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    Stupid Easy Paleo Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges | stupideasypaleo.comJoin me for another Stupid Easy Paleo edition of the Whole30®, starting January 1, 2014! Plus, get my brand spankin’ new FREE guide by clicking here: Stupid Easy Paleo Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges. It’s 14 pages of awesome information and tips to help you plan your next Whole30 or clean-eating challenge.

    The New Year is almost upon us, and if you’re ready to push the nutrition reset button, I’m doing it as well. I’d love for you to join me on the blog as I post up Whole30-friendly recipes and share some of my best tips and advice for you—because knowing others are out there doing it with you makes it so much easier. Instead of rehashing the post I did in the summer (click here for the link: The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30) I thought I’d answer some frequently asked questions for you! P.S. If you want to join in and are new to Whole30, I highly recommend reading It Starts with Food by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig before you start. It’ll give you the foundation you need to move forward with context and confidence. (Where to get it: It Starts with Food in print or It Starts with Food for Kindle.)

    Whole30 Question #1: What the heck is it?

    Put simply, it’s a 30-day squeaky clean nutritional reset. That’s the best way I can describe it. The program was founded by Dallas and Melissa from Whole9 and is, in my words, a learning tool. Some people use it for the first time to discover any food sensitivities they may have; others use it as a way to clean up their diet if they’ve—ahem—gotten a bit far from the type of eating that makes them feel the best.

    Basically, eliminate grains, legumes, dairy, added sugar and alcohol for 30 days. After that, reintroduce any foods you want, just in a systematic way. (On day 31, don’t eat an entire pizza with a few beers…you won’t know if your gut gurgling is from the crust, the cheese or the gluten in the beer.)

    But more than just cutting out certain foods, it’s a learning tool, a way to look more introspectively at how what you eat really affects you—physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Whole30 Question #2: What do I have to do to join?

    Throughout the 30 days, I’ll be posting only Whole30-friendly recipes on the blog…nothing with any off plan ingredients. That way, you know you can always come here to find healthy inspiration. Leave a comment below telling us (me and all the other readers) that you’re on board because we’re all in this together for support. Don’t be shy about any questions that pop up along the way! Leave them here or on my Facebook page. And, it’s 100% free to follow along!

    Whole30 Question #3: What makes you qualified to do this? Are you officially affiliated with Whole30?

    A lot and yes. I did my first Whole30 in June of 2011, and it was without a doubt, the key to me stuffing my sugar addiction (you can read about that here). I won’t say that within 30 days I was “cured”, but what it did give me was the knowledge that I could break free of the endless cycle of wanting sugar all the time. I learned that it was possible to stop being so sugar addicted. It’s always been a work in progress since then, but life would be much different for me had I not done it.

    This will be my fifth Whole30—I’ve ended up doing one about every six months just as a tune up—and I’ve been a Whole9 Envoy helping spread the word about this phenomenal program for the past two years. (I met Dallas and Melissa in 2011 at a Whole30 seminar in Oregon and got up the moxy to say if they ever needed help with anything, I was their girl. The rest is history.) We’ve worked together online quite a bit in the past.

    More recently, we formed a partnership to pilot a new nutrition workshop called The Whole Athlete focusing on health and performance. We’ll be coming to cities across the US in early 2014. Currently on the schedule: Philly on January 4, Kansas City (KS) on January 11 and Monrovia (CA) on January 18. Click here to register or to find out more: Whole Athlete Seminar Dates.

    And don’t worry, I told them about doing another Whole30 here on the blog. They said it was cool with them.

    Whole30 Question #4: Do you have any resources to help get me started?

    1: Get a copy of It Starts with Food. It’s really easy to read, and it’ll set clear guidelines for you. (Plus it has a ton of tasty recipes from Mel Joulwan of Well Fed and Well Fed 2.) No time or dinero to get one? You can read about the program on the Whole9 website here. Not sure if you should get the book? Check out my review here: 5 Reasons to Read It Starts with Food.

    2: I’ve tagged every recipe from the blog that’s Whole30-friendly (over 100 to date) for easy searching. You can find the complete list by clicking here: Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 Recipes List. The other easy way to find it is by going to the homepage menu and clicking Resources > Whole30. Easy peasy.

    3: My Whole30 Pinterest board. Love to pin? You can find all my Whole30 recipe pins (plus other photos and videos) by clicking here: Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 Pinterest Board.

    4: My Whole30 video tips! You can find them on the Stupid Easy Paleo YouTube channel or by clicking the blog posts here: 5 Tips for a Successful Whole30 and 5 More Tips for a Successful Whole30.

    5: Other awesome bloggers who’ve written about Whole30: Nom Nom Paleo and The Clothes Make the Girl just to name a couple rockstars! Click on their blog names for kickass Whole30 posts, including recipes. Mel’s got another newly updated post here: 30 Reasons to Whole30 with lots of good stuff AND her Week 1 Meal Plan with yummies like her famous Chocolate Chili and Sunshine Sauce!

    6: My Stupid Easy Paleo Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges (click here to get it for free)

    7: The Whole30 forum. A free forum dedicated to all topics Whole30-related. Click here to join.

    8: Squeaky Clean Paleo by Karen Sorenson. A cookbook with 100+ really clean recipes…on sale right now! (Save 27%). Click here to find out more.

    Whole30 Question #5: What if I can’t start on January 1?

    No biggie, just start when you can!

    Whole30 Question #6: What if I don’t think I can do all 30 days?

    Make up your mind. Right now. Do this for you. If you need a kick in the pants to cool it from how lax your food’s gotten lately, this’ll do it. If you’re just starting out and are ready to see how food affects you—for better or worse—this’ll do it to. There will always be a [insert special event here] that keeps you from getting on board. Don’t let that same excuse keep stopping you.

