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     You finished! It’s a Whole30 Wrap Party!

    High five…fist bump…handshake.

    Whatever congratulatory gesture you can think of, I’m going to dole it out because YOU FINISHED YOUR WHOLE30! (Either that or you’re about to finish soon, so revisit this post when you’re through.)

    No doubt, you learned something about yourself through this process since it’s a learning tool upon which to make some informed decisions about what your eating might look like going forward into this thing we call life. And yes, you must go forward. You see, it can be tempting to want to stay Whole30 for a long time because it makes the decision-making around food easier. It’s almost like making food choices a little less sexy because you can just default to Whole30 guidelines to do it for you. (Other people, however, have noooo problem jumping back into crappy old eating patterns.)

    What’s the best strategy? It’s impossible for me to tell you because, simply put, I’m not you, but I think you’d agree the answer lies somewhere in between these polar opposites. Living by Whole30 rules for the rest of your life sounds pretty unrealistic, as does throwing away everything you’ve learned about yourself and eating processed, nutrient-poor foods for every meal. As Dallas & Melissa put it:

    “You can’t – and shouldn’t – live within the strict parameters of the Whole30 forever. Yep, at some point… you’ve gotta take the training wheels off the bike.” 

    Click here to read more about how to Ride Your Own Bike.

    What about reintroducing foods you may want to start eating again? First, if you don’t want to add a food back into your diet, there’s nothing saying you have to. If you feel great without gluten or dandy without dairy, you are free to avoid it as you see fit. But. (And there’s always a but.)

    Don’t do that thing where you get so excited about Day 31 that you go on an epic binge of all the foods you’ve wanted to eat for the past month. You know…that thing of where a slice of pizza becomes *a* pizza with some soda and a piece of chocolate cake and then some ice cream. If you end up with a sore gut, you won’t necessarily know which food caused your tummy to play Twister. Click to read more about how to reintroduce foods after your Whole30.

    And yes, you may now step on the scale if you want. Or don’t. (Click to read more about the scale and why I think you should ditch it for good.)

    Time to Celebrate

    As much as I’d like to throw you an actual party, it’d be hard to cram everyone in the same room, so here’s how we’ll celebrate your successes:

    #1 Wave your flag!

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    Whole30 Wrap Party | stupideasypaleo.com








    #2 Share your story!

    In the comments below, tell us how it went—the good, the bad and even the ugly. What did you learn about yourself? For example, maybe you didn’t realize how much dairy was affecting the clarity of your skin or how hangry you always got at 3 p.m. What did you lose? Body fat, that nagging knee pain or points off your blood pressure, for example. What did you gain? Maybe it was self-confidence or an appreciation of the natural sweetness in foods.

    #3 Start a ripple!

    As tempting as it may feel right now to start mailing your loved ones their own copies of It Starts With Food—I did that with my mom…it didn’t go so well!—or doing a drive-by and posting Whole30 stuff to their Facebook walls, sometimes your good intentions may backfire. (Loved ones are the hardest to convince to do _________ better.) What you can do is be supportive of someone who comes to you asking for advice or help; start your own blog chronicling your Whole30 story; or buy a loaner copy of the book so when folks do come asking, you can lend a text out.

    #4 A sweet giveaway!

    I’ll be choosing one lucky reader at random to receive a free copy of my eBook, The Paleo Athlete (a $24.99 value)! You must leave a comment for #2 above (Share your story!), and I’ll select a winner by 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, February 3, 2014.

    Congrats to Bridget! She was selected at random to win a copy of my eBook. Thanks, everyone, for sharing and keep your stories coming in!

    Let’s get this party started! Remember to comment below.

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    Whole30 Wrap Party | stupideasypaleo.com

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    68 thoughts on “Whole30 Wrap “Party”

    1. who ever wins your ebook is mighty lucky 😉 i am always referring back to your words <3 well I have 29 days of whole 30 left, so i can come back to this post again then 😉 haha but i do just want to say thanks for being such a great friend Steph!

    2. I am a new blog reader, and I found you through A Dash of Meg. I started my Whole 30 on January 1 (before I knew about your blog!) and found you during the tail end of my challenge. I love the insight, science, and practicality you provide us!! So interesting and helpful. I am now reintegrating foods that I want to try to eat…Friday I integrated legumes and I ended up having a headache and my tummy felt “weird”….I’m hoping that was just a fluke, but we will see!! This is all so interesting to me, and I have loved the entire process. Would love a copy of your book!!

      1. So excited that you’re here, Tara! So thankful for your kind words, and I’m glad you’re testing out foods by reintroducing them in a smart way!

    3. You mentioned getting “hangry” above around 3 o’clock. This is so me, do you have any suggestions to combat or avoid this? I usually end up stuffing my face after trying to hold off hunger as long as possible and ruining dinner.

