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    Whole30 Week 4 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

    It’s time for your Whole30 Week 4 Check-In!

    Take a second and put your hand up in the air…virtual high five coming your way from me. You’re now in Week 4 of your Whole30, and the home stretch is near! Twenty-one days of clean-eating and introspection. (You’re remembering to think about what you’re learning about yourself, right?!)

    Hang in there and keep doing the good work you’ve been doing, and don’t give into that tiny voice that may be whispering, “Ah, you’ve already done most of it. You could totally quit now!”

    Why You Should Squash That Voice

    In my mind, giving up on Day 22 because you feel great doesn’t mean you’re a failure…it means you haven’t given yourself maximum opportunity to LEARN NEW HABITS. If you’re sleeping better, have more mental clarity and are a happier person, fantastic. But the better food choices that got you there—particularly if it’s a 180° departure from your past behavior—really need time to sink in. Practicing good habits is key, and even a week longer will make a big difference.

    And What About The Scale?…

    Hopefully, this whole time, you haven’t been weighing yourself—there are so many other ways to measure how your health has improved. But, from personal experience, I can understand if you’re anxious to jump on and see if the number has budged. Why is the scale so tempting? It’s a number, easy to quantify. But for some of us, our entire self-worth hangs on that three digit number. (That’s one of the reasons I tossed my scale out for good.)

    No matter what happens weight-wise, don’t lose sight of all the OTHER good things that have happened in these 30 days. And just so you can start preparing for what to do on Day 31, here is a link from Whole30 on reintroduction. You definitely don’t want to spend your Day 31 in a world of hurt and really lose the chance to learn which foods many not play nice with your insides.

    Need some inspiration to finish Week 4 super-strong?

    Here are some awesome resources just for that:

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    Whole30 Week 4 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

    How did Week 3 end up? What’s challenging you as you move into Week 4?

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    24 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 4 Check-In

    1. The cravings for sugar has been at it’s peak the last few days. I feel healthy, have lost my bloat but have been in the worst mood. I really can’t wait to be done. After whole30 I still have to be gluten free and dairy free for allergy reasons, but I can’t wait to have a cocktail. I’m tired of being cranky and irritable.

    2. Well I’m almost at the end of day 23 here and going well. In fact, the last few days have been the first real days where I’ve felt ‘hungry’. So I ate another meal. A proper meal. No chocolate bars and coke, none of the biscuits that stare at me in the kitchen of this office. A meal. And that is a massive WIN! And ultimately I will just adjust my main meals to be a little bigger.
      I think I’ve said before that my context has always been to make a change for eating ‘real’ food. And you know what – with a bit of prep is easy. Like, stupid easy even! HA!
      One of the best things that’s started to happen though is that my wife is coming around to prepping food for the week. She’s not quite into the whole ‘restriction’ thing, but with how rubbish our diets where, the simple act of cutting out the junk will be a massive change.
      Of course there are still the cravings, and the ‘habitual’ thoughts – gone is the spoonful of PB and glass of milk when I sit down to study at night.
      I’m starting to really enjoy this now, and as I haven’t stepped on the scales yet I am interested to see what it results in when I finally do.
      I won’t begin to re-introduce things for a while after the 30 days, I have some exams still to come and don’t want to run the risk of feeling rubbish for them!
      Also, I’d like to say thanks Steph for putting this out there as an idea. It’s been great to read along with others, as well as having a place to ramble on about our own experiences. So thanks.

      1. Tim, that’s a huge win! I’m so excited to hear how things have change in a positive direction for you. I LOVE that you realized you needed to eat more. That’s one of the #1 complaints folks have…that they feel hungry!