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    Stupid Easy Paleo Guide to Clean-Eating Challenges | stupideasypaleo.com

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    288 thoughts on “The New Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30®

    1. Hell yes, I will join you!! I felt so good after my last Whole 30, but the holidays have slowly wore down my best resolve. While I’m pretty strict Paleo, I can’t always say no to some paleotized desserts even when I KNOW they are not in the spirit of true good health. I’m hoping to eliminate those types of unhealthy distractions.

    2. I am definitely in! After three kids, being almost 40, and stuck in a horrible eating pattern, I need to reset, refocus, recharge! I need to lose weight, but more importantly take charge of my energy and health! Can’t wait!

    3. I’m in! I did an 8 week whole life challenge in fall and its the closest I have ever felt to kicking my sugar addiction. When it ended I didn’t change anything about the way I had been eating and it wasn’t hard at all. In the last few weeks I have mostly resisted all of the Christmas treats but I’ve had a small amount of sugar and I want to get back to where I was on the challenge.

    4. I get bloated easily and has a sweet tooth. I want to do this but really worried that I can do it. I’m in Singapore, asian diet mainly uses refined rice or noodles, soya sauce in cooking.
      I work and have my lunch and sometimes dinner out. Needless to say, I tend to cave in and go along with what my colleagues go for lunch. Sophisticated handmade bakery of multi grain bread is heralded as ultra healthy and very clean eating… I felt slightly better for a period of time when I was skipping meals but that was emotional not eating. It doesn’t help that people around me care very much and want me to eat minimum three good (large) meals including rice. I get sugar crash after lunches which seems worse now that I went through a period of time where I skipped dinners.
      Now I am back to eating the usual way with pizzas, three large meals of asian food.
      I wish to reset my diet and lighten the load I feel in my stomach and like I did or even better than during the time I skipped meals. I also wish to stop the sugar craving where i get the feeling I would LOVE to have something nice. Finally, I’m doing some dance and I want to feel that my body is strong and not bogged down.
      But I’m really worried about the obstacles I’ll get from people around me.

      1. I can definitely understand your concerns, Yina, and I think you’re really brave for wanting to change the way you eat, especially in a culture where rice, noodles and soy are such staples. Is there a way you could try to take out the bread / gluten and dairy and see how that goes? Those tend to be the most problematic. Maybe not worry about the rice this time around and see how it goes? When I avoid certain foods in social situations, I just tell people that eating it makes me feel sick or that I’m allergic. Usually they don’t argue it.

    5. I would love to join! Have never done a whole 30. Started on Paleo one year ago January 1st, but I still enjoy my Paleo treats. Thinking a reboot may be just what I need! Thanks!

    6. I’m in! I did a “whole20” lol in August 2013 and never felt better. I kept good eating habits until Thanksgiving and we’ll, now that I’ve had a taste of sugar, I can’t stop again. Time to reset and get back in the game! So happy to have you and the peeps at the local crossfit box as support th s time around! Here’s to 30 days of becoming a healthier food addict 🙂

    7. YES! I jumped into the paleo lifestyle with my first Whole30 last January 1st …. I did great with “mostly” paleo throughout the year but seem to have lost my way in the past few months. I’m ready to get back into it with a renewed enthusiasm for good eating!

    8. I am absolutely on board. This will be my second whole30. My first was the best-feeling 30 days of my adult life. Who can say no to a fresh start.

    9. I’m ready to jump in and do my first whole 30. I’ve never done one before and don’t have the best support at home. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got! I’m also training to so my first half marathon so I hope this makes me feel lighter on my feet 🙂 or something like that.

    10. I’m in! I’ve been GF & refined sugar-free for several weeks, but need to take the full plunge into Paleo. A Whole 30 will be a great way to start 🙂

    11. great post as always, my love!! I will definitely be doing a Whole 30 in my future, but I do want to read the book FIRST, so won’t be starting on the 1st!


    12. This is great, I was planning to do another Whole30 in Jan. to celebrate my one year of being paleo – I’m so happy I can follow along with you all. I definitely need a reset after the holiday season!

    13. I’m in!! I haven’t been able to do a full 30 days yet, just started incorporating some of the techniques. This is a great way to start the new year!

    14. Hey Steph,

      love to join the Whole30 challenge for a better life!
      Yesterday one of my colleagues handed over the “It starts with Food” Book of Dallas and Melissa to me
      and I am now “running” through it.
      I´ve tried to change my eating-behavior for several times now and always was not able to win the fight against my sweet tooth.
      I´ll start cleaning and clearing pantry,kitchen,fridge and freezer over the Season holidays to be prepared for what amazing good will come to me on January, 1st 2014 with your help.
      Thanks so much and happy healthy merry christmas to you.

      1. Hi Doerte! How cool…I hope you find some useful info in the book, and it sounds like you’re setting yourself up for success by making some preparations!

    15. I’ll be joining you, justa few days later. Probably on the 11 th or 12 th. I’ve just had my first baby and I struggled to stay paleo during pregnancy. My patents agree staying with us until 10 January, hence the late start but I know my hubby will be keen to do a clean eating challenge.
      I may have to leave in dairy (but organic only) so I’m confident I’m getting enough calcium while breastfeeding. I really want to kick my sugar addiction to the curb!

        1. I’d love to hear any specific advice or tips to do with doing a whole 30 while breastfeeding.
          And as expected hubby is really keen to join me in the challenge.

    16. I’m in! I completed my first Whole 30 in August and as the holidays and its tempting goodies krept up on me, my Paleo buzz went out the window. I feel horrible. I have a gluten baby all the time now, my joints hurt like I have arthritis, my knees hurt again, my complexion sucks and I’m itchy everywhere. When I completed the Whole 30 my eczema went away, I didn’t gave to take allergy pills, my body shed inches and lbs, the dense fatty areas loosened up, and I had no joint pain. I regret not sticking to it but I now know the difference it has made in my body. I want to feel alive again. I want to lift that toxic food fog I’m in. This time around I want to incorporate exercise. I’m a big girl and so far I haven’t found an exercise place to call home. I live in San Diego and ive done bootcamps, 24 hr. Fitness fashion show, yoga, barre classes and Pilate’s. I haven’t found the exercise I’m so passionate about that I actually want to stick to it. I hate going somewhere to exercise and feeling like its a prerequisite to be fit and skinny. I want to be suurrounded by supportive people not a room full of skeletons who stare at me like I’m the elephant in the room who cant keep up. If I could just find my fitness home and combine it with Paleo I would be feeling like a million bucks and looking like the hot fit curvy mom I think I should be. Got any suggestions on exercise? I’m game.

