• Advice for Day One of Your Whole30

    Happy Whole30 Day 1!

    Advice for Whole30 Day 1 | stupideasypaleo.com
    Today we start a month of eating cleaner, sleeping like a champ and maybe (hopefully) reducing a bit of the stress in our lives. You didn’t think Whole30 was just about what you put in your pie hole, did you?!

    More on that in an upcoming post, but let’s just say this: if you’re eating cleaner but sleeping 5 hours a night and stressed to the point that you’re miserable, you still may not feel great at the end of January.

    I wanted to check in with you today and share some thoughts on what it’s normal to feel like as you embark on your Whole30. The short answer: there is no norm. We all experience the Whole30 from our own unique perspectives. Here are some possibilities.

    It’s quite likely you may be feeling some interesting emotions today: apprehension, excitement, dread or resolve. Or maybe a mixture of those. Or maybe one I didn’t list. Or maybe nothing—though ambivalence to this sort of program seems rare.

    When you make the commitment to doing something better FOR YOU, it can be a big thing, but make no mistake, we all respond to these situations differently.

    For some of you, this may be your first Whole30—or heck, even your first attempt at cleaning up your diet. For others—myself included—you’ve done several, and somehow it’s just not as intimidating. Some of you are relatively healthy while others are quite sick, trying to gain some control over metabolic disorders, autoimmune conditions or food addictions.

    Serious stuff, right? Perhaps your family supports you or is even doing it with you, or maybe you’re the Lone Ranger in your household. Maybe you’re even getting flack from friends or loved ones. (That’s the worst. Really? Giving me crap because I want to eat better?! << You may have had that thought already.)

    Wanna plan a month of meals in FIVE minutes? Click here to start now!

    These things you may be feeling…they’re not the easiest to deal with. They take courage. But out of courage and challenge come the most meaningful rewards. Low-hanging fruit is just never as sweet.

    So what to do if you find yourself faced with a whirling dervish of emotions, particularly during this first few days? Identify, experience, and then let them go. And then, change your thoughts. For example, instead of thinking, “I’m giving up so many of my favorite foods,” replace it with, “When I let go of old ways, I make way for new (BETTER) possibilities.”

    Maybe you’ll feel better physically, sleep better, be more calm and less stressed! Remember, you’re making space for learning about yourself in these 30 days if you remain courageous and steel your resolve.

    So, here’s to Day 1…I raise my glass of sparkling water with lime and an olive (a la Melissa Joulwan) to you and your success.

    Now, some logistics:

    In addition to new recipes, I’ll be posting from time to time throughout the month about the Whole30 experience. I welcome your comments below, so don’t be shy.

    If you’re fuh-reaking out about what to cook this week, click here to check out this ace Week 1 Food Plan and Week 2 Food Plan that Melissa Joulwan’s made just for you! Also, Rach from Meatified has collected 30 Days of Whole30 Dinners here.

    And in case you need more good eats, Mel J. has pulled together 30 MORE recipes from top bloggers like Nom Nom Paleo, The Domestic Man, Paleo Parents and little ol’ me!

    For meal inspiration that’s easily viewable, check out my Whole30 Pinterest board or follow me on Instagram. To follow along on Facebook, click here.

    And finally, I’m wishing you an outstanding New Year from the waiting area at Heathrow Airport in London. Headed back to the States after four months away. All I can say is “snacks on a plane!” I’m ready for Whole30, too!

    Advice for Whole30 Day 1 | stupideasypaleo.com

    Wanna plan a month of meals in FIVE minutes? Click here to start now!


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    Advice for Whole30 Day 1 | stupideasypaleo.com

    What are you feeling as you start your Whole30? Share it with us below!

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    60 thoughts on “Advice for Day One of Your Whole30

    1. Fantastic site! You’ve made something extremely daunting sound exciting and manageable! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    2. I’m freaking out…but also ready!! It was hard to get up and make breakfast to eat while drinking my coffee..I did it though! Here is to a new me…a new you…and a Happy Healthy 2014!

    3. I am wondering how to make it throught whole30 working 12hour shifts and add an hour commute to this. It’s not always easy to getting ample amount of sleep.

    4. I love to read your posts and just want to thank you for the continuous enthusiasm and motivation you provide. Your information is always helpful, not to mention fun, and the recipes are awesome! I’m 6 months into my journey with 2 whole30’s done. I will be joining your whole30 on January 9. I will eat healthy until the 8th but, I plan to have birthday cake on the 8th!! Then, I am whole30ing it up! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration always!! Happy New Year!

    5. Hi! This is my second attempt at a whole30. I did it for two weeks but then got complacent and slowly started eating worse and worse. My frequent migraine headaches and being over eight triggered my interest in the paleo lifestyle and the build up of toxins is starting to catch back up with me. Thanks for the blog, I can use all the help I can get!

    6. Of course I got my daughters cold last night and wasn’t even able to make it to see the ball drop. Yet I feel stronger then ever mentally to start my whole 30 today. I look forward to some healing through food. I look forward to more rest to. A year ago when I tried this before I didn’t make in past three days yet today I am prepared and ready mentally and physically. I am so excited and tired all at the same time. I guess my exercise will have to be set aside until this cold leaves but that’s ok.