    3. We are one week behind you, starting Whole30 on Jan 6th. My wife and I have been paleo-ish since October. I say –ish because I didn’t give up dairy and my wife refused to give up her popcorn. That is until we started Whole 30.
      We have been planning our weekly meals each Saturday, then shopping/preparing on Sunday. We have stuck to the plan so far. My wife experienced some “carb flu” – she loves her popcorn and pasta; me, I’m more of a carnivore, so I missed out on that experience. Using some of your recipes, and from other internet sources, we have been trying new recipes- and loving this new way of eating.
      We have had friends and family telling us we are crazy, “You eat too much fat, you need to eat grains, blah, blah, blah” you know the story. Well, I want to share some good news; I saw my doctor yesterday and we went over my blood work results.
      I have lost 31 pounds since October, my total cholesterol dropped from 216 to 135, triglycerides dropped from 204 to 156 and my ldls (bad cholesterol) dropped from 162 to 67! My doctor was amazed! He asked what we have been doing, and when I told him we are eating paleo and doing Whole30, he said he never heard of them. When I explained what we are doing, his smile changed to a frown. I told him look at the labs, it is obviously working, so I will continue as long as I see fit. He couldn’t argue with that…
      Thank you Stephanie for all your great posts, information, recipes and encouragement! With you and the rest of the paleo community on our side, I know we will be successful in changing our eating habits for life!

      1. Mike, reading this gave me goosebumps!! Keep up what you’re doing…the lab work doesn’t lie. Thanks for the inspirational story!!

    4. Hi Steph,
      Last week. I wish I could say I’m felling great, but I’m not. I’m SO tired and weak! I’m not sleeping enough because of my little ones but that is not new. But since I started de Whole30 I’ m felling more tired than normal. I have to bike like half an hour every day to pick up my daughter from school (it’s Amsterdam, we do everything by bike!) and then back with almost 30kg on the bike (the kids). That’s my only workout, besides delivering some post twice a week and of course mothering fulltime. Wich is not little work. But this last week I almost couldn’t do it to school, it was so hard to bike! I feel a complete weakness of my muscles. Really weard.

      Eating it’s going OK. The last couple of days my brain was playing games with me and I slipped on some snacks. But the good thing is that I noticed what was happennig and had the chance to make a decission (maybe not the right one but stil). Coconut is to good for me and it’s satiating my craving for sweet, thus I don’t have to have coconut at home, I have learned. I think that maybe I have to add a couple of weeks more to the challenge to really fight my sugar monster.

      Any thaughts on my weakness?


      1. Hi Ana…the #1 culprit of what you describe is not eating enough food. Perhaps try upping your food intake for a couple days and see if that alleviates your symptoms. Also, don’t be afraid to add in some fruit or starchy carbs like sweet potatoes.

        1. Well, in fact I eat a lot in eacht meal. And i eat some fruit and I eat very often sweet potatos. I’m not hungry anymore between meals, just weak ….

          Thanks for your answer!

            1. Well, I take mostly 1 to 2 handpalm portions meat + 1 or 2 eggs (depending on how much meat I have), and the lots of veggies to fill the plate (my plate is like 25cm diameter) and 1/4 avocado.

            2. Well, I eat 1 to 2 handpalm size portions of meat + 1 or 2 eggs (depending on how much meat I have) and then I fill the plate (mine is diameter 25cm) with veggies and 1/4 avocado. And I eat really often sweet potatos! And I take mostly 1 fruit a day. I have really full plates every meal, and I’m not hungry in between, except when I have fish. Then it seems that I’m digesting it really quick and I feel a bit hungry afterwards.

              1. If you say you’re digesting it really quick and you feel a bit hungry afterwards, that tells me you may need to eat more.

