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    Whole30 Week 2 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

    Time for your Whole30 Week 2 Check-In!

    You’re about to embark on the second week of the Whole30, and my sincerest hope is that you’re doing well. Likely, you’re over some of the Week 1 jitters and nerves and you’re getting a bit more comfy wrapping your brain around this whole thing. You may be hitting a groove with meal preparation and just overall be feeling more settled.

    Things may not be all roses, though.

    It’s possible you’re still experiencing a case of Carb Flu: The foggy, fatigued, light-headed, irritable feeling that comes along with cleaning up your diet. It’s completely normal. Why? If you’ve been eating a crappy diet before—likely one with a large quantity of processed carbs—your body has relied on that cheap, easy sugar for energy. (Mid-afternoon energy slumps in your pre-Whole30 are a big indicator of that.) Now, though, you’re challenging your body to rely on your fat stores for fuel and that is not something your body goes along with willingly at first.

    There is hope!

    Trust that—if you’re sticking to the plan—it should pass within day 7-10. (Of course, some of you may be different. Perhaps you had no real symptoms or it lasted a shorter amount of time.) What to do?

    • Treat yourself extra-nicely. Make some extra time for R & R.
    • Don’t have any lofty expectations for your workouts.
    • Eat *all* the food you should be. Quite often, trying to cut back on food can make it worse.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Make sure you’re sleeping enough.

    Once it passes—and it will—the good stuff will happen: energy on an even keel, mental clarity, stability in your mood, better sleep. Just stick with it!

    Here are some awesome resources in case you need some inspiration:

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    Whole30 Week 2 Check-In | stupideasypaleo.com

    How did Whole30 Week 1 end up for you? Let us know below!

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    48 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 2 Check-In

    1. This is my 2nd Whole30. First week was alot easier this time around since I have been Paleo since finishing in May. Still hoping to kick the cravings and get the tigers blood soon tho. Also I gained weight the first time around, hoping not to this time….probably from being to caloric deficit for so long? Any suggestions?

    2. So far so good! Would love to find something for “on the go” days! Traveling seems to put a damper on things:( I’m still going strong and looking forward to something fantastic at the end! #accomplishgoal1

    3. When I started I was so excited but wasn’t feeling 100%. I ended up in the doctor office yesterday to find out I have the flu and a sinus infection. I am so glad I had prepped most of my food for the week before I started to really feel bad because not being able to cook has made all the temptations…well…more tempting lol. My husband has been my rock any time I have a craving for the foods I used to turn to for comfort he would encourage me to stay strong. The sugar cravings are mostly gone but I still struggle with cheese. ( thanks for that cheese post by the way Steph) Every day gets a little easier.

    4. So far so good – though I did overdo it a bit with the dried plums… sugar free, no added ingredients, wholesome good stuff – but more than one always messes with me, and, well, I had more than one. =/

      I’m paying the price and will hopefully learn from this! Looking forward to finishing out the month (and beyond) feeling great!

      Thanks for the week 2 check-in to remind me of my goal: feel good!

      1. I can totally relate…I have to really limit dried fruit because it’s a trigger for me.

        High five on the rest of this post though! 🙂

    5. I’m doing a slightly modified Whole 30. My work Christmas party was last Friday night, and I allowed myself to indulge. Also, I am allowing myself to use butter without clarifying it, and I have a few other exceptions. That said, I’ve been doing well in this first week. Going onto the Whole 30 is really fine-tuning for me. I’ve been eating eggs, veggies, fruit, animal protein and low carbs for the past few years. However, it has been psychologically challenging. I am not really hungry, but I am psychologically craving sugar, cookies, brownies, chocolate, English muffins, oatmeal (with brown sugar) and honey in my tea. The cravings are not intense or unmanageable, and I’ve been able to resist them, but they are definitely there.

      Overall, I feel good. I have tried that simple braised veggies dish and the sweet potato apple cinnamon hash, and they were delicious. I had the sweet potato hash with pork, and it was really good.