      1. Hi Melissa! Welcome, fellow San Diegan 🙂 It sounds like you’re resolve is strong and you’re ready to commit yet again. I think the exercise piece is important but only once the nutrition stuff is taken care of. I know you said you tried a gym…have you thought of trying CrossFit? I’ve been doing it for 3.5 years and it’s one of the only ways I don’t feel bored while training. That being said, one of the BEST forms of exercise for a low intensity, fat burning, overall health perspective…is plain ol’ walking 🙂

      1. Welcome, Tina! Have you had a chance to read the book yet? It talks a lot about autoimmunity and the link to food. Might be insightful for you.

    17. Hi there! I did the whole 30 clean eating back in September and really loved it! But I’ve returned to many of my old habits and want to start again.

    18. Yes yes yes, I’m in! I did my first Whole30 last January and felt amazing physically and mentally. The changes stuck until I went back to work in July after a year of mat leave and since then I’ve been scarfing down whatever is easy and filling. That is, lots of refined carb junk. Time to get myself and my family back on track!

    19. I’m definitely in. I’ve never completed a whole 30 but I’ve been 95% paleo for a long time. Christmas and family has worn me down and Im ready to jump back in and actually complete the challenge this time !

    20. My daughter is 3 and has alopecia. I’m convinced it has something to do with her diet. We eat fairly healthy, but could eat better. I’m doing this for her – the better health to myself is just a bonus!

    21. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about paleo/clean eating. I’m still confused about much of it but between your posts and those of Grass Fed Girl’s, I am learning. My reading started out in hopes of finding a way to lose and control my weight – but I’m coming to realize how much I need to change for my health as well as my figure.

      I’m afraid of failing….again….but have to do something and this seems to be a smart way to do it. I’m in!

        1. Hi Steph,

          I have lots of questions…none of which come to mind right now. Isn’t that always the case? lol I know I’ll go through the sugar/carb withdrawals but I’m equally concerned about keeping enough variety in what I eat, while being able to do it within my limited budget. But, I’m pretty sure that’s something most people wonder about, so I’m looking forward to the recipes.

          1. Hi Maggie! Definitely let me know if/when you think of them. I started out (the first time I did whole30) by keeping a few favorite dishes in heavy rotation. It was enough to keep me going until I got my bearings.

    22. I’m in! I already eat fairly clean, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I’d love to see if some of the touted physical benefits (improved sleep, less inflammation, better skin) come to fruition. I’m also excited to see what his can do for my athletic performance!

        1. Hi Steph! I have slowly come to love weight lifting over the past year. Finding the right trainer has helped so much. I have had to scale back on the weight due to some back pain, so a reduction in inflammation is exciting from both a pain and performance aspect!

          1. I love it, too! Couldn’t agree more on finding the right trainer…that makes such a difference. I’m hoping you’ll find some relief!

    23. My husband and I were both planning on doing our 3rd whole30 in January so we are absolutely on board!! Excited to get some new recipes and ideas to keep us going.

    24. I am in! The past year has been an emotional roller coaster and as a result my eating habits have reverted back to the not healthiest of choices. We try to follow a mostly paleo lifestyle around here, and must because husband is gluten free due to allergies and I am mostly gluten free simply because he is. Time to recharge, rejuvenate, and regroup to move forward with a healthy eating and exercise plan.

    25. I’m in! Although I am starting ob January 4th.
      I did a whole30 in June and felt great. Sinne then i have slowly started to slide 🙁

    26. I will be joining you all on this whole 30. very excited for a reset. And it is much better when you have people going along with you.

    27. I’m totally in. I’ve been sooo off track and gained back probably 15lbs of the 50 I’ve lost. Plus I’m suffering from major adrenal fatigue so I desperately need to get focused on my nutrition again. I’m ready for a fresh clean do-over! PS we have the same last name, which I happen to think is pretty cool. I’ve never come across a non-relative with the same name,maybe it’s more common in other parts of the country than here. Or maybe we’re long lost cousins!

      1. Hi Nikki! Ahhhh adrenal fatigue is a tough one. Extra TLC for you during this month then.

        HA! We do have the same last name. How fun! What part of the country are you from?

        1. Well it’s actually my married name. We’re from PA but his family is from Boston. But it’s not a very common name is it? No one ever seems to be able to spell it.

          1. Ah very cool! I’m from Mass and have a lot of family in the area so perhaps there is a distant relation there! HAHA! Gau…wait, can you start over?! Story of my life 🙂

    28. Going to try this to the best of my ability. Gonna be hard since I have to eliminate pork from my diet (have found it appears to upset my gall bladder) and I love almost all pork products. So many things encorporate pork into their recipes (even chicken/turkey sausages are usually in port skins!). Hopefully, tho, this will be a cheaper way to determine other food sensitivities, (without the actual blood testing). I’ve had “muscle testing” done which supposedly has ruled out most fruits (except berries) honey, wheat, soy, oats, sugar, corn, white rice and milk. I’m down to few things that are tastey!

    29. Hi Steph,
      I am so in for this. This will be my first Whole30!
      I’ve been slowly going backwards for the last few years with all things diet and health, but have in the last few weeks been doing my research about Paleo. I’m reading ‘It all starts with food’ right now and was going to be a whole30 on my own starting 1 Jan anyway (I mean, who doesn’t love a good New Years Resolution.
      I know that time and prep will be my biggest obstacles (I work full time, study part time, have a 14 month old!) so getting that right will be a massive win.
      Looking forward to getting stuck in!