    7. I’m feeling ready. I know I need to eat this way to feel my best (I did it it for months before I “discovered” paleo baking…) so a little challenge is just the right amount of motivation I need to get me back on the right track. I’m also looking forward to reading a couple new recipes or two… ;-P

    8. I’m feeling relief because I truly WANT to eat well but over the last month, circumstances (surgery) has put me at the mercy of others in the food department. I’m truly thankful for being taken care of but Hubby mostly brought dinner home and his cooking abilities are basically pasta and meatloaf. I’m finally on the mend and well enough to do a little food shopping and stand long enough to cook. I don’t have any food allergies or issues, my Whole 30 motivation is weight. I’ve put on 10lbs just laying around and I’m still not well enough to workout but, “It Starts with Food” so if I can’t get my diet in check then the rest of it is hopeless. It’s on like Donkey Kong!

      1. Haha…on like Donkey Kong, indeed! When I had surgery in July, I was doing Whole30 and I really think that helped me heal as fast as I did. My wound nurse could not believe how quickly I healed. I was pretty ambulatory afterward (though really tired) so I could still cook. Hang tight and I hope you’re feeling better asap!

    9. Started my Whole30 challenge today and so super excited !! I did this a while back before the holidays but only made it 18 days so this time I plan to finish it and complete the WHOLE 30 days ! I made some scrambled eggs with a side of zucchini and peppers and a pear for breakfast and let me just say this – YUM ! Looking forward to eating clean and feeling better and getting all the bad junk I ate over the holidays out of my system.
      Good Luck everyone and I am looking forward to reading about everyone’s journey on this 30 days. Cheers Steph as I raise my sparkling water with lime to you as well !!

    10. Great post! As i’m just starting whole30, I think the first couple days will be easy because of how excited I am. Nervous about how I’ll hold up when the excitement wears off and temptation.

      Looking forward to using the twitter and blog communities to accomplish this! Excited to start the year off eating clean and being in complete control of my diet.

      Thanks for the post, I’ll be following along.
      Alex Lipinsky

      1. It’s a pretty common thing to have struggles at some point…is there a friend you can keep on speed dial if things get tough?

    11. Oy! Well, after a year and a half of utter change and feeling great, I managed to undo it all in the last three or four months. Between stress at work, work travel, sheer exhaustion, and an overall manta of “I am only a little off track, I’ll get right back on…” I have managed to not get back on! But today, I am back on. I feel a little overwhelmed and while I know I can do this, and truly, I haven’t fallen too far off, I just feel crappy physically, so I feel crappy emotionally! I turned 50 yesterday and I really want to get back to how I felt six months ago in the next 90 days! I can do this!

      1. I’m glad you’re here Susie!! I always think there’s so much to learn in the process (in addition to the end goals).

    12. I’m excited to actually finish a whole30. I’ve come close! But, it’s the booze that always wins out in the end. I’m committed to make this time different. I’ve been crazy hungry all day….

    13. Very excited to begin the Whole30! I’m an herbalist student who was presented with this back when we studied the digestive system, as a way to help patients jumpstart their bodies towards better health. I’ve been curious about it ever since. I follow a pretty regular Paleo lifestyle, but have really let loose over the holidays. So here I am, on January 1, first day of the Whole30 under my belt. Bring. It. On!
      PS- your recipes look AMAZING!! Cannot wait to start whipping them up! Cheers!

      1. Super happy to have you here, Jaime!! You’re so kind…I really appreciate it, and I’ll do my best to keep bringing you good stuff 🙂

          1. I don’t understand what “won’t link my FB” means. Would you clarify? I’m seeing your comment just fine…they all have to be moderated before they show publicly. It’s working!

    14. I’m feeling ‘frexcited’ about starting the Whole30. Can’t remember where I heard that term, but it’s a cross between excited and afraid.

      I’m doing Whole30 for the second time with a group of like-minded people from my running club and CrossFit community. It’s great to have others to support and encourage you. Last time I was pretty successful in terms of weight loss, increased energy levels and finally taking control of my eating and beating my comfort eating.

      However, I fear that I have gained back at least half of the weight that I had lost, so I’m looking forward to re-focussing on making my health a priority again and trying to make some of these changes permanent in my life. I’d like to achieve a health reset again and then eat paleo afterwards. Good luck to everyone embarking on this Whole30 journey.

    15. Day 2 is soo hard! I’m hoping that when life gets back to normal next week, I will be more occupied and not think of eating so much! I am having to think really hard because this weekend I’m going to a cabin with my sis and she expects that there will be drinking and all that. Little does she know that I won’t be much fun in that dept! lol Trying to plan my meal, at least. One full day and that’s it…not too hard, huh! I love snacking and snacks and snacking! Journaling like crazy about how much I just want to sit down and eat the rest of the Christmas candy! It gets easier, right?