      1. Quick question: is there a reason you wouldn’t try the clarified butter? Strictly curious.

        Re: cravings…sometimes that’s your brain’s way of trying to put up a fuss even when you’re doing the right things and liking the way you feel. It’s totally normal.

        Thanks for the kind words, Dan.

    6. Hi Steph

      Day 7!!!!!
      It’s going good. I always struggled with a sugar addiction, sweet things, in special pastries are my consolation food. While I know that is mental/emotional issue, it’s so difficult to change it!

      Surprisingly it’s going ok during the whole30. But I still feel hungry between meals. I try very hard not to snack and mostly I dont do it. I’m eating really goed meals, 1 or 2 portions of protein, lots of veggies, healthy fats, but I reach the next meal VERY hungry. Is it going to change after some more days? What can I do better?

      I still crave something sweet after lunch and dinner, but I’m dealing with it. I have a lot of hope that it will get better after the second week.

      While raising two litlle ones that are absolutly not good sleepers, I’m very tired and sleep deprived. It’s not the best situation, but I’m proud of how I’m doing till day 7.

      Thanx in advance. Cheers,

      Ana from Amsterdam

      1. Hi Ana…if you are really hungry between meals, it’s likely you aren’t eating enough. How much is a typical breakfast? Can you describe it?

        1. Well, usually 1 1/2 to 2 palm sized protein source, almost every day ground beef and sometimes with egg also, then the rest of the plate full with veggies (I take a big plate) and 1/4 to 1/2 avocado.

            1. Thanks! I’ll try it. The last couple of days I’ve been really hungry in the evenings. We eat at 6:00 pm and I go to bed at 11:00pm. It’s too long for me. Sometimes I eat a couple of walnuts as a snack.

    7. Doing okay. Is an excessive amount of energy a side effect of this, because there are nights when I couldn’t sleep at all and felt like I could run a marathon. Mind you I am still too big to be able to do that yet, but I am getting there.

        1. Not exercise but I do drink tea at night. I walked 5.6 miles yesterday morning early and had not slept all nigh before that. I finally fell asleep at a normal time lastnight. But I am adding in deep relaxation meditation before bed now and slept until 10 this morning!

          1. It could be that everything is just coming into balance for you, though lots of people report really high energy levels. If you’re really sensitive to caffeine (being a slow metabolizer) you may want to try herbal tea at night 🙂 Ohhhhh I have done the relaxation meditation and love what it does for my sleep. Good stuff!

            1. I am going to drink chai tea made with green tea tonight and a little honey. And the meditation is so wonderful! I have not felt that relaxed in a very long time!

    8. Day 7 and I’m still in! It’s hard, though, with a hubby and kids who aren’t eating this way. I was mostly clean before (mostly paleo with some full fat dairy), which I’ll assume is why I’m not having any low carb flu. My fridge is full of things that are okay for me to eat which makes the day go much more smoothly. I would bet that I’m not drinking enough water. I just don’t enjoy it unless it’s after a tough workout.

    9. Hey Steph.
      I really like the revised timeline that is on the Whole30 site. It has pretty much been me to a T.
      The last few days in particular have been horrible! (I’m almost onto day 9 here in Australia). Come days 5 & 6 I was rubbish. Super tired and cravings were at an all time high. It didn’t help having a couple of over 40deg days here either – hello ice-cream cravings!
      I think I’m starting to come out of it though. I know I need to try and eat a little more for dinner (or eat a little bit later) as I’m back into late nights doing uni work.
      I keep thinking that ‘I’m not doing this right’ or that ‘I’m not doing this totally ‘clean” (or whatever word you’d like to call it) but I keep coming back to what you mentioned around context.
      I can’t afford to go out and buy everything organic, everything free range, everything grass fed and so on. My context is to cut out all the rubbish and the processed stuff, cook better and see how my body reacts to the things it’s not having (I’d kill for a glass of milk!).
      So far though, I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. I’m eating things I wouldn’t usually as part of my work lunch/dinners and am enjoying the food prep and cooking…
      Bring on the rest and I’m hoping the good things continue!