    4. Today is my day 28 and I am amazed at how much more energy I have. I wasn’t doing this for health reasons or to solely lose weight (although that will be an added bonus if I have). I wanted to reset my sugar addiction. I would eat breakfast at work and be “hungry” by 9:30 or 10. So, I’d have one of the sugar loaded muffins in the office. Then I’d eat lunch and get “hungry” again around 2:30-3. So I’d have a brownie bite (or 100) that someone had brought in to share. I love the concept of “If you wouldn’t eat steamed fish and broccoli right now, then you’re not really hungry.” It really does work like that!! I think I still have some time to go before my sugar addiction is fully kicked, but I have fewer and fewer of those mid-meal cravings. Thanks for all your blogging support!!

    5. I have learnt that I can indeed live without stevia for longer than 3 days. Will I be adding it back? Yeah, I guess so..at some point but I will be doing so with the knowledge that I am perfectly capable of making something dessert like with no need for stevia or coconut sugar or honey or maple syrup

    6. I finished my Whole 30 on Friday the 30th. I felt prou that I stuck to it completely and never strayed. The experience was very eye opening in realizing just how many preservatives and othe unpronounceable thing are in food ! I will definitely be reading labels a lot closer from now on.

      I also made a resolve to stop eating artificial sweeteners and other “diet” foods. A 30+ year diet coke drinking streak is over! It’s water, unsweetened tea, or natural juice from now on.

      My family noticed a difference too. Though they kept eating the foods they like, on many dinners we all ate the same thing. My husband lost weight and he wasn’t even trying.

      I plan on continuing to eat Paleo as much as possible. It has become almost second nature now. It seems all I crave now is meat! I plan on doing another Whole 30 again sometime this year.

    7. I finished my first Whole30 on the 31st. I honestly never thought I could do it for whatever reason. I’m so happy I put my mind to it and didn’t listen to anyone who wanted to steer me off course. I ended up losing about 15 pounds and feel 100 times better! I had been eating paleo, but my little cheats had become more and more prominent. Whole30 set me back on track, and I am so happy!

    8. My day 30 isn’t until Tuesday, but I don’t want to miss a chance to win your eBook. The biggest thing I learned about in my first Whole30 is my poor sleep quality. Eating clean helped me sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed. That said, I still have some improvements to make, like eventually giving up coffee.

    9. Finished my second whole 30 on Saturday. Had a glass of red wine to celebrate. Not sure if it was the wine or just a bad night but I was up at least half the night. Not sure if the wine was worth it. Will be following the paleo plan for the long haul. Feel so much better knee inflammation is gone and am sleeping so much better. Thanks for all your support

    10. Finished my 3rd Whole30 on Thursday. I learned a hard lesson about not eating enough starchy carbs during this Whole30 and had some trouble with my depression/anxiety kicking my ass. Wasn’t a fun one to learn but necessary and very valuable. Also interesting how much non-compliant food can sneak back into your diet on a regular basis (particularly in the month of December… ahem…).

      I lost 3 inches off my belly and 2 off my chest. And I feel great – of course.

      I visited your page several times for new recipes (Chipotle Lime Mayo… OMG!!!) and support (of which I had little in my “real” life). Thanks for great articles and recipes and a great blog. 🙂

    11. I started my Whole30 right after Christmas, so I finished early, the experience of trying new foods and feeling better was amazing! I lost my sugar addiction and now I feel so much better it is unbelievable. I had started cleaning up my eating in September but still struggled with cravings. After reading your book it was like a light bulb going on, that AhAh moment where you realize there is a better way out there. An easier way that allows you to eat good-for-you food and being able to look and feel better.

      My body has changed even though I only lost six pounds but my clothes fit better and I have dropped two pants sizes. I am able to work all day without the need for snacks to keep me going throughout the day and still come home to help take care of my family. My sleeping habits have definitely improved and I wake up feeling full of energy and ready to start my day. I have also been able to keep up with my son, who is home from the Army, as he worked out military style! He had me run a mile without stopping once! It may seem like a small feet but this 43 year old hasn’t been able to do that since high school! It was a huge deal for me! So much so that I am looking forward to running a 5k in the future! And I did it all without knee pain.

      Thank you so much for writing this book and setting up this program! It has improved my quality of life and I will refer back to your book often as I continue on. I plan on doing another Whole30 and have recommended it to anyone that asks how my face is so clear, where do I find the energy, why am I eating that!!, or how come you don’t want this piece of cake. Thanks again for a life changing experience!

      And yes, I would love this new book to help me onto my 5k!


