• Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

    Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding is so easy to make for an every-once-in-a-while treat.

    Delicious Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding recipe is the perfect rich treat for a special occasion, and it's dairy-free! | Stupideasypaleo.com

    The rich dark chocolate means you only need a few bites to feel super satisfied, and it’s dairy-free. Score!

    A couple months back, I posted a very similar recipe with gelatin and some folks wrote in requesting other options for thickeners.


    I reworked the ingredients just slightly and the result was equally tasty and simple but egg- and dairy-free!

    I used chia seeds to thicken the mixture. Chia seeds are awesome because they absorb many times their own weight in liquid and give a nice, firm texture.

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    I like to serve it in small dessert cups or shot glasses for just the perfect little bite. Tiny spoons are fun, too.

    When selecting a dark chocolate, try to find one that’s at least 80% cacao and doesn’t contain any soy emulsifiers.

    If you can’t have coconut milk, any other nut milk will work. Try cashew for a creamy texture.

    Delicious Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding recipe is the perfect rich treat for a special occasion, and it's dairy-free! | Stupideasypaleo.com

    Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

    Difficulty: Easy Recipe Type: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Vegetarian
    Prep Time 1 hour 5 mins
    Cook Time 5 mins
    Total Time 1 hr 10 mins
    Serves 4


    • 1-14 oz can full-fat coconut milk
    • 2 oz dark chocolate (80%+), chopped
    • 1 tbsp cocoa powder or cacao
    • Pinch sea salt
    • 5-6 tbsp whole chia seeds
    • 2 tsp vanilla extract


    In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the coconut milk, chopped dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and salt.

    Warm the milk until until it just starts to simmer and add the chocolate. Keep stirring until the chocolate is completely melted. Turn off the heat and stir in the chia seeds and vanilla, stirring constantly. If you just dump the chia seeds in without stirring, they’ll glob up into a big gelatinous ball.

    Pour the pudding into small serving cups and refrigerate for at least an hour, until the mixture is very thick.


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    Delicious Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding recipe is the perfect rich treat for a special occasion, and it's dairy-free! | Stupideasypaleo.com
    Delicious Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding recipe is the perfect rich treat for a special occasion, and it's dairy-free! | Stupideasypaleo.com

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    68 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe


      Mmmmmm I have been on a huge chia seed pudding KICK lately and have been loving them for breakfast on my early mornings! They are wonderful and so versatile! Today I did cocoa and cherry! Yum! Yesterday’s was really good, too, banana and cinnamon with ginger juice! So unique, but so good!

      Thanks for the recipe 🙂 xoxo

        1. So I’m interested to know if this would still work with ground chia seeds, in order to get more ‘umpf’ from the nutrients. Have you tried using ground instead of whole, if so how did it turn out?

          1. I just made these with ground seeds, everything the same except I added a tbsp of honey (kids will eat it then) and its worked perfectly. Delicious. Thanks for the idea. Awesome recipes on your site!

    2. This sounds deliciouse! I have made a vanila version of it based on Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook receipe – loved it! This version takes it to the next level – great idea, congratulation!


    3. have you tried freezing one? (as a single person, I freeze leftovers to avoid the “dessert every single day til it’s gone” phenomenon. :/ )

    4. Is there anyway to make this without coconut? I’m allergic to coconut and tree nuts, but I would love to try something like this.

      1. Hmmmm I’m stumped! I was going to say extra-creamy almond milk but then I read you’re allergic to tree nuts. If you’re down with full-fat dairy, you could try heavy cream but I know not everyone can eat that.

      2. I would try sunflower (seed) milk or hemp milk if you are not allergic. They are conveniently found in boxes now. Pacific brand perhaps. The sunflower seed can render a bit of a “peanutty” flavor which I believe would be lovely here. And hemp milk too has a bit of a nutty flavor. Less interesting I think would be soy milk. Perhaps up the chia seed a bit too since each of these milks are thinner than coconut milk.

        1. those are good tips! I’ve seen hemp milk before, but not sunflower seed, I use a lot of sunbutter so I bet it would be good. Maybe a fancier grocery store would carry it.


          1. You can also easily make your own seed milks, and that way they don’t contain anything like carageenan, guar gums, etc. that the commercial ones use to be shelf-stable (not to mention sneaky hidden sugars or “natural” flavors). Just blend hemp seeds or sunflower seeds with water, and to make it sweet, add some dates and vanilla and blend thoroughly; then just strain through cheesecloth to get rid of any extra bits. It’s really tasty, but it will separate and look kinda gross after it sits. Just stir it up and it’s good to go!

      1. Hi J…if you keep it in a covered container, at least 3 days. It tends to get very thick as the chia seeds continue to absorb moisture so sometimes I add just a bit more coconut milk.

    5. Can this be made with ground chia seeds? I just got a bag and haven’t done anything with it yet and am looking for tasty recipes. This pudding sounds delicious!

      1. Hi there! It should work just fine with ground chia seeds, though I would probably cut back by 1 tablespoon or so, since they aren’t whole.

