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    Whole30 Week 3 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

    It’s time for your Whole30 Week 3 Check-In!

    Now that you’ve got some experience under your belt, it’s time to chat about what the upcoming week is likely to bring. (Of course, you truly are a unique snowflake, so individual experiences may vary.)

    By this point, you should over everyone’s favorite, the Carb Flu, and on to some of the more pleasant effects of this nutritional reset: more energy, better sleep, a better relationship with food and perhaps even some changes in body composition. It’s been my experience that the beginning of Week 3 tends to come in gently and, in some cases, ends on a much unexpected note.

    You see, it’s not unheard of for folks to fall off the rails, particularly at the end of Week 3. And for some reason, Day 18 seems to be a really common number. What the heck is going on? Why would you make it past the halfway point and then give in?


    For some reason, they tend to start acting up during this week, remnants of bad habits past which try to convince you that you’d be so much better off with just a smidge of that cake or just one glass of wine. The solution? Tell your brain to shut up. Seriously. Whole9 often says if you’re not hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli, you aren’t really hungry…you’re experiencing a craving. Most cravings pass within just a few minutes, so find a way to distract yourself until it passes.

    And then, there’s sabotage via boredom.

    My own theory on why this happens goes sort of like this:

    Week 1: “Look at this huge challenge ahead of me! It’s game on, self!” Everything is new, and you’re on the lookout for any food saboteurs, ready to squash them in a moment.

    Week 2: “Heck yeah! I’m finally feeling better. This is AWESOME.” You start to enjoy the benefits of kicking crappy food and eating habits to the curb. You’re thinking, “I’m going to ride this wave to Day 30.”

    Week 3: “Scrambled eggs for breakfast and grilled chicken for lunch? Again?” If you’re not careful, your wave riding can turn into a wipe out. Boredom and complacency, in combination with cravings, can ruin your clean streak if you’re caught unaware.

    There’s also a tendency to think, “I feel better so I can just stop and keep feeling good even if I go back to old ways.” In many cases, you may not start to feel all the positive effects until you’re IN Week 3 so don’t give up. Why? If your gut really needs some intense healing, it may take longer.

    What to do?

    Don’t get caught by boredom. Mix it up and make some new recipes (suggestions for that below). Buy some new ingredients that you’ve never used or try going out to eat. (I suggest you check out the menu at home and have a plan for making some modifications to your order.) With a little awareness, you can sail smoothly into Week 4.

    Here are some awesome resources in case you need some inspiration:

    And, for even MORE goodness, click on the images below to print or download these super-duper helpful guides from Whole30!

    Whole30 Meal Planning Guide
    Whole30 Pantry Stocking Guide
    Whole30 Shopping List Guide

    Whole30 Good Meat Guide
    Whole30 Seasonal Produce Guide
    Whole30 Budget Grocery Guide

    Whole30 Dining Out Guide
    Whole30 Travel Guide

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    Whole30 Week 3 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

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    How did your Week 2 go? How will you slay boredom in the week to come? Leave a comment below!

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    28 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 3 Check-In

    1. No sooner than I got over the Carb Flu, I got a stomach bug. 🙁 I’ve been out of sorts for the past 3 days with this bug. HALP!

    2. yeah!!! Made it through Week 2 with no problems. I haven’t weighed or measured (I’m waiting till the end), but I can tell I’ve lost. And I haven’t been getting bored with any of the foods I’ve had, but then again, I’ve been making and trying new recipes every week. The “spend one day and make a bunch of food for the week” philosophy has really been a blessing. My sister ordered the Nom Nom Paloe cookbook for me and I picked up Well Fed 2. There are so many new recipes I can’t wait to try. Oh, and my favorite thing is when my 3 yr old daughter told me she loves all the “real food” I’m making and that I didn’t have to buy her cereal anymore. She would eat “real food” for breakfast just like me. 🙂 Her favorite breakfast: salmon cakes and a sweet potato. Thanks again Steph for all your informative posts and inspiration.

    3. Very helpful! I’m helping a group of friends through their first whole 30 challenge and had a conversation today with one who thinks she’s not benefiting from this thing we call paleo. I begged to differ! I will share this along with my own experience during the whole 30. Sometimes all we need is a little support and an awesome article from stupideasypaleo.


    4. Water!! It really helps.:-)
      I have had some food cravings this week, which is odd, bc I rarely get those any more. Just occasionally, but this past week, it’s daily. I have a scratchy throat so maybe using my essential oils will nip it and it will be easier to get on track. I’ve been doing my workouts though.
      Thank you for the super convenient lists above! I shall print them off and put them on my fridge and in my purse!