    12. I finished my Whole30 on January 28th and have been reintroducing foods following the schedule.
      I honestly did NOT like being on the Whole30 – I likened it to torture. However, I stuck with it all 30 days (and beyond) why? Because I made the promise to myself that I was worth it.
      I lost:
      *9 pounds
      *inches (waist, hips, thighs)
      *2 pant sizes
      *The Hangry feeling – I would get hangry before EVERY single meal. No more…in fact there were times where I was hungry and couldn’t eat for hours (six or more – not my fault). Never did I get hangry because I knew another meal was soon and there was no blood sugar drop

      I gained:
      *a better connection with my food. I understand when/why I eat now
      *the ability to recognize my emotions and DEAL WITH THEM rather than stuffing them down with food
      *the realization that all my gut issues were GLUTEN!!! I also realized that anything gluten is a “no brakes” food for me. Horrible double edged sword but now I know and can deal with it
      *a screaming amount of confidence. I did this AND I know I look so much better
      *More clothes. Now that I am down 2 sizes I can fit into another set of clothes in my wardrobe.

      I am looking forward to no more gluten in my life and finishing the reintroduction. As much as I hated the Whole30 while I was on it, I’m glad I never went off because I learned SO much about myself.
      All this and I never worked out a single day this last month. Looking forward to adding in some heavy weights again next week and taking this to the next level. Woot!

    13. Feeling great after my Whole 30. Sleeping better and I’m far more energized. Not so much lost weight, but got leaner. I only missed a sneaky bit of dark chocolate. I’m planning on staying gluten free as much as possible. 🙂
      Way to go Whole 30ers!!!

    14. A few months ago, I started reading about clean/paleo eating. I’ve learned so much (to the point of brain-overload sometimes) from you and other bloggers….so when you issued the Whole30 challenge, I jumped on board. I was afraid of failing, as I have so many times in the past. It’s still a fear, but a smaller one now, because I have discovered the joy of tasting my food.

      I have a long road ahead to achieve good health and weight loss. I lost 12 pounds last month…MUCH slower than I’ve ever lost before…but not only was I not hungry, I knew I was feeding my body good things.

      The most amazing discovery for me though was going to the grocery store (which was never a dreaded chore for me in the past) and realizing how much I was looking forward to shopping the perimeter. I wasn’t tempted by the processed foods. I actually stopped and thought, “I’m relating to food differently now!”

      This is still new and I still fear I’ll fall off the wagon, but I have built up an arsenal of recipes and knowledge about why clean eating is good for me. I may be pushing 58 yrs old, but I’m convinced this change is one of the best things I can do for myself and I’m hoping I can find a way to help others as time goes on.

    15. Yes I did it, my third attempt but I finished the whole30. Lessons learned, well the major one is I can slay my sugar demon, even a banana seems very sweet now and this from a chocoholic who used to crave sugar sugar and more sugar. I’ve been wheat free for around 20 months, giving up grains was easy but sugar, oh boy that was hard, but I’ve done it. I’ve also beaten a 3 month candida overgrowth, well without sugar there’s nothing for it to feed on. I’ve become addicted to roasted Brussels sprouts!! Yes from a chocoholic to a sproutaholic !!! I’ve tried and enjoyed so many veggies, didn’t realise there was so many varieties although I still can’t eat them for breakfast. I missed dairy so I will add that back into my eating plan but it will be a splash of cream in my coffee occasionally and a weekly treat of cheese or butter. I was disappointed with my weight loss, 3 pound isn’t much however I think it’s an ongoing journey towards health so I’m focussing on the positives. My life is still stressful and my sleep pattern not great so I’m working on those and am back on the whole30 after a treat day where I had a little cream and a couple squares of dark chocolate.

    16. I am just so happy to have finished. With three kids and a husband who were anywhere but on board that train, there was a lot of temptation. But, I finished-BOOM! I lost a pound..maybe. I’m not overweight so I really didn’t think I would lose much. My stomach was flatter which was great since that’s my trouble spot. I found that I actually enjoy my whole30 coffee creation more than I enjoy my coffee with heavy cream (and my coffee was the thing I was most concerned about!) I learned that if I don’t include sweet potatoes and squash with my meals I get hungry and my energy is lacking. I learned to prep food in advance and then prep more food in advance. I bought a thermos to take food with me when I’m out with the kids which is usually when I end up making bad food decisions. I learned that I love homemade mayo and ketchup with no sweetness! I want to do another whole30, but for today I’m going to enjoy the date sweetened, almond flour brownies that I made with my daughter this morning 🙂 Thank you, thank you for your blog and all the support.