      1. Hi Tim! Stoked you’re here doing this with us. Let me know if you have any questions. Do you have a crock pot? So essential for busy folks!

    30. I am definitely on board and really looking forward to a complete reset. I’ve done a whole 30 before but have since fallen way off the wagon. The holiday sugar/carb dragon has me. It’ll be great to get back to feeding my body instead of the sugar habit. By the way, I am signed up for your Whole Athlete seminar in Monrovia and I can’t wait to meet you and Dallas! See you in January! Happy Holidays!

    31. I’m in. This will be my third Whole30 and I’m doing this as a gift to myself. I have completely allowed myself to eat everything my body doesn’t respond well to including sugar & simple carbs. It’s time for me to return to caring for myself and eating whole foods is step one of that journey. Thanks for the support and the community to help make this a success for us all.

    32. I’m in! Time for a reset as soon as I get through the holiday. Didn’t make it all the way through my first Whole30, but I’m looking forward to refocusing and getting through this one.

    33. My hubby and I are in! It will be our second whole30. Transformed our view of foods and how they fuel us. I am also going to be working on my running distance/speed so I’m hoping to see some tips in that related to whole30 among your other info throughout January!

      1. This is so awesome Beth!! I’ll also have my ebook for Paleo Athletes coming out in early Jan that may address some of your questions.

    34. Alright, I’m doing it! I almost joined one last June but backed out at the last minute because I didn’t think I could do it (even though I was eating about 90% Paleo anyway) I’ve lost 60 lbs since August 2012 but haven’t been able to get that last 10 off. Surgery on my toe two weeks ago has netted me a 6lb gain already and I’m out of my mind about it. I thought it would be easy to stick to the same eating habits I’ve been enjoying for over a year now, but no, being laid up and not exercising has me creeping right back to my old ways.
      I bought the book (it should be here today!) and I will have it read before we start. So looking forward to this. Will there be a forum just for us?

      1. Hi Stacey! I don’t have a forum set up but you can come back here and comment any time (or on the FB page) and I’ll help out with any questions you have!

    35. I’ll join! I have been eating paleo since July and while I LOVE how I feel eating this way I have been horrible about menu planning which leaves me snacking all day instead of eating well thought-out meals and makes me more likely to “cheat” (though what I consider a cheat now is NOTHING like what I would’ve considered a cheat all those years I did Weight Watchers!) Hopefully taking a new approach and joining up with all of you will give me the motivation I need to re-commit and get back on the right track!

    36. I’m in! This will be my second Whole 30. I did my first this past September into October. I ran a half-marathon and Tough Mudder during it and was really surprised at how energetic I felt. Can’t wait to kick off 2014 with a reset! This post is so helpful. Thanks for putting this together!

    37. Hi Steph! I really want to do this with you and the SEP community. I want to do it mainly for weight loss, I’ve gained about 20 lbs in the last year…I”ve gotten addicted to sugar again because of the holidays and I need to press the reset button. I do have a question…..I did the Whole 30 once before but only made it to day 12 because I got so sick. People have told me it was the “Carb Flu” but who knows. All I know is after working out really hard one day, I began feeling sick to my stomach. I couldn’t eat and the thought of anything green and healthy turned my stomach. I was sick like this for about 3 days before I stopped the Whole30. I’m really kind of afraid to feel this sickness again, what can I do to avoid the sickness?

      1. Hi Brandi! It sounds like carb flu. One thing you can do is try to incorporate a small amount of carb, like from sweet potato. Also you may want to try reducing the amount of refined carbs you’re eating (tapering off them) until you start the Whole30. Sometimes, it’s a really big system shock to go completely cold turkey.

    38. Yes, would love to join you. Doing Whole 30 for intestinal issues and husband’s thyroid issues, bringing the kids along, because it will do them good too. Was going to start Jan 1 anyway, so will be happy to be part of a bigger group, helping each other 🙂

    39. I’m totally in! I’ve got PCOS, HS, and need to lose a lot of weight. This is going to be a brand new start for me and I’m so excited!

    40. I’m in! I have tried numerous things to feel better and lose some belly fat but have been unsuccessful. I’ve recently read Wheat Belly and It Starts With Food and found the information really interesting. The Whole30 sounds like just what I need to finally start feeling better and to help me lost the Belly fat I have accumulated over the past 6-8 years. I look forward to reading peoples stories and journeys! 🙂

    41. I’m in! Did Whole30 for the 1st time last February and it totally opened my eyes. Also did Lurong Paleo challenge with my Crossfit Box in September. I just skimmed through the comments and it seems like everyone is either ON or OFF. I need to find that magic place where I don’t go OFF and undo all the good I do when I’m ON. Is there such a place and how do I get there?! People say Paleo is not sustainable long term for the average person. What do you think?

      1. I hope this works. For some reason or another I don’t seem to be able to follow these instructions. It can’t be me do you think. LOL Hang in there with me I am bound and determined to do this. Thanks

    42. Yes! I am definitely in. I did 3 weeks of Whole30 in the fall, but I was still having issues with lack of energy and my fibromyalgia pain was still pretty intense. So rather than eliminating more foods, a family member recommended that I have labs done that identified all of my food sensitivities (highly reactive to cow’s milk, yeast, and flax, among other things; I had a mild reaction to eggs, which is going to be the most difficult thing for me to eliminate). Now I know everything that I should avoid. I am enjoying the holidays, but I am rip-roaring ready to improve my health, increase my energy, clear up this constant congestion, and ease my pain. I appreciate all of your insight and support!

      1. Hi Sara! Definitely make sure you’re getting in some carb-dense veg as that can help with some of the low energy. We have an egg sensitivity in our household, and while it can be challenging, it’s definitely do-able. I recommend checking out something like http://autoimmune-paleo.com for some egg-free ideas.

