• Celebrating 1 Year: Harder to Kill Radio 056

    On this week’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio, I’m taking a look back at the first year of the show!

    Harder to Kill Radio 056 - Celebrating 1 Year | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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    I can hardly believe that it’s been one year since Harder to Kill Radio hit the airwaves on June 1, 2015.

    What an incredible year of thought-provoking guests and knowledge bombs!

    I’m so proud to say that Harder to Kill Radio has earned some honorable distinctions.

    Recently the show passed the 400,000 downloads mark, and it’s been at the top of the iTunes New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot, Health & Fitness charts throughout the last twelve months.

    It’s all because of you! Thank you so much for continuing to subscribe and tune into the show.

    Today’s episode is a short look back and forward to the future of Harder to Kill Radio.

    I hope you’ll tune in and help me celebrate!

    In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

    • Some of the milestones of the podcast and what it’s like to produce the show weekly
    • My top 5 favorite episodes in the past year
    • Exciting news about the future of Harder to Kill Radio

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    Harder to Kill Radio 056 - Celebrating 1 Year | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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    9 thoughts on “Celebrating 1 Year: Harder to Kill Radio 056

    1. Bitter sweet episode since I just recently found your show and have been binge listening. I am already eagerly awaiting season two! Enjoy your well earned break. <3

    2. Hey Steph!
      I started listening to your podcast because your interviews were so amazing on the Women’s Strength Summit! I thought “if she’s that amazing interviewing those women for the Summit, I can only imagine on her podcast!” And I haven’t been let down! You are a really great interviewer and your content is deep and filling. I will enjoy going through your archives while you take a wonderful summer break like the rest of us!
      Now I’m off to listen to your top five…
      Thanks for your encouragement in health. It has changed my life. Seriously.
      Whole30 has transformed my eating habits to paleo and your Summit plus podcasts have transformed my zero exercise to working out 1-2x per week plus yoga. Consistently. You rock!
      Take care,

        1. Thank goodness! You are my favorite! I was logging in with the same worry. My gardening, driving, house cleaning, dog walking podcast friend will join me again!

    3. Paleo has gone hollywood and it’s so meh, anymore. You’ve revived my hope that there’s more to paleo than the love of self and greedy gut endorsement everything. Greed is good, grab all you can get and enjoy it type of paleo teachings have almost ruined it for me.

      Thanks for staying true and keeping it real.

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