    17. Today is my first day off the Whole 30 and I feel great! Since I ate fairly healthy before (aside from holiday bingeing), I found the 30 days to be much easier than I expected. I hardly had any cravings and was able to go out with friends and watch them eat sushi, cake, and drink without feeling deprived. I actually started craving meat, which was unusual considering I was a vegetarian for 2 years up until October! I was supposed to introduce dairy today and had planned on ice cream, but now it doesn’t even soud good! I had a few slices of hard cheese this morning, and whether the phlemmy feeling during my run was due to that or the cold, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll extend dairy into tomorrow and try a latte, though coconut oil blended in my Americano has been great these past 30 days! I definitely plan to eat this way for the long haul with realistic “cheats” on occassion. I only lost 3 lbs, but my body composition changed and I got leaner. My family unfortnately thinks I should gain it back (I’m now 5’9, 126.5 lbs), but I feel great!

    18. I finished and it wasn’t that hard, but I don’t have anything extraordinary to report. My arthritis is still rampant (osteo not rhuematoid). My sleep didn’t really improve, and if I dropped any weight it was a 1.5 pounds. My gallbladder isn’t really bad, but it’s been misbehaving more towards the end of the 30 (diskenisia). I didn’t really celebrate and haven’t gone to any reintroduction yet, except that I had a special dinner to go to and had two glasses of wine. No real upsets there. A little frustrating coz I was really hoping my inflamation issues would clear up more. It isn’t hard to keep away from the sugar as I was already doing that…so the hardest part was keeping away from Stinky Cheeses (as I seemed to do ok with them before and now that might be my first reintro food).

      1. Hi Jody…sometimes it does take longer than 30 days, but that’s usually a pretty standard amount of time to start. We are all different bodies 🙂

    19. We went to brunch this morning and having beer and fancy cheese for Super Bowl alongside your ancho crock pot ribs. We decided to do another whole 30 starting tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ve splayed the sugar dragon, and I love the amount of veggies we have been eating. We like this healthy lifestyle, and the only things we really missed were wine, beer, and cheese. My gross eczema on my hands is much better, and we are both enjoying the “tiger blood.” Also my husband tried some kind of Starbucks drink and had to chuck it because it tasted artificial. In March we will take another “day off” and go from there!

    20. I finished my Whole30 on January 28th. I found that my skin issues cleared up (eczema patches—gone!), IBS symptoms improved, and that while my sleep patterns didn’t change much, the quality of my sleep definitely improved. I found (so far…still working thru reintroduction) that dairy is not my tummy or my skin’s friend. Oh, and Tiger Blood is an amazing thing. I’m not setting any personal lifting records (yet), but I definitely experienced less fatigue and felt stronger in my workouts! I’m still trying to figure out how to “ride my bike,” but this was an amazing experience!

      1. Holy mackerel, Amanda! The changes in your skin sound pretty huge, and considering IBS issues and skin issues like eczema are both linked to inflammation, it’s great to hear you had some relief from both!

    21. I finished my Whole30 on Wednesday (we started right after Christmas) and it was the best one yet. My sister and Mother did it with me and we rocked it. My mom lost 15 pounds! Pretty good for a 58 year old woman who has also had gastric bypass surgery. My sister and I both noticed marked improvements in the gym, lifting heavier every session!! Which is awesome. I took 4 days off and am starting jumping right back in to another Whole30 tomorrow, I love the energy I have when I am eating clean and lifting heavy!

    22. I decided to start my Whole30 on 29th Jan. I chose this date because well Feb is only 28 days.
      I chose not to do it in January because well being it summer holidays, kids being home, and being back and forth with travelling I thought that it would be too stressful for me, and the likelihood of me caving would have been a lot higher.
      The holidays are over, the kids are back at school, and I have loads of me time again, and now I’m on day 6 of my 3rd Whole30 experience.
      I love reading everyone’s Whole30 journey, each journey is utterly unique, which what makes whole30 fantastic.

    23. Wow… I feel like you just gave me a pat on the back. I quietly started my Whole30 on January 1st after hopping on and tumbling off the paleo wagon for the last 2 years. Only my bf, family, and closest friends knew that I was going to attempt the strictest form of paleo I knew of… The Whole30. I didn’t broadcast it or preach it, but just tried to make this a pact with myself. I just turned 30 in November and I was ready to take this plunge finally on Jan 1st. I also committed to 5 days of a yoga a week alongside the Whole30.