    6. This might have already been answered, but is it better to use full fat coconut milk or light coconut milk? Not counting calories or anything, just wanted to know which would be best for that pudding like consistency. Making this for a friend’s birthday treat tomorrow, should be a real crowd pleaser! 😀

    7. Hi,

      This sounds and looks absolutely amazing! I have a question regarding the Chia content in this pudding. How much chia would you say is safe to eat in a day? Thanks so much!

      1. Most of the chia pudding recipes I’ve seen should be split into 3-4 servings at least, otherwise they become a LOT of calories all in one place.

    8. This is so easy and really delicious. I was wondering, if I want to sweeten it further, can I leave out the 2oz chocolate bar, add more cocoa powder and sweeten it to my liking? Thanks for the great recipe!

      1. You probably could with no problems. Sometimes I find the cocoa powder doesn’t have as deep a chocolate flavor but it should come together okay.

    9. Hi
      Sorry this is a dumb question but still.. Do you add the chia seeds raw or cook them with water first and then add them?

    10. We made chia pudding recently and it was a big hit! Tastes just like tapioca pudding. We tried making our own chocolate version but it didn’t work, so thanks for providing a recipe! Making this today!

    11. What are the nutrition stats, Please? Or where can I find them on your page. Will be trying this as soon as I get to the store! Looks wonderful.

    12. My nine year old daughter made this pudding for our Christmas dinner dessert and we all loved it. The non-paleo-ish among us added a little maple syrup to theirs, but I was in my glory, enjoying the pudding as is, over fresh blackberries, topped with coconut cream. Next time, I think we’ll try adding 1 Tb espresso powder in place of the cocoa powder to make a mocha pudding. I’m sure it will be delicious! Thank you for the great, simple recipe.

    13. I’ve made this twice now, once with full fat coconut milk and once with Trader Joes lower fat one (mostly because it’s cheaper) and both were excellent. I don’t need the extra calories but my kids do, so I’m glad both are good. I used about a tsp of maple syrup as well (mostly because I cannot seem to find my vanilla extract anywhere) and to make it a tiny bit more appealing to the kids. I decided against raw honey as it is quite acidic and can taste too sour with chocolate (same reason I don’t like adding it to my coffee). I also add a dash of sea salt to balance the coconut milk and chocolate. It’s just a lot of minor tweaking, but it is SO GOOD and absolutely fills that late night craving for a little something sweet and/or rich as dinner starts wearing off (and the kids are FINALLY in bed!). I would wholly recommend.

    14. I made your recipe today (first time making chia pudding) and am left a bit disappointed as I don’t think it’s a success. My chia seeds haven’t plumped up at all, they are still in seed form and it just seems as though the coconut milk solidified in the refrigerator, as it’s all really thick…almost like butter texture. It looks nothing like pudding. I really don’t know where I went wrong with the recipe.

      1. You can always add a little more coconut milk to thin it down. It’ll keep absorbing liquid the longer it sits so keep that in mind.

    15. If you skip the chocolate bar and just add more cocoa powder and some sweetener to taste, you don’t even need to heat it., making it even more stupid simple. Just put everything into a big jar and shake until mixed (I recommend adding the Chia last since they will form into a giant ball of grossness if you wait too long after adding them to start the shaking).

      If you like it smooth, you can stick it in the blender instead of shaking it and process for a minute or two. If it gets too thick in the fridge, just add a bit more coconut milk or water and shake again. If you like a little more texture, adding some shredded coconut or some raw cacoa nibs is lovely. The cacao nibs should be added right as it’s being served since they will get soggy and lose texture if you leave them in with the pudding.

      I can usually get away with leaving this for even up to a week in the fridge. There’s really nothing that goes bad in there.

      1. Hi Kerri,

        All great suggestions to simplify the process. I really like the depth the melted dark chocolate gives as I find most cocoa powders are sort of lacking on flavor but this is certainly a recipe you can customize any way you like 🙂

    16. I made it as instructed. My only addition: 2 tablespoons maple syrup. Heating it and whisking the chia seeds in gave it such a lovely unctuous texture. Didn’t have time to pour it into the bowls. it was devoured from the pot. Thank-you

    17. Wowza! My mum made this recipe tonight and I wondered if the recipe was meant to read “teaspoons” instead of “tablespoons” for the proportion of chia seeds?
      The consistency was similar to peanut butter…..multiplied by 10000!
      My dad has an iron gut and literally eats everything without much comment but said he wanted to be sick.
      Flavour was on point, sickeningly delicious….literally!

    18. I’ve never really worked with canned coconut milk only the carton. Do you chill the can and take the fat out? Plus I have coconut cream in a can. Will that work?

    19. When do you add the vanilla and sea salt? It appears part of the instructions are missing since one sentence is at least missing some words.

      1. Oops I transferred the recipe over and missed those. It’s updated now. Generally speaking, you want to add vanilla at the end of any cooking time so all the alcohol doesn’t evaporate 😉

    20. I made this pudding Monday night and it is soooo delicious. I enjoyed it yesterday at work while other’s were eating birthday cake (this treat was far tastier in my opinion!) I used 1/2 pint canning jars to split the pudding into then capped the jars to make portable. The win is my 5-year old son loved the pudding too! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

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