    16. This is Day 1 for me and so far so good. I have curry chicken with greens in my crock pot cooking, frittatas made, and cooking spaghetti squash with turkey marinara sauce. I am so excited to do this and determined to make it to day 30! Thanks for all the recipes, advice and encouragement

    17. oh, Steph, you are just too amazing 🙂 I always love your posts. So informative, but not long and hard to read. You always get my attention and I read the entire post 🙂 Thanks for being YOU <3

      I can't wait to do my Whole 30. When I go home in the summer, my boyfriend, Mom, and Dad will do a whole 30 with me then, but I plan to do one by myself before during the winter 🙂 Probably fairly soon! Hopefully February! I really wanted to read It Starts With Food First 😉

      Almost done your book then I will finish that book so I can get my Whole 30 on 🙂 looking forward to your posts this year 😀 love ya

      1. Thank you as always, Meg! Just doing my best to be helpful for people 🙂

        What do you think of It Starts with Food so far?

    18. I will be following along this month, and I mentioned Whole30 and StupidEasyPaleo on my blog – I hope you don’t mind! I direct my readers to this blog post 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes and wonderful ideas!

      Here’s the link if you’d like to check out what I have to say: http://bit.ly/1bDOuN1

      1. I’d be honored to have you link to my site. Love your article! I just spent 4 months in Scotland…I’m missing Europe!

    19. Day 4 is killing me! Talk about carb hangover. I barely got out of bed long enough for breakfast and supplements went back to bed most of the day! My head is pounding and just walking up the stairs feels like a marathon. What gives?!

        1. Thanks! This is my 2nd W30, the first time I made it 21 days…that was in August. Since then honestly I took a nose dive off the bandwagon and didn’t take a single day off work until Christmas

    20. Hi Steph, I started Whole30 on the 1st and came across your website looking for recipes. Though I have been on paleo for over 2 years (after 15 years as a vegetarian…a very sick vegetarian, but I was too stubborn to admit that it was my problem because, well, I was a “healthy” vegetarian: everything organic, whole grain, blah, blah, blah. Then went to stay with my son for a month and he introduced me to paleo. By the third day I felt so much better and continued on it when I returned home. I lost 20 lbs too! The past 8 months of a move remodeling a home, and holiday crap, I need a restart. This is my first Whole30 and I am loving that my daughter, AND ALL YOU GUYS, are doing it with me….WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

    21. I am looking forward to following your great guidance. We all need helpand encouragement,or at least I know I do. It is going to be a great year, jumpstarted by Whole 30

    22. It’s nice to know that others find this daunting. I’m now finishing up day 2. I think what kept me initially calm was ample prep. I had all my meals planned out and shopping list completed. At least for week one, I’m prepared.

      Here’s what I wasn’t expecting-some of these pinterest ideas are totally terrible. I wish I had been a bit more realistic about what I was doing. I wasn’t quite ready for the few setbacks in the first few days. It’s like learning how to cook all over again! New spices, new oils, new vegetables, and none of the things that I was comfortable using.

      Also, stock up on Whole30 snacks that get you enjoy. If things don’t go well, it’s nice to know you have some back up food so you’re not hungry. I’m loving bananas and dried mangoes right now. My husband can’t get enough almonds and cashews.

      My last word would be to be ready for the time commitment. If you’re a working/have kids/student etc., it’s going to take extra time in the morning and time after work. Making breakfast instead of throwing a granola bar means I need to go to bed and get up earlier. And I can’t just throw a pizza in the oven on a lazy day. I still have to spend a bit of time making dinner and then prepping lunches for the next day.

      Be ready. Be prepared. And pray it all is worth it in 30 days.

    23. I’m on day three and I’m feeling all kinds of emotions. I’m also 29 weeks pregnant. Why do I feel guilty when adding in a mini meal or having more fruit than I should? I know this is a hurdle I have to overcome. I’m seriously addicted to sugar but also really into health and wellness. I’ve done one whole30 before.

    24. I am revisiting this post. I did my first whole30 January 2015, and now it’s November and doing my second. My first time, I feel was a complete success I was so pleased that it went so well, I felt so great, and had support from my hubby. So this time around I feel excited too. As. Re-read different food menus of some, a lot of people eat a snack every day. I know even if they are healthy it’s still a snack unless you are working out, I thought it was about eating 3-meals a day. Getting away from snacks. Just curious.

      1. Where are you reading about a lot of people snacking?

        It’s not *prohibited* but Whole30 encourages people to eat 3 meals a day and not rely on snacks on a regular basis.

        Glad to hear your husband is supporting you…that means a lot!

    25. Hey! I’m a last year student and I have my finals coming up next week, do you think if I start the whole 30 it’ll affect my grades in a bad way? Because I’ve read that on first 2 weeks you’ll have headaches or low levels of energy. It’ll be great if you can help me with it, because I haven’t tried whole 30 before
      Thanks for the great post 🙂

      1. Hi Farhi,

        The things you described aren’t a given and they won’t happen to everyone. A common reason why people feel that way is that treat it like a diet where they are supposed to cut way back on the amount they eat, leaving them underfed and hungry. Also, be sure you don’t cut off all carb intake and my guess is that you’ll be okay.

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