      More than feeling like the best version of my body is coming back to me… I feel happy, proud, accomplished, healthy, streamlined, and satisfied. I’m a full time DJ, and eating when my time schedule permits and the options available are a challenge. I feel like this month gave me my sense of control back. I was able to get a handle on what went in my body and by learning to say no to even a bite of something I didn’t want in my body…. I prevented myself from entering that all-so-familiar slippery slope of pizza-soda-cake. I finished the Whole 30 on Jan 30th… but I knew that my biggest challenge still lied ahead and it was giving me anxiety. On Feb 1st I left for a 2 week trip to Miami & NY, full of late night DJ gigs that go until sunrise and are full of offers of alcohol and bad food decisions. Not to mention… trying to survive off airport food in between. I’m 3 days into my trip and the challenges have come up but I’ve tried to make the best decisions from the choices I’ve had so far. I’m learning to not beat myself up over food decisions I have to make on the road in a pinch, but I’ve noticed that my willpower has come a long way over the last month, helping me to say no to a post-gig vodka shot and a greasy burrito. This thing called taking care of my body is not so scary anymore after the Whole30. I feel knowledgeable, I feel equipped, and I feel in control again. My deepest thank you goes to you for inspiring me last year on your instagram to take this plunge this year… and for all your weekly tidbits and advice along the way that helped me reach this point…. going to sleep after a dinner of Kale, oil and vinegar, and a hardboiled egg (Yes the hotel staff looked at me crazy).

      1. Shaden!! Oh my goodness…listening to your story gave me goosebumps, especially when you said you feel like you have control back. Thank YOU for taking the plunge and putting a little trust in me 🙂

    24. Before I started Nd during, I had no idea just how much the whole 30 would do for me. I ate pretty healthy to begin with. I was surprised by a lot during these past 30 days. I learnt how much of a control food had over me – it was so liberating to regain that control. I discovered that I am an emotional eater, I don’t think I have overcome this yet, however I am so much better off just because I recognise it. I felt my body working at maximum efficiency. I ate something one day, at the paleo cafe, that really turned my stomach – my partner thinks the sauce was starting to go off. I also ate something at mums that gave me a headache for days. I love understanding to and listening to my body. I never thought I would feel this amazing through food. I’m looking forward to reintrocing the different foods to see how they effect me.

    25. I started the Whole30 diet on Jan. 1 with my husband and found your blog about 2 days into it. This was our first time doing this diet, but I had been following the Paleo diet for several months before. Both my husband and I have GERD and have been on PPIs for 8+ years. I have been completely off my medication for 6 months now, but my husband just started the process of getting off them (you must come off them very slowly or you will experience rebound reflux, which is awful) along with his cholesterol medications.

      The diet was very successful for us both, but I think my husband especially benefited because he really wanted to lose weight and lost 10 pounds. It has given him a new perspective on food, which I already had. He went from needing a Starbucks vanilla iced latte every morning to realizing he had more abundant and more consistent energy after cutting caffeine & sugar out. I think the biggest thing he noticed was feeling consistent through the day without highs and lows in energy. His cholesterol has stayed the same even though he stopped taking his medication, and I expect it to keep dropping. He started exercising in addition to the diet changes, so I am sure that helps. He has tried to exercise in the past, but would usually end up sidelined with injuries after a week or two, but since changing our diets, neither of us have experienced any injuries or issues. We were both going to the chiropractor weekly with back issues and we realized we never went once during Whole30 and did not have any back pain. We both also had plantar fasciitis, which has went away as well.

      The things I learned during the diet are that I have intolerances to most dairy, coconut milk (I am guessing because on the inulin), wheat, and I most recently realized I may have FODMAP intolerance. My IBS has improved immensely, but is still not gone. It is a long, sometimes frustrating journey for me trying to figure out all the things I react to and having to cut out more and more foods, but I know that it takes time and eventually my digestion will be healed. We are both continuing on a more Paleo based way of eating and feel that this has been a life change. We have no desire to go back to eating a standard American diet again. I have also became very interested in the benefits of fermentation, and I have recently started making sauerkraut, fermented veggies, yogurt, milk kefir and kombucha.

      1. Those are some pretty big realizations, Lisa!! I’m so glad you & your husband were able to learn so much about how to maximize your health. Fermented foods are so awesome, too!

    26. I did it!!! I finished my first Whole30!!! My original plan for doing this started with my 3 yr. old daughter. She has alopecia (she is rapidly losing her hair) and after dermatologists, BAD reactions to medicines, doctors, and more medicines… I did my own research and became convinced that it had something to do with her diet. We cut out gluten in September. This encouraged a *little* new hair growth, but she is still losing faster then it is growing. My sister sent me It Starts With Food. Best book ever!!!!! Then, that’s when I found you Stephanie. And you had me convinced… My Whole30 was amazing! I have not slept well in years. When I read that, among other things, my sleep would improve, I knew this is what I’ve been needing.
      During my Whole30 I tried new recipes weekly, if not daily. I have a new love for good, REAL food. I have developed a new love for cooking. My daughter loves all the new food I’ve been feeding her and she loves to put on her apron and “whip up a new dish” with me. My sleep has improved dramatically. It’s amazing!!! And after only 8 hours, I wake feeling refreshed. I have that constant energy all day. And not only that, but I have only had to use my asthma inhaler a handful of times the entire month, when I would normally use it a handful of times on a daily basis. Not only that but I had been seeing a surgeon about the carpal tunnel in my right hand… guess what???? Yeap, I have not had any problems since day 4!! Amazing, right?!?! Oh, and did I mention my daughter has more new hair growth?? Not a lot, but still it’s something. We are praying that she doesn’t lose all her hair. OK, now on to the part I wan’t expecting: I lost 13 lbs., 5 1/2″ off my hips, 2 1/2″ off my waist, and a few more here and there. That is incredible! I will definitely be continuing with the paleo lifestyle. I will leave out dairy – I’ve realized that it aggravates my asthma – but I think a little honey or added sugar here and there won’t hurt me. I’m good with no grains and no legumes too. Just want to say “Congratulations!!” to all those who finished/are finishing their Whole30. What an achievement!! And a special “Thanks!!” to Steph and all the other good “foodies” who have helped along the way!!