    43. Very timely post as I’m preparing to start Whole30 right after the holidays. I have printed your guide to clean-eating and see all the links to the recipes, but can’t find a way on the post to get to the actual recipes online. I’ve tried to click the Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 Recipes List link but it just opens another tab with the blog post, not the recipes themselves. How do I get to the recipes???

      1. Hi Jenn,

        I just tested it again, and I’m able to click on the hyperlinks which take me to the recipes on the site. When you click on the Whole30 Recipes List link, it takes you to all the posts that I’ve tagged as Whole30. Then you click on each one from there. The easiest way to browse all the Whole30 recipes on my site is actually through Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/stupideasypaleo/whole30-recipes/.

    44. I’m so in!! I’ve been Paleo for a few months with tremendous results but nuts are still my ruin. Looking forward to the recipes and inspiration!

    45. Totally in! Did my first 1/25/13 and three others throughout 2013. It’s the only time I feel ‘right’ but, after each time I falter and feel like crap. My plan is to stick to the lifestyle and concentrate on health and exercise this year.

    46. I’m in! I did a Whole30 just before Thanksgiving and was feeling good. My plan was to stay mostly Paleo through the holidays, but work luncheons and cookie basket deliveries derailed me. My sugar monster reared its ugly head with a vengeance, but I’m ready to be back on the wagon! Can’t wait to follow along and get some new meal inspiration 🙂

    47. I’ve read all the comments and it looks like I am the only guy so far, but hell yea I’m in. My wife and I have dabbled with a Paleo diet for a few months now but are ready to go all in and change our lifestyle for the better. I have about 100 lbs I need to lose and my wife Lisa has about 50 lbs to lose.. we used to be in great shape when we were younger but kids and life happened along with our work schedules and our fitness and diet got way out of whack. Me especially.. I used to be in tip top shape, I played college football and ran and worked out everyday.. I could run miles and lift cars, now the heaviest lifting I do is a beer bottle on the weekends.. dem days are over.. I realize I will never be what I was but I plan to get as close as I can. Along with the support of my wife and two boys we plan to knock this out of the park! Good luck everyone and hope to chat along the way! Merry Christmas and see you on the other side!!

      1. Hi Jeff! Glad to have you and your family join us along the way! I definitely recommend writing out some short term goals as you start your journey. Very honored that you are here.

    48. I’ve recently been diagnosed with a hypothyroid. My Jazzercise center is doing the a Whole 30 Challenge & after reading up on it-I think it could help me. I have been searching for resources & came across your blog. I’m a First Grade teacher with two teenage boys & a wonderful husband-it’s hard to keep up when I’m feeling “down & out”. I look forward to this challenge & support from others that are doing it starting Jan. 1st

    49. Hey Steph!
      I’m totally in! I’ve been looking for some extra support. This is my first Whole30 & I’m a little bit anxious about how it is going to go. I’m excited too. Looking forward to feeling healthy & strong again. One question, I haven’t exercised regularly in months…is it wise to jump back into an exercise regimen the same time you start a Whole30?

    50. I’m in!! This will be my 3rd go-around. The second time, I did the autoimmune protocol. My first time, I did the whole30 by the book, and thought it was hard enough (even though I’m gluten AND lactose intolerant), and the autoimmune protocol is a whole different monster. I have a whole new appreciation for everyone who has to be 100% autoimmune compliant all the time. Luckily I was able to reintroduce a few foods, but the holidays and eating out at restaurants with family has definitely caused my stomach issues to flare back up. Looking forward to feeling clean and having a happy tummy again!! Can’t recommend this program enough! 🙂

      1. Also forgot to mention, I’m taking on another aspect in this whole30 and trying to get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep per night. The first two times, I focused solely on the food – this time, I’ll be working on my whole body! Sleep, stress, recovery, and active strength building!

      2. Hi Dana! I’m really glad you’re here, and I appreciate your candor regarding the challenges you’ve faced. I think your commitment to overall health (like including sleep as something to focus on) is huge, and will help tremendously!

    51. I’m in! I have an anxiety disorder and am dyslexic, ever since reading Grain Brain this year I’ve been curious how much is influenced by my diet. I also have a sugar addiction, with the various health issues that come with that. Should be interesting to see the results.

      1. Realized I left some reason out after reading your “How I Conquered Sugar” zits from hormones, upper respiratory congestion from consuming dairy, and low energy even after a full nights sleep.

    52. I think I posted on an earlier post about this whole 30 but I am just getting to excited that I had to say I am in and going to be meal planning and cleaning out my pantry in preparation this week.

    53. I’m looking forward to it. I’m preparing this week to start next week! Menu planning and grocery shopping. I was doing so good before the holidays and I felt REALLY good following a paleo lifestyle and then Thanksgiving came around, which let to Christmas parties and outings and well, I don’t feel so good. Packed my lunch, drinking my water and looking forward to completing my first Whole30.

    54. You said you’d be telling us what you eat each day of the Whole 30…any chance you’ll be giving a weekly menu so we can (as you suggest) do a weekly cook up? Otherwise, we’ll either have to shop and cook daily or be a day behind you. I’d like to do it WITH you!

      1. That’s a great idea! I gave a week of menu ideas (though not quite a meal plan) in the guide. Did you see it? I may try for a week or so. Only tough part is that I’ll be going on the road on the weekends with Whole9 and moving within that time period but I’ll see what I can do 🙂

        1. I did see the recipes in the guide (thank you). I just like the idea of eating what you do, when you do. It’s like having a buddy. 😉
          Another question: More suggestions for snacks or those times when you (me) just can’t wait until the next meal? I don’t like jerky and tend to get hungry 4 X a day because I get up early.
          Thank you!

          1. Hi Kathleen! Definitely see where you’re coming from. I’m going to do my best to come up with something for week one.

            I’m a big fan of hardboiled egg, olives, coconut flakes, cut up veggies…anything portable. I try to make snacks have some combo of protein + fat or protein + carbs or all three.

