is my main source of ‘entertainment”, therefore it helps when the presenters are down to earth, and are true to themselves. It’s a simple way where I feel that I am improving myself by learning a little bit more and feeling somehow connected with other that share my point of views and some of life struggles.

      Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration…Hope Craig keeps popping up once in a while with his Nordic wisdom!

      1. Hi Elena,

        I really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel about the show. It’s wonderful to know that what we’re sharing is resonating with folks like you. It’s a revolutionary act to opt out of what the industry is pushing on us. Your daughters are lucky to have a mom like you!

        xo Steph

    3. Hi Steph & Craig – I loved season one of Harder to Kill Radio and am loving the new podcast style even more! I thought the first one was great to listen to as a new business owner – I would get so FRUSTRATED hearing about the entrepreneurial “hustle” because some days I just don’t have it in me. I would feel guilt and shame on days when I didn’t have the energy to put into my business/clients but your perspective has really helped confirm what deep down I know – it’s all about that balance. 🙂

      I especially love this episode and am going to share it later today! I had never heard or thought about of the motivation coming from fear concept. It’s something to really wrap my head around! I’m going to re listen to this episode this weekend and dig into that fear concept some more.

      Thank you both!

      1. Thanks for popping by Shannon…and for sharing your experiences. You’re not alone in how you feel either…I think it’s a seldom-discussed common experience amongst entrepreneurs. It’s like we’re all just trying to appear okay even though lots of us are deep in the thick of it..or we’ve chosen to NOT be in it and are afraid we’re doing something wrong by taking the slower, less hustled road.

        xo Steph

    4. Loved it Steph! Thank you for adding your voice to the ongoing topic. Many of the fitness folks I know are all heading in the same direction. It’s refreshing to see the tide shifting.

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