      1. “I can’t afford to go out and buy everything organic, everything free range, everything grass fed and so on. My context is to cut out all the rubbish and the processed stuff, cook better and see how my body reacts to the things it’s not having…”

        ^^That is so, so key. I’m glad you’ve found a happy medium that works for you. Truth be told, I don’t buy everything organic or grass-fed…I do what I can with the income I have.

    10. I think I’ve gotten over the biggest cravings (for me, it was sugar). But my biggest issue now is that I’m never hungry. I have to force myself to eat the meals that I make. Hoping my appetite picks back up this week!

    11. I made it through week one!!! I have been gluten-free since September and also switched to Almond milk at that time, so actually going strictly paleo isn’t that big of a stretch for me. I followed the basic plan from Melissa at The Clothes Make the Girl, just swapped some of the recipes. I loved making and eating ‘real food’!! I love it when I start to explain to people about the 30 day clean eating challenge I’m doing and then they ask me what I’m eating???… I tell them that I am eating soooo good, so much better than all you ‘gluten eaters’ (my word I came up with 🙂 ). Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the great advice and inspiration to help me along on this wonderful 30 day adventure!!

      1. Hi Beth! Sounds like things are going really well for you. I can literally hear the enthusiasm in your voice as I’m reading this. Keep up the great works 🙂

    12. I am feeling awesome!! I was eating paleo before, but sneaking in dairy sometimes and other cheats here or there, but I have way more energy and need less sleep since I have gone paleo, and feel even better while doing whole30! Your website is so helpful, following you on Pinterest really helps with meals. I either make it as you say or get insperation and make it into my own! Not to mention I love all the info you share! I have recently become a little crunchy and all your natural postings are so inspiring!!

      1. Hi Casey! I love this 🙂 It sounds like things are going really well for you. I’m very happy to play but a small role in it all!

    13. Checking in for Week 2. So far, so good. I started my second Whole30 on Dec. 30 and I’m really enjoying it this time around – not trying recipes with long and expensive ingredients lists, just working on a sustainable, affordable meal plan to keep going and using supplies from the freezer, looking for sales, etc. I got Well Fed 2 and Nom Nom Paleo’s Food for Humans, but haven’t really cooked from them yet. Looking forward to it, though! It’s been hard to stay off the scale because I feel good and that my body has changed already. But, I resolve not to get on the scale until the full 30 days are up!

    14. Well I’ve been using paleo for one month tomorrow i am loosing weight 22 inch and 20 lbs that’s the first diet i have, i’m now determined to live this way i have a lot to loose but now i’m on a diet i have never felt hungry on and love looking up new recipes to cook every day and day by day my family is turning paleo too as they realize how taste my husband first comment was how he wasn’t as tired and were not in the area to get or afford grass fed but it is local meat and its much better quality than I’ve seen in any city store. i am starting to loose my hashi fog

      1. Losing symptoms from Hashimoto’s is a HUGE improvement!! Keep up the positive influence you’re having on others in your life. Way to go, Helen!

    15. So excited to find your website! This is actually my second Whole30 and my husband’s first. We started on January 5th and so far so good. He has been pleasantly surprised with the food he gets to eat. Thankfully I love cooking and I have many great recipe resources including your recommended Well Fed and Well Fed 2, plus great websites with great recipes as well. The first week went so well because we were able to make/eat all our meals at home, this week will be a little more challenging as we have some events/out of town travel, but with a good first week under our belt, that should be the motivation we need. Hoping we springboard from this into taking processed foods completely out of our lives. Thanks again — I’m excited about your site!

    16. I forgot to check in last week! :-/
      But I will say …water..staying hydrated..I think that’s where I’m slacking. I’ve been doing it for week 3!

    17. Today is day 7… my head hurts for 3 days now but I am staying firm.. I feel hungry at night but sleep soundly.. ready to start week 2

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