            1. I love hard boiled eggs but don’t keep them around cause I hate it when they don’t come out of the shell easily. I’ve tried every “easy, simple, perfect” recipe I could find and none of them are! Steph, how do you do yours where the shells don’t crack into little pieces and stick to the egg?

              1. A couple things:
                1) Never use fresh eggs. I always try to keep them around for a few days before I boil them.
                2) Poke a pinhole in the bottom.
                3) Add a spoonful of baking soda to the boiling water.
                Those seem to yield the best results.

                My basic method is to cover the eggs with cold water in a pot. Bring to a boil. Turn the heat off and cover the pot. Let sit for 10 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.

    55. I’ve been looking forward to after the holidays so I can start my first Whole30! I’m doing it to kick my sugar addiction and to eliminate digestive issues that I’ve developed (including some horrendous heartburn). And of course, lose some pounds that I’ve accumulated since getting married a year ago. Fortunately, my husband has agreed to join me, so I’ll have some support at home!

    56. I was going to start something on Jan 1st…this just gives me even more motivation! Looking forward to telling sugar who’s boss. Me!

        1. Yeah!! I just decided to join the Whole30 as well! I am eating low carb since 2 years, no dairy since 6 weeks. But especially the December was not so disciplined (german Glühwein and chocolate).
          Additionall i want to do a good training in that time. I already started a swim training cause i want to finish a smart Triathlon in September. Apart from that i will do daily squats and push-ups to get some nice shapes. I am more the runner so far.
          I am happy to join and see all your comments in the next weeks!
          I am sure we all will have a great start into 2014!!
          Yve from Germany!

          1. Hi Yve! Welcome 🙂 Ohhhh I sampled a glühwein when I was in Munich last month 😉 Tasty!

            That’s great to hear about your triathlon! You’ve got lots of time to train. Welcome to the group!

    57. I’m in starting January 2nd for my third whole30. I love the amount of energy I have when I eat this way. The wonderful sleep helps too.

      Thanks Steph for the resources.

    58. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a month and this is my kick in the pants! I need to kick my sugar addiction. Hopefully I can get my husband to do it also, or at least while he’s at home, so I’m not tempted by all the junk we normally keep the pantry.

    59. Already told ya, Steph, but just putting it out there… I’m totally in! I’ll have my sister as texting-buddy for support, although she won’t be joining me, it’s good to have someone to talk to in times of weakness 🙂

    60. I started eating Paleo in April 2013; tried doing a Whole 30 and only got a little over half-way. I have been yo-yo’ing with it for several months. I have Crohn’s Disease and I KNOW I will feel much better if I stick with the Whole 30. Looking forward to getting started.

      1. Hi Amanda…why do you think you didn’t complete it? (I ask everyone who struggles to think about the answer to this because some awareness can go a long way.) Welcome aboard.

    61. Hi! I tried the Whole30 and got 18 days into it and then fell off the bandwagon : (. I am ready to try it again because I felt great doing it even just those 18 days. Count me in for the FULL 30 days this time !! Excited to get this going Jan 1 ! Woo hoo !!!

      1. Hi Kimberley! Welcome aboard. Quick question (I ask this of everyone who doesn’t finish)…what do you think was the biggest obstacle for you? Don’t feel like you have to answer publicly, but sometimes I find some reflection on it may help avoid the same scenario in the future.

    62. I am totally in! I’m ready to reclaim my health and life! I am tired of feeling tired! I know gluten is a major player, and sugar a close second. I’ve been gluten-free for 3 days and already feel better. Needing this challenge to steer me in the right direction…..I don’t want to get caught up in trying to reproduce the crap I’ve been eating in a ‘gluten-free’ version……I need this to train my body that I don’t want/need it al all.

      1. 3 days and feeling better already…AWESOME!!!

        I often find that making gluten-free versions of foods is often expensive and not very satisfying for some reason. Glad you’re here Shannon!

    63. As an ex-D1 athlete I was always careful about keeping a nutritious diet but those days seem forever ago. I work straight nightshift (7p to 8am) as an RN and have found my diet slip as a result. Add in the new diagnosis of an autoimmune GI disorder and here I am! I’ve been looking into going paleo at the suggestion of a few friends (and doctors) and am excited to have found a group of individuals (both new and experienced with clean eating) to find support and recipe ideas from along the way. SO ready to press that reset button for 2014!!

    64. Paleo is something I’ve been considering for a few weeks. Having found you I think I’ll be able to take the plunge! I’m doing it for health reasons but dropping a few pounds will be a bonus! Looking forward to the challenge!

    65. I am jumping in! I was planning on it anyway and was reading the book in prep. I have been on and off low carb for two years now so I don’t think it will be as hard as when coming straight off of pizza’s and doughnuts but still…. no dairy?? No sweeteners?? But maybe these are the things that have been holding me back and not letting me lose more than two or three kilo’s?? I know it’s not a weight thing so it should be good for me to focus on it from a different direction too 🙂

      I was behaving myself reasonably well since I know the hit is harder otherwise but we lost our 5 year old cat Ramses this Tuesday (very suddenly, he took ill on Saturday, turned out to be FIP so :'() and I just lost any and all interest in caring for myself the way I should. It will be good to kick myself up the butt and just do this.

      Thanks for letting me join and for all the helpful tips and links! We can do this!

      Best regards from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      1. Like you, I thought I didn’t have an issue with dairy until I did a Whole30. Turns out, keeping it around wasn’t the best choice for me.

        I am so sorry to hear about your kitty! My cat passed away from hyperthyroidism (quite suddenly) earlier this year. Wishing him the best. Hang in there!

    66. I was going to do another Whole30 starting soon since I’ve not eaten well around these holidays. Once I ate something with sugar there was no stopping myself…but I did learn that my body does not like sugar, or wheat. I felt so much better when I ate clean, so I need a hard reset! I was excited to see that you are doing one soon! Thanks!!

