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    Stupid Easy Paleo Site Changes | stupideasypaleo.com

    Wanted to update you about some of the changes you may have noticed happening here on the Stupid Easy Paleo site!

    When you spend half a year writing and photographing a cookbook, things can get a little crazy in your online “room.” Dust bunnies accumulate under the bed and clothes pile up, but there’s no mom to scold you. Over the past few months, with so much going on, a lot of “virtual dust bunnies” started to pile up. I spent the time I did have posting new recipes and articles and not so much on maintaining the site.

    But now, I’m cleaning house, doing some much needed organization, and implementing some improvements to make your Stupid Easy Paleo viewing experience as awesomeazing as possible.

    Let me show you some of what’s new!

    Home Page

    Stupid Easy Paleo Site Changes | stupideasypaleo.com

    1) You may have noticed the “new” logo is finally on the home page! Now, this awesome streamlined logo (created by Yes Design Shop) is front and center. Look for some more changes coming to the header soon.

    2) The biggest change is probably to the menu. I realized there were too many things to choose from; quite the opposite of keeping it stupid-easy. Look for changes in the Books and About options, coming soon.

    3) We’ve (by the way, when I say “we,” I mean my husband and I; he’s an Apple Genius by day, all-around website badass by night) continued to implement the new site fonts and colors. You’ll notice hyperlinks are now a cool cyan color…much easier on the eyes than red.

    4) If you haven’t checked out the video trailer for The Performance Paleo Cookbook yet, it’s nestled at the top of the sidebar.

    New to Paleo Page

    Here, I got rid of the drop-down menu of Start Here and instead combined this great newbie information all on one page. Those logos are clickable (not here in this post though…they’re just screen captures) and will take you right to the pages with the resources you’re looking for.

    Stupid Easy Paleo Site Changes | stupideasypaleo.com

    Resources Page

    I combined the old Articles menu choice into Resources for one consolidated list of informational posts, free guides and other goodies.

    Stupid Easy Paleo Site Changes | stupideasypaleo.com

    I combined the old Articles menu choice into Resources for one consolidated list of informational posts, free guides and other goodies.

    Other Stuff

    We’re working on improving several aspects of posts, such as getting all the recipes into the Easy Recipe format. This will help you print it more efficiently and make everything look uniform. With almost 400 recipes, you can imagine it’s taking a while to retrofit all the old content.

    I want to quickly mention mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet displays. We’ve tested the design of this site on basically every browser that exists—even Opera!—and have worked to make it user-friendly for everyone. We’ve also run the site through cell phones, laptops and desktops to make sure everything displays correctly.

    That being said, sometimes there are snafus we don’t know about. It’s the Internet after all, and weird stuff pops up that we didn’t anticipate. If you ever notice something not working, would you do me a favor? First, update your browser. If that doesn’t fix the problem, shoot me a message through the contact form, not on social media. Take a screenshot of the issue and when I reply, have it ready to attach. Our devices all display the site correctly so unless we can see the problem you’re seeing, it’s hard to know how to fix it…and we’re all about solutions. Thumbs up!

    We’re also working on improving the Shop experience, too.

    Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Shoot them over to me in the comments below!

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    6 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes…To the Site

    1. wow wow wow steph! very impressive. i am going through web re-design right now for a more biz site and this really helps me (motivates me too!)
      i’m not sure if you have this already, but from what i remember… i don’t think you do? maybe have a plug-in that emails the commenter when you reply to their comment!

      1. Great suggestion! Yes our comments section allows you to get updates if you click the check boxes underneath but we are working on a different one that’s a bit nicer 🙂

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