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    Get This Book: Eat the Yolks | stupideasypaleo.com

    Conventional nutrition wisdom, it’s about time you took a hike.

    There’s so much about the way we eat that’s come to be revered as unequivocal fact—like, cholesterol gives you heart disease—when in fact, it’s been perpetuated by misleading (and misinterpreted) scientific studies and plain ol’ misinformation.

    As Liz Wolfe puts it in her new book Eat the Yolks, “The way we think about eating and health is completely and utterly broken. We’ve been lied to more than once, and these lies have been popularized, propagandized, and painstakingly ingrained in our culture.”

    If you’re finding yourself confused about the seemingly contradictory dietary recommendations of a Paleo lifestyle—such as eating more fat and not popping vitamins—then you need to read this book. Consider Liz, author of the ever informative and always hilarious website Cave Girl Eats, like a food Mythbuster. (Which is awesome because that show really rocks and she’s way cuter than Adam or Jamie.)

    I first stumbled upon Liz’s site many moons ago and was hooked on her style: She’s able to convey complex nutritional information in a way that basically tricks you into learning. Let’s just say it’s edutainment at its best. Imagine creating a chimera of Sherlock Holmes (the Benedict Cumberbatch rendition of course) with your best friend who happens to really geek out of nutrition…and out pops Liz and this book.

    Get This Book: Eat the Yolks | stupideasypaleo.com

    Don’t let that description fool you, though. It’s not fluff. In Eat the Yolks, Liz takes on pretty serious topics such as the “correlation does not equal causation” problem of cholesterol & heart disease, what the freaking deal is with carbs (for once and for all), and a really solid primer on nutrients. One of my favorite quotes (about cholesterol): “A cascade of evidence—not conspiracy theories but published and even peer-reviewed evidence—reveals the crazed, dated, soooo 1958 fear of both dietary and blood cholesterol for what is really is: total twaddle.”

    Here’s my list of the top 5 people who need to read Eat the Yolks:

    • Anyone brand new to Paleo or real food or primal or… Basically, if you’re committing to a healthier way of eating, get this book.
    • That friend / family member / co-worker who rolls his or her eyes whenever you eat a meal together.
    • If you answer yes to the following questions: Does fat make you fat? Should I be throwing out the yolks? I should avoid salt, right? (p.s. I used to answer yes to all those.)
    • If you’re looking for an easily digestible (no pun intended) way to finally get straight about conventional dietary wisdom (or more often not, folly).
    • Anyone who isn’t aware that big agriculture and scientific studies with favorable results to support that industry are often in bed together.

    Click here to order your own copy of Eat the Yolks and get yer learn on!

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    Get This Book: Eat the Yolks | stupideasypaleo.com

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