• Confessions of a Paleo Loser

    Cropped image of beautiful woman with finger on her lips - copyspaceIt’s high time I fessed up to how much of a Paleo loser I am.

    Growing up, I was sort of a chubby kid. I got boobs earlier than every one of my female classmates. Then I got braces before everyone, too (go me!). I had a weird hair cut, was awkward and felt like such a loser. I spent hours obsessing about being skinnier and how my stomach always puffed out after I ate. Later in my teen years came the fainting spells (senior year in Miss Bailey’s class was a memorable one). In short, I grew up hating my body. If I actually calculated it, I’ve probably lost a couple years of my life down in the depths of negative thoughts.

    I always hoped somehow it’d get better as I got older because “healthy” eating was totally on my radar in my 20s. Soymilk and whole grain pasta and fat free cheese…oh my! Somehow I felt worse. Strange intestinal problems and more fainting (like one time at work) and acne down one side of my back. I was so confused. Despite being active and eating all these things that were supposed to be good for me, I resigned myself to feeling like crap because that was my “normal”.

    Fast forward to 2009 when I found Paleo. It wasn’t like the heavens opened up and glowing light fell all around me when I picked up a copy of Paleo Diet for