    27. I started this as a way to be closer with my girlfriend. I did not think that I was going to like it at all, but on the contrary it has been amazing. It has made me way more creative in the kitchen by looking up recipes both on your blog and others. I purchased a crock pot and fell in love. I am now a cooking nerd and found that eating healthy can be way more exciting than salad…which I found myself liking more and more the less fake foods that I ate.

      I am going to take the lessons learned from this experiment and implement them on the way that I eat from now on. I look and feel great. Exercise and a healthy diet can pay off!


      Royce J.

    28. Thanks so much for your support for my “Whole 30!” I started eating paleo in 2010. Since then it has been a tumultuous journey. I have gone from one extreme to the other, eating strict and then binging for what would turn into months. Life can really turn your world upside down and when you choose not to help yourself with eating well, it can quickly turn from bad to worse. I know paleo/primal/clean (eating good food) works for me, but I just couldn’t find the right motivation to do it. I started looking for a blog to support a WHOLE 30 starting January and found yours! Thank you so much! It was the support I need. I also am approaching it different this time and looking for the long term, not just the ‘see if I can make it’ journey. I feel so great, and now have had one or two not great things that haven’t made me feel good and so I want to eat cleaner, and I AM! It is exciting to know I don’t have the cravings, and can stay away from icky food (I had two tiny bits of not-so-good-food at Super Bowl and that was it) because I know it’s not how I want to feel. I appreciate your support so much and am looking forward to a healthier happier 2014! : )

    29. ♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU ♥♥♥♥♥

      I have finished my first Whole30 and I never thought of beeing “sugar clean” for more than one day.
      But it worked so well that I will repeat this Whole30 thing again as I am still overweight and
      a bit afraid of reintroducing several foods or any sweet thing.
      I think it will take some more weeks to hold the sugar dragon´s tongue forever.

      Thank you so much for your support and all the perfect advices, Doerte

    30. I went into this whole30 (my 4th one in the last 3 years) to detox from a terrible Christmas season. The loss of my mother in law brought on a ton of stress induced sugar eating for my husband and I and left us both feeling lethargic and gross. This was my husband’s first whole30 and he went into it somewhat reluctant and mostly just to support me. I started a more intense workout routine while on it and noticed that I actually had the energy to finish my workouts and had zero knee pain, which I have struggled with since I was 9 from dance injuries. The biggest struggle for me during this whole30 was timing meals for lunch and dinner because my husband doesn’t get home until 8 or 9 every night and we always eat dinner together. I learned that by splitting lunch into 2 smaller meals I can decrease my late afternoon cravings for something sweet.

      Both my husband and I noticed it was easier to wake up in the morning, which was a huge plus! While I have seen more drastic changes during other whole30’s, this one taught me a lot about my energy levels in relation to the foods I eat. My husband didn’t think he saw much of a change until we ate gluten this weekend and both felt so sluggish it wasn’t even funny. We also started a new routine of eating breakfast together every morning instead of rushing out and eating a breakfast on the run, which has been a sweet change in our daily schedules.

    31. I finally finished a whole 30! I’ve tried a couple before and always bailed at day 26. Usually something ticked me off and I ‘showed them’ by nosediving into some cheese. And what’s cheese without crackers?

      I learned I still need to eat more — probably protein. And I still have a lot to learn about quick-and-easy meal prep. Somehow, now matter how simple the food I have planned, it always becomes a giant, messy production. But every now and then I have little breakthroughs which other people might look at and say, really? Like just throwing together a few things kicking around the fridge and turning them into a bowl of something tasty. Not often, but it has happened. I like my rules a lot, so learning how to freestyle like that is a big challenge for me.

      I feel good and I don’t lose energy in the afternoon. I made that my big goal this time. So I wouldn’t be bummed if I didn’t lose weight. But I lost 11 pounds anyway. So yay for that!


