• The Performance Paleo Cookbook is Here! Plus Two New Resources!

    The Performance Paleo Cookbook is here!

    After so many months of writing, cooking, photographing, editing and waiting, I can proudly say the day has finally arrived. The book I’ve poured my heart into is now in stores and making its way out into the world. Countless folks have posted up pictures of the cookbook in their hands today, and it’s been absolutely surreal.

    It’s so hard to sum up what this day has meant to me. You’ve encouraged me and waited patiently as I blogged less to write more in the middle part of 2014. You’ve given me feedback and answered the questions that helped me craft a book that would be a better resource for you. It’s because of you that there even is a Performance Paleo Cookbook. My heart is so full.

    In short, thank you.

    To show my gratitude, I’ve developed two free printable PDF lists to go along with The Performance Paleo Cookbook. One lists Whole30-friendly recipes and the other AIP-friendly recipes. I know how important it is to have flexibility with food options if you’re on a modified nutrition plan.

    Click the images below—or their respective links—to view, download and save these guides for free. Print them out for handy reference!

    Whole30 Recipes in The Performance Paleo Cookbook | stupideasypaleo.com

    Click here to download the Whole30 list.

    AIP Recipes in The Performance Paleo Cookbook | stupideasypaleo.com

    Click here to download the AIP list.

    And if you haven’t ordered your copy of The Performance Paleo Cookbook yet, I’d love to show you more of the features, so head on over here for that.

    If you have purchased a copy, I’d be so grateful if you would take a couple minutes and leave a review on Amazon. It helps folks decide whether the book is right for them!

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    10 thoughts on “The Performance Paleo Cookbook is Here! Plus Two New Resources!

    1. As if the cookbook wasn’t enough!! You’re amazing. As someone who is doing their first Whole30 (after fine tuning my paleo lifestyle for the last 10 months), and is receiving your cookbook this week, I am so appreciative of your hard work and efforts. This will be my first year as an athlete on a real food diet and with the help of your book I cannot wait to see the transformations in my mind, body, and soul!! Thank you for doing what you do everyday for people like me!!

    2. Its a great book…I’ve been doing the kicked up coffee pre-workout about an hour before I train. I’m liking the results… Been doing the cherry vanilla shake afterwards….very good so far.
      Most of the ingredients are readily available but there are a couple that I’ve had to order online…I can’t wait to make the bars with the cricket flour in them!!!

    3. I have your book and love it so far, especially all of the gorgeous color pictures with almost every recipe! Can you please tell me what the recipe is for the sweet potato recipe you show in your video? It looks like some sort of frittata. It was after your workout. Thanks so much!

    4. Have been cooking from this book since this spring, I have never made anything that didn’t work perfectly and didn’t wow my friends! Just tonight I took Tajin Salad and Chipotle Sweet Potato salad for dinner (along with some Savory Cauli rice and Cocoa rubbed pork shoulder from Zen Belly) and they were a great hit! Other great hits for guests were hasselback sweet potatoes, lamb tagine, and the curry chicken salad!
      I especially love the Cherry Shake and Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes, I always have to have some for post workout. Looking forward to the next book!

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