    67. I completed Whole30 prior to the holidays and then proceeded to eat, eat, eat. Sugar is my enemy and I want to start again. I have never felt better than when eating the Whole30 way 🙂

    68. We will be back in the paleo saddle January 1 with you all! We were talking yesterday about how much better we feel eating paleo, and that it needs to be our lifestyle, not a diet we go off once we lose a few pounds. It is about far more than weight loss!

    69. I’ve been playing around with eating paleo-ish and would like to take these 30 days to get more serious-especially with dairy and alcohol.

    70. Heck yes! I’m in! Just came across Paleo about 6 weeks ago and have been reading up on it. Saw Nom Nom’s 30 day from last year and am really excited to find your site and a new 30 day to be able to follow along with. Your recipes look fantastic and sooo easy which is perfect since work and commute take up much time. I am not a big sweet eater and have already seen that my body responds tremendously to greens and good whole foods. I have been a conscientious “clean, organic” eater for 2+ years now but believe I have some food sensitivities and need to lose 20-25 lbs which has been a struggle. Looking forward to finding out once and for all any food sensitivities and hopefully losing some weight along the way. Glad I found your site, so much great information and energy! Thanks!

      1. Hi Diane! Super glad you’re here…Nom Nom is so ace…great recipes and a super nice gal. I think you’re doing the right thing for yourself!

    71. I’d love to be part of your January Whole30! I know that’s not something I could take on without a little bit of hand holding 🙂

    72. I’m in! I need to get my butt in gear and get out of this sugar haze I’ve been in for last couple of weeks. I’ve already started reading “It Starts With Food” – will try to finish it this week. Looking forward to some new recipes!

    73. Hi Steph,

      I’m having trouble accessing the list of recipes you mention above (“2: I’ve tagged every recipe from the blog that’s Whole30-friendly (over 100 to date) for easy searching. You can find the complete list by clicking here: Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 Recipes List. The other easy way to find it is by going to the homepage menu and clicking Resources > Whole30. Easy peasy.) in either of the ways that you describe. Anyone else having trouble? Would love to see them!



    74. I’m in! I have been eating mostly Paleo and starch free since December 10th and know FOR SURE that this is the plan for me! My “IBS” symptoms have all but disappeared, I’ve lost 13lbs of bloat and I think my joints are feeling better (they were very bad and I’m on Methotrexate for it so that part will likely take a long time to heal). I ate some gluten 2 days ago, ate some starches (non-gluten) yesterday and drank wine two days in a row and I can feel the backward slide happening already (plus up 4lbs on the scale, again, it’s bloat, not fat, I know this).

    75. I’m in as well! I can’t believe I haven’t found your website until just now. Such great information! I’m actually doing my fourth (or is it fifth) Whole30. I had a few readers email me asking how I found out paleo could manage my fibromyalgia pain. My answer = the whole30. Doing it in January and posting on my blog to help support anyone trying it for the first time. Hopefully they will be as successful as I was 🙂

    76. I’ve done one before, and wanted to start my 2014 with a Whole30 – seems like a way to kick the year off right! I’m working my way through health problems (MS, obesity, kidney issues)… and I do SO much better when I’m eating clean and exercising . I’m excited to have a group to hang with for the next month!

      If anyone knows of any San Diego Whole9/Whole30 meetups, I’d love to be looped in… 🙂

    77. I’m in too. I’ve dabbled with Paleo eating and I know it’s what I need to be the best me. I’ve been planning to start my Whole30 on Jan 1 for MONTHS and was so happy to see that you’d be doing it too. The time is now!

    78. My daughter is a college athlete and started her Paleo journey a few months ago. Because of her, I am truly inspired and want to join her. I will be starting January 1st!

    79. I’m in!
      I recently started CrossFit, in October, and am in love! I began Paleo around the same time. Between the two I have already noticed changes in how I feel. I’m loving the challenges from both and the new things I am learning as I go along, and that’s why I’m starting a blog for the new year to share my journey with crossfit, Paleo, and other lifestyle findings.

      My family history has health issues, many food/ gut related; celiacs, gluten allergy, diabetes, high blood pressure, ibs, cancers, obesity, hypo-thyroid…I’m sure I’m missing a few, but you catch my drift. Since I was a teenager I’ve had a fear that my genetics will catch up with me one day. I’d like to do do what I can to prevent as much of it as I can. And done day when I have children pass on a great lifestyle from the start.

      1. Hi Candace! Super super super…glad you’re here. I can already sense how invested you are in making a great change for yourself. Love it!

    80. Hi!! I’m excited to join for my first Whole 30! I just ordered the book and can’t wait to get started! Any other fellow Chicagoans on board?

      Thanks for the resources and great recipes to start with!

    81. I need to kick the sugar addiction again! I started my Paleo journey with a Candida cleanse(I had lots of skin issues…probably just grains). They are all really similar, but I’ve been looking at Whole30 for awhile. The holidays were killer to the stamina, though and I want to get back into routine. I’m getting married this summer and I want to keep up hardcore Paleo because my skin is so amazing when I stick with it! The hardest part is breakfast ideas. I literally ate bacon and eggs for 3 months straight. Breakfast is hard for me because the SAD is like straight gluten. Breakfast for dinner is good but dinner for breakfast is still weird for me. Any suggestions?

      1. I can definitely relate to the dinner for breakfast thing. One of my favorite things to do is a sweet potato, pulled pork and spinach breakfast…sort of like a scramble but you can do it with or without eggs. Glad you’re joining us!

    82. I am in! I really want to get rid of my affinity for sugar and carbs and get to where I enjoy whole foods! I find it difficult because my husband and kids are not on board!

      1. Hi Heather! It can be a challenge to manage, but in the end, when mom’s happy, the rest of the family seems to be a bit happier, too. Here’s to finding some new tastes to enjoy!