    32. I am on day 9 of my third Whole 30. I have been eating paleo for over 2 years and feel great, there’s no way I could ever go back to the SAD even if I wanted to! The idea of doing another Whole 30 was not anywhere on my radar but several of my close family members have been flirting with paleo recently so I decided that if they ventured out and did it then maybe I should go on and do it again as well. I am curious to see what I learn about my eating habits since they are not really that different on a daily basis anyway. I’m just hoping to recenter and refocus a little! Thanks for the support of your website and continuing to spread to “Real Food” word!

    33. I got all geared up for Whole30 after reading Grain Brain (which suggested that my dyslexia and anxiety dissorder could be attributed to inflammation in my brain, and is all around a really interesting read.), and due to inflammation in my upper respiratory system. The respiratory inflammation is gone, and I’m noticing less brain fog, but as the book suggested I do feel it will take more time to see if it elimates my symptoms from dyslexia and the anxiety disorder. That being said, despite my car and computer falling I didn’t have one anxiety attack while eating this way, high stress of course but no attack.

      My skin is almost compleatly clear, but after the whole 30 I went to BJs with a freind, it is very diffcult to avoid dairy there, and I broke out the next day.

      As a sugar addict, sweets where the hardest part; I work at Whole Foods, where you figure it’s fairly easy to find food for special diets, yet there was no sugar free bacon! Through Skype my boyfriend taunted me with his bacon. I also found myself eating more fruit than normal, not the best, but a step in the right direction from my normal sweets. At one point I craved chocolate so bad I made pudding: culinary coconut milk, raw coco powder, and dates +raw mava root powder 😉

    34. So I’ve been finished my whole30 for a few days now (it’s Feb 4 here in Aus.)
      First, the numbers: I lost 6.5kgs (14ish pounds?) and at least a solid inch off my waist (the belt has gone in a notch, and is creeping in on a second).
      I learned that proper food prep really isn’t that hard if you plan for it.
      I learned (and so did my wife) that the battle really is about diet rather than exercise – I haven’t come close to exercising as much as I’d like due to uni and our 15 month old.
      I learned that I can do without all the rubbish that I used to eat, and more importantly – it’s not so much ‘wanting’ that food, but it’s the ‘habits’ or memories of that food – come home from work on Friday and want alcohol or dessert etc.
      I’ve learned that I can eat better and do better.

      I’ve also learned that I can’t just switch it all off in one hit. Today I slipped up – I have my last exam for the semester tomorrow morning, I’ve had 3 (or 4, I don’t remember anymore) nights of rubbish sleep with a teething and sick baby, I’m still at work and I just wanted something ‘nice’. So I ate it, and now I feel rubbish – physically and mentally. So obviously there is still work to do. In a weird way though – I’m glad I did because pre-whole30 I wouldn’t have even thought about the consequences. Now I’m wondering how my body will react, and also realise that I have things in my life that lead me to make poor choices. Thankfully, it was only one bad thing and not a massive total catastrophe. And hopefully after a night or two of more than a few hours broken sleep the mind will come back.
      Speaking of the mind – it’s amazing how it works when it’s not clouded. In amongst all the hecticness of January I’ve submitted 3 assignments and crammed for this exam. Often with rubbish sleep and routine. But my mind has stuck with me when it needed to which is really something I didn’t expect. Usually submission night involved a Red Bull and chocolate – now it involved a proper meal and plenty of water.
      So whilst I realise I can’t stay whole30 forever, I am really pleased that my mind has switched from ‘yeah, whatever’ to ‘JERF’. That’s a massive win. I’m starting to run again – my wife and I are doing ‘Parkrun’ on Saturday mornings, alternating who runs and who runs with bubs in the pram. I’m dropping my uni load back next semester and looking to get into a better workout and sleep routine. And I’m starting to eat real food. #supermassiveepicwinwithfistpump
      Again, thanks Steph for letting us sound this out. I mentioned in an earlier update that part of this process has left me feeling stupidly emotional – I’m not sure whether that is the tiredness, or just my mind and body feeling much less ‘overwhelmed’ by rubbish. But it’s been great to check in each week and just see how others are going as well as sharing our own thoughts.
      I didn’t imagine my 2014 starting off quite this way last November, but I am really optimistic about kicking some goals this year and rediscovering myself of a few years ago.
      Congratulations to all who have completed their Whole30 journey also, I hope you’ve all had your own wins along the way.

    35. I started my Whole30 on January 6 and finished last night. I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and resources offered by you, Melissa (of Well Fed), and Michelle (NomNomPaleo). (I’ll be blogging soon about how the three of you have helped me in my journey). I’ve lost 8lbs.4oz. (and 1 percentage point of body fat), but I have gained so much more. I’ve blogged about it here.