    5. This is my 3rd whole30 and each one is a different experience. My first one, I was just trying to keep my head above water, I was grumpy all the time and only ate salads (which is why I was grumpy all the time). My 2nd I was getting my way through my hardest semester of nursing school and a few of us girls did a challenge together. It was easy and I had tons of energy. The one I did before this was in October and I honestly didn’t finish (I think I made it to day 20), so I don’t know if it even counts. This January is the first one I’ve done with my husband and it is SO much easier when our kitchen is a whole30 only zone and I don’t need to stare at his tortilla chips every time I open the cupboard. I’m still struggling with a sweet tooth and bored eating. I’m currently unemployed and my husband works long hours, so the hours between lunch and dinner are sometimes filled with me searching for snacks to keep my busy. Going into week 4, I’ve learned that if I aim for 4 small meals a day (A meal between lunch and dinner usually helps since we typically eat dinner around 8 or 9 at night) I do much better. I try to eat my fruit with lunch and I’ve gotten out of the dessert habit after dinner.
      The major difference this time, also, is that I read ISWF and it has drastically changed how I view the whole30. Now that I know about fat being the primary source of energy and the major hormonal role in nutrition, I have a deeper appreciation for the food that I have been eating. Instead of day 31 being a free for all eat all the things fest, my husband and I will be reintroducing foods and seeing how our bodies react….I really can’t wait for some bulletproof coffee again 😉
      Thank you so much for all your posts. I enjoy reading your blog daily 🙂


    6. Hi Steph,
      So excited to finish week three!! This has been the hardest week for me. Not because of cravings or any of that other stuff, but because my daughter and I traveled this week and spent 3 days away from home. The first night we stayed with family and I had discussed my “diet” with them before hand. We agreed on meatloaf, with no crackers, oats, or anything else, and I brought lots of fresh veggies to have on the side (or to snack on in the car). When we had no choice but to eat at a restaurant, I ordered grilled chicken, sweet potato, and lots of veggies (@ Cracker Barrel) and a salad (@ Chic-fil-A). I tried to do the best I could. I don’t think my choices were “bad”, but I think I will turn this into a Whole33 just to compensate for our trip. Oh yes, the trip was totally worth it… took my daughter to Disney on Ice!! What a memory!!!!

    7. Week 3 is almost done for my boufriend and I! (We started on the 6th.) I frets been a very delicious journey!! Spending all day in the kitchen Sunday to prep meals for the week since we are gone from the house all day has worked out so well for us. I used to be the worst sugarholic you knew. I’m pretty sure I was hyperglycemic before I went on this but now I’m cured! I’ve had doughnut after doughnut after sweet candy put in front of my face and my mouth doesn’t water anymore! I never thought I’d live to see the day where I could say I even went a whole week without sugars or fruits (raw carrots daily and some sweet potatoes 3x doesn’t count, right?) Anyways, even though I dont crave it anymore, im ready to add in some low glycemic fruits for a desert a couple times a week again for nutritional and hormonal balance!(: the only downside I’ve noticed on this diet is the back pain. It started in my neck (not shoulder blades) but now is sitting toward the bottom part of my ribs. I was thinking it was either aches from a sugar detox, or simply not eating enough food as I have been challenged with every meal to see how my energy levels kick back. Or maybe its because I stopped taking my synthetic calcium supplements since I started this program (I’ve been taking them for years since I had a LOT of caffiene and heard it depletes your calcium in your bones.) Ugh.. there’s so many reasons! I’m going to start with just eating more since I have noticed it looks like I’ve lost a lot of weight on this ! This program has helped me so much! I’m so much better at sticking to something when I plan my meals out. I am super excited to go to a Superbowl party this Sunday prepped with our own yummy snacks to munch on (: my boyfriend was a bit frowned on the day, missing out on all that food and I’m like, are you kidding!? Well have the yummiest food there!

      1. Glad to hear of all your progress! I’m definitely stumped on the back pain thing…not sure how it could be directly correlated with eating better but perhaps it’s something to run by your doctor.

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    9. I started whole 30 on January 5 I have not cheated on food but its been hard. I have been on scale which I know I should of waited. The results did make me happy. I do feel very tired and no energy this was the 1st week I started on my exercise I had no energy to get up and go to gym but I made myself. When I was finished with my workout I did feel better about myself I have been eating alot of fresh veggies and oranges I have had chicken broccoli and eggs I have even made a bunch of meatballs for the week. I have little ones at home so its been hard not to eat the meals I make for them. I will continue to eat well I think I will not be as hard on myself but will snack healthy.

      1. Hi Sara! Make sure you’re eating enough carbs from veggies, sweet potatoes and fruit to support your exercise! Good job so far!

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