• Here’s How Self-Talk Can Kill Your Mojo

    Here's How Self-Talk Can Kill Your Mojo | stupideasypaleo.com

    The power of words can’t be denied.

    Whether you speak, write, or think them, they can motivate you to new heights or make you feel like the biggest loser on the planet.

    And yes, actions can speak pretty loudly, but when you’ve got all sorts of crazy self-talk rattling around in your brain, it can kill your mojo faster than a New York minute.

    I’m talking the chatter in your head about everything from what you eat (pretty relevant since you’re reading this on a food blog) to how you look to the thoughts that cross your own mind on the daily.

    “I should really stop eating so much crap.”

    “I should really tone up these flabby triceps.”

    “I should really stop being so short with my sister.”

    I should, I should, I should. Or what’s even tougher: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

    And while, some of these things might be valid, it’s my argument that they way you think about them has a powerful influence on the outcome.

    Even if nobody hears you ever utter this kind of negative self-talk, it’s killing your swerve. I mean, have you ever just wanted that voice in your head to shut up for just a minute?! (If you’re like me, then yes. Maybe several times a day.)

    Example: I used to race bikes. Downhill bikes. Full face helmet, maximum throttle, adrenalin-pumping downhill bikes. Every time I went into a tricky, bouldery section and thought, “I’m gonna crash,” you know what happened right? I started focusing on all the things I wanted to avoid and…splat!

    Thoughts became actions. And while actions are powerful, sometimes we’re blocking ourselves from the outcomes we want to see happen simply because of how we think. (Did that just reverberate in you a bit?)

    Our words and thoughts manifest into actions.

    Here’s another example: I came to a critical juncture when I wanted to leave my old job and concentrate on Stupid Easy Paleo full-time. I kept thinking, “Everyone will think I’m nuts to leave a secure job. What am I trying to prove? I’ll probably fail spectacularly, Hindenburg-style.”

    For a long time, it prevented me from taking action on what I wanted: to do THIS. To teach about nutrition and make yummy recipes and reach out to you with the help you need when you need it.

    Finally, someone very special I met through B-School, a coach-turned-friend Allegra, helped me get out of that feedback loop of “negative thoughts beget inaction” and smacked me silly. (Okay, that’s hyperbole. She helped me think it through and get back on track.)

    And here I am.

    If you’re like I was and want to figure out how to make your passion into a career but you’re feeling stuck, check out these absolutely-free training videos about B-School. I’m not kidding when I say that it gave me the tools to follow my dreams…and brought people like Allegra into my life.

    (And if you’re struggling financially, there will be B-School scholarships available so sign up so you get details on that.)

    So, my challenge for you today: Remember the power of words. Talk to yourself like you would a trusted friend. There’s a time for firmness, but always a need for kindness.

    xo Steph

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    Here's How Self-Talk Can Kill Your Mojo | stupideasypaleo.com

    Tell me: What questions about mindset can I answer for you?

    p.s. If you decide to sign up for B-School and do so through my site or links, I’m giving you an exclusive bonus package of mentoring and awesome goodies because I want you to succeed T H A T much. xo

    p.p.s. I did B-School in 2013, and it changed my life. I believe in the program 1 billion percent and in what it can do for you. I’m a B-School affiliate partner, and may earn a referral fee if you sign up for the program using my links. See that chick at the top of the sidebar? That’s Marie. She created the program that so impacted me.

    p.p.p.s. This is part two in a 3-part series about turning your passion into a career. Click here to read part one and here to read part two. While you may be here just for the recipes (totally cool!), there’s a chance you might have your own blog, want to be a nutritionist / health coach, have aspirations of owning your own personal training business, or just need some extra motivation in life. I’d love to connect with you more about that!

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    12 thoughts on “Here’s How Self-Talk Can Kill Your Mojo

    1. I play golf. somewhere along the way I read you should talk to yourself like you would expect your caddie to talk to you. he would be encouraging not critical.

      every time i play and one of my friends hits a poor shot and responds by calling himself a jerk or worse, I imagine the words coming out of a caddie’s mouth. It makes me laugh and reminds me that positive self talk does matter.

    2. “it’s my argument that they way you think about them has a powerful influence on the outcome.”

      My anatomy/pathology instructor at my massage therapy school told us this same thing once. She even told us there have been studies proving this is true, but I have yet to find them to source them. Just so you know, if you’re ever interested in exploring the research further – they should be out there!

      Anyhow, I’ve been doing better with weight loss, both thanks to her telling us that, and I think this blog has something to do with it. Great recipes (and healthy), plus you’re giving a LOT of good guidelines for eating Paleo (and sticking with it) & exercise. Although I don’t train really hard, I’m just focusing on getting down to a healthy weight for the time being, everything helps. I digress, but I rarely comment on your posts & wanted to say thanks for your great work since I had something else to say!

    3. Thanks for sharing this Steph. I didn’t know you went to B-School. I REALLY want to go within the next year. I’d love to do what you do 🙂

      I hope you offer mentoring next time since I don’t think I can swing going now as I’m also working on my NTP certification, and I want to really be able to FOCUS on the material of this course.

    4. I wanted to comment on the latest email about striving for dietary perfection (for want of a better summary). I’ve been on a very low carb diet before (not Atkins), and while it was fine for while I was at home, trying to eat that way on a long cruise – or even a shorter one – just didn’t work. I do not want to discourage anyone from eating paleo-style. However, what my personal experience taught me is that the best diet is balanced. I’ve found that I can deal just fine with beans and whole grains, for example, as long as I am willing to soak them for 24 hours. I’ve also learned that I need my diet to be heavy on protein and veggies and lower in starchy foods. The most important thing besides balance in our diets is to eat what works for our bodies. It’s worth the time and effort to figure out what our bodies need.

      1. Hi Susan! I appreciate your thoughts and agree 100% to eat what works for your body. It’s definitely worth the tinkering that it takes to get there 🙂

    5. I agree with this post! A word may really cause great impact to us whether good or bad so we must be aware with it to maintain whatever we started. Instead of saying words that could stop us, we should think and say positive. This is one way of believing ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

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