    36. I meant to leave this comment earlier but have been busy working! I finished my Whole 30 on February 1, without cheating, even once. I am still in the Whole 30 habit of eating, with the only exception being that I have had some 85% dark chocolate (very sweet tasting) and a bit of heavy cream in my morning coffee. I lost 4.5 pounds. My habits gained from my Whole 30 experience are still with me, and I am now habituated into doing a big veggie and meat cookup on Sunday for the week, and making a huge pot of veggie soup. It is not that hard, and only takes an hour or so of hands-on time. The soup for breakfast habit I think I may keep forever! I have not even been to Starbucks, which is huge for me. Thank you for your continued support and recipes! I’m going to try the banana chia seed pudding soon!

    37. Hi Stef, I wish I could report all kinds of wonderful body improvements like so many others have reported. I faithfully adhered to the guidelines for three weeks than had auto accident , I wasn’t hurt however I was nervous wreck and used a bottle of wine in lieu of Xanax . I did go right back on the plan the following day and except for the wine stayed true . I did not weigh myself all month and today finally got on the scale. NOT one single pound

      1. I hope you’re feeling better Dorothy. For some folks it takes a bit longer for body comp changes to start happening, and it’s highly variable. I never lost any weight on Paleo, but my body composition DID change…less fat, more muscle. Were there any other positive outcomes?!

        1. Hi again, I do sleep better, no longer taking Ambien. I feel pretty good, at 68 I have my aches & pains but most people say I look much younger. I am going to hang in there although probably not 100% I did notice that the evening I drank an over abundance of wine that my sinuses became clogged up durning the night. I have also notice that I am no longer starving between meals, I used to be hungry ALL the time, that is no longer the case, I can go many hours between meals. I just love not having to count calories or carbs and I do eat much more of a lot if food that I like and have not gained weight so I guess that is a very good thing. Thanks for the support.

    38. Life Changing… Life Changing… Life Changing!!
      I think I gained more then I lost! lol Really. Food ran my life…Now, I am in charge!
      I read about Whole30 at 2pm one afternoon and immediately knew I needed to do this. I started the very next day. I didn’t plan, didn’t eat a bunch of food that I wouldn’t eat for the next 30 days, nope, Boom! I decided to hit the ground running. I kept it simple, protien, vegetables, and 1 serving a fruit a day, eggs, fats allowed. I didn’t get fancy with recipes, trying to match foods up to make something taste like something else (ex: cauliflower rice, mashed, etc). 1 lost 29 pounds in 30 days!!
      During the time that I was completing my last week, my sister, brother-in-law, niece, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor ALL started the Whole30! lol I am still in awe of how I FEEL eliminating chemicals, dairy, sugar, and gluten from my diet. I am AMAZED!!
      * My father passed away from stomach cancer and cancer of the appendix and I watched him fight for his life in the short 2 1/2 months. He would have done anything to live. He went 2 weeks without even having ice chip/water… I want to fight NOW for my life! why wait? If he could not eat or drink anything for 2 weeks, I knew I could go 30 days without sugar, dairy, and gluten….AND I DID!! Thank You!

      1. Karla, yours is an absolutely fantastic story. Kudos to you for having the courage to make such big changes!!

        I’m sorry to hear about your dad. You certainly have his fighting spirit. Wishing you all the best!

    39. I just finished the whole30 (actually we’ve been on it 6 weeks) and I’ve lost a whole size or more! I have 3 more sizes go! I don’t weight myself, so I don’t know the poundage. But it shows for sure. I feel better and my joints are not as achy as they were. My boyfriend lost at least a size too. He definitely has more energy. He’s hoping to get off his blood pressure and colesterol pills in the future.

      My boyfriend chose this diet and I had a hard time with all the cooking and prep work at first. I’m a nurse and I come home tired every day. Nurses live on coffee! I even cried I was so tired. But I learned to do massive cooking every three days, and now I don’t have to cook every day. Makes life much easier. I also freeze some of the cooked meat. I tried many main dish recipes, I stick with about 14 of them now. I’ll experiment more.

      By the way, I gave up iced coffee too, which was the hardest thing. I like it iced with milk and stevia. I can’t drink it black. I missed my coffee most of all. I think I’m going to add it back now with almond or coconut milk. Coffee is my biggest craving. I will not lie, I need that pick-me-up around 2 pm every day when I work. We’ll be adding a few things back for a trial in a few weeks, but not many. We both agree we feel much better.

      1. Lisa!

        I am so glad you’ve had so much success with Whole 30. That is awesome. Ever try full fat coconut milk in your coffee? It has a light sweetness to it and makes for delicious iced coffee.

    40. Forgot to add how much better I sleep. Also, I don’t get hungry as long as I eat 3 full meals with enough meat. I eat more than 2 pieces of fruit a day because it’s in season and sooo good! Got to have it while it is here…. I hate winter fruit!

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