    83. Hi Steph. I have one question about the Whole 30 (sorry if this has been asked and answered already; I didn’t read through all the comments). I’m thinking of doing this, but I’m wondering why no stevia? I rarely eat sugar in any form and feel as though I’m very well detoxed from it (no more sugar cravings, hooray!) But I do use a tiny bit of pure stevia in my morning coffee. I don’t know if I could drink it black, and I don’t know that I want to go coffee free for 30 days (yikes, lol!) If I don’t give up the coffee with stevia will the Whole 30 not work for me?

      1. Great question Diane. It really has to do with the fact that stevia has an ultrasweet taste and really pings the reward centers of the brain. It creates a psychological response that’s less than idea for folks wanting to get away from sugar for awhile. Even though it doesn’t have calories, it still creates a response. I hope that makes sense!

          1. Haha!! You can totally do it! I did a caffeine holiday on one Whole30 and found that a warm drink like soup stock or bone broth in the morning helped. Something about the ritual of a hot drink in the morning 🙂

    84. I thought I posted here that I would be joining you, but I guess I didn’t do it yet… but here’s my commitment RIGHT NOW!! 🙂 And even better, my husband has agreed to try it as well, so for the first time in 1,000 years, we’ll be eating the same food at the same time!!! Happy New Year, everyone!!!

    85. I’m so in! I’ve read ISWF, I have Well Fed 1 & 2 and Nom Nom, I have several new blogs (yours included) in my reading list, I signed up for the Whole30 newsletter/encouragement…I’m in it to win it!

      I’m a type-1 diabetic who has not paid enough attention to my health over the years. I have two beautiful girls who are a strong motivation to do this now. I’ve had a rough couple of years (hit head-on by a drunk driver…shattering my right leg, working hard in therapy to get to a good place). I’m here! I’m ready!

    86. I’m in! I’ve always struggled with my weight and over the past few years have worked hard to get into healthy habits and down to a healthy weight for myself. I also love helping others get in better health and I think the Whole30 challenge and paleo lifestyle will be a great change and learning experience for me and then I will be able to pass that on to others.

    87. Im in!! Started today too. This isn’t my first round with Whole30, actually its my 4th. My first two were very successful and longer than 30 days, I reaped every benefit there was. My third time was a bit of a struggle, the timing was off and my mind frame wasn’t into it as it needed to be. This time I am ready in all aspects, including support of blogs and sites like this one. Im married and have a 19 year old son who both have no desire to do this with me. So the support is my key issue and making a life style change that I can keep long term in hopes to help with managing my Hashimoto thyroid and weight struggles.

      Happy New Year and Wishing you all a happy and successful Whole30.

    88. I just read It Starts With Food and had planned on doing my Whole30 starting today, the 1st of January, as well! Fridge is stocked, most food is made, and I’m ready to do this!

    89. Yes, I will join. I’ve suffered a number of serious/life-threatening setbacks over the past two years and have gotten very out of shape and need to overhaul my diet. Moreover, and to illustrate, I tried to stand up from a low slung chair two weeks ago and found that my legs would just give out on me (I had knee surgery last May with a less than optimum result) and because I’ve lost all of my muscle tone. Not good for someone who used to be a gym rat and was able to push a leg sled with 525 pounds on it. Not good. So, here I am Steph. teach me!

    90. Hi,

      I am in, I have ordered the book,It starts with food. I will only get it towards the end of this month. But I would like to get started, know I am about a week late. Just found your blog. I need to get rid of ‘old’ weight (weight that I have been carrying around for a long time) and a little pregnancy weight that I had gained. I am not only trying this out for fat loss but I want to see if it will help to get rid of my sinus problem. I have chronic sinusitis and I have take medication everyday, been taking everyday for the past 20yrs. I want to stop taking the medication because I don’t believe it is good for my body to take chemical drugs every single day, so I am looking for a natural alternative.

    91. I got a late start, but I’m on day 8.
      I was wondering what you do differently when not on the whole30? If you don’t mind me asking, what are some of the things you may “slip” on or what have you, that you would do a whole30 every 6 months or so? I can totally see (at this point in my journey) where I may need to reign it in every 6 or so months. My hope is to maintain this way of eating.

      1. My #1 is having a bit more sugar (things like honey, etc than I feel is optimal for me). I came from a place of being pretty sugar addicted so if I find myself getting too lax with that, it’s usually time to check in.

      2. I started and stopped after a few days because I’m obviously a sugar (honey, maple syrup kind of stuff) addict and couldn’t figure out how to not eat it after a delicious paleo meal!

    92. I am in my third whole 30 now and loving every minute of it. My body feels good again and I’m even losing weight weekly which for me is amazing. This is the first real program that has worked for me. Awesome!

    93. Great tips! I am on day 6 of my Whole30 experience and MAN is it HARD. I had a really horrible diet before I started, and I just switched cold turkey. I used to go to Chickfila almost every day and get fried chicken, go to Papa Johns and eat a ton of pizza, and pound ice cream at night. No more!

      I’ve heard that if you make it past the first two weeks you feel great. It’s hard so far but I’m sticking with it. I also started a blog to keep me accountable… Nothing like the threat of public humiliation to motivate you!

      Thanks again for the extra boost of motivation!

      1. Hi David,

        I am excited for the changes you are making to your health! That’s empowering. I wish you all the best on your Whole 30. And go easy on the whole public humiliation thing, ok? 🙂

    94. Hi! It’s time. I’m In! Did Whole30 one time and learned to love food again. Real Food! I am a sugar addict for sure, and when I started adding a little here and there, it took me down again! I look forward to some new recipes and tips to help.

    95. Thank you so much for sharing such great recipes all the time, but also for being an advocate of the Whole30. Doing one for the first time totally transformed my relationship with food and ultimately my entire life. I truly believe that eating this way creates happier, more engaged, people, so thank you for making that transition just a bit easier on all of us!

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