    5. you always provide us with the best steph 🙂 i think it would be fun to see a day of your eats during whole 30 🙂

      p.s. i am still having the darndest time writing a review on amazon for you and it’s getting me so frustrated! it keeps saying i have to make a purchase using my amazon account in order to write my review!? is that so!?

    6. Hey Steph,

      I’ve just finished my last meal for the day, which means I’ve completed 15 days (here in Australia). 15 days! HALFWAY! Wooohooo!
      I really don’t know how I’ve made it this far other than telling my brain to sod off. The cravings are definitely at an all time high. Not for everything mind you, and not really for all the bad things I would have thought.
      We’ve had some scorching hot days here (40 deg and above) and I got through the coke and ice-cream cravings.
      But the two things I am really missing? Milk and Licorice. Like seriously, what a combo. But anyway, will keep on keeping on.
      I don’t know whether it’s anything to do with the Whole30 – but I’ve been finding myself really emotional about stuff. Feeling very grateful about things and so on. It’s been a bit of an eye opener.
      The food is coming along. I’ve taken to making a few meals in bulk and rotating around through the days. Have taken up a shelf in the fridge at work and brought in enough stuff for lunch and dinner which has helped A LOT!
      So, so far so good, and I’m looking forward to the next 15 days!

    7. Ok, day 17. Craving wine soooooo much. I keep drinking mineral water in a wine glass and telling my brain to shut up. I feel great, have lost weight, but man these cravings suck after work.

        1. Lunch is my biggest meal usually. Also, day 18 I was crazy toxic sick. I slept most of the day. Today, day 19 I feel amazing! Tons of energy, and I feel like I can finish whole30 without a problem. Weird!

    8. Hi Steph,

      I am still in this Whole 30 to finish! No problems yet or anticipated. I have really enjoyed having soup for breakfast, and so has my 12-year old daughter. My family is also enjoying the recipes. Thanks!

    9. I am just starting out on on the Whole30 and even though I’ve read, ‘It Starts With Food’, these quick reference resources are super helpful. Thank you!

    10. I’m on day 24 and have not cheated one bit and I have not lost any weight nor do I feel better. I have not experienced the energy burst. I’m sad?

      1. Hi Lisa…don’t give up. Everyone’s body is different. You may be just around the corner from some major adjustments so keep going. Also, a few things to consider: First, to put it directly, Whole30 isn’t a weight loss program. Some people do lose weight but lots don’t. Second, think of all the ways your health has improved and don’t make the mistake of associating weight loss as the only marker of better health. Check out this article: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/new-health-scale/.

        I know it can be frustrating but sometimes it takes many weeks or even months to get your health moving in the right direction. Hang in there!

    11. Thank you for your article! It did helped a lot. I am on day 18 and I was afraid I am doing something wrong, thought it perhaps doesn’t work for me.
      Reading that day 18 and third week generally is hard for almost everyone boosted my moral and I can do it!
      But I have a huge problem with cooking. At start, it was great. Best taste, fun… but now I feel like my cooking skill is dropping and the food is just for filing the stomach and I have even trouble to eat it, how not great it is. I am trying new things now, but it is still not great. (And I am definitely not so skilled in doing them.)
      But I bought some good spices yesterday, perhaps it will also help. 🙂

      1. Hi Marketa…week three is definitely a challenge for many. You’re not alone!

        I hear you on the cooking thing, and my best suggestion is to really be intentional with your food. When you sit down and eat, keep it free from distractions like phone or TV. Really think about why you’re on this journey, and what nourishing yourself with these beautiful foods is doing for your body and mind. It’s okay to eat the same things, too. It doesn’t have to be something new everyday.

        Keep it up…you’re nearly there!

        1. I do this part of Whole30 too. It was very hard at firt, but I got used to it. I am having the best romantic dinners of my life, candles, romantic music… But the meals are really not as well lately. I mess up every time. 🙂
          But I can do it, I am pretty sure. I didn’t have the carbs flu, I am losing weight, and I do have some level of energy. It is not all perfect, unsure about skin (it is better and than worse, as usually) and I so can’t wait for paleo cookies and bannana with chocolate! Also looking forward to end to read during breakfast, but I think I will keep the dinners calm. 🙂
          Just few more days!
          Thank you for encouragement! 🙂

    12. (I think I am perhaps only person who is saving money during Whole30, I really do have weak spot for paleo bakery. So expensive! I hope I will use it with better moderation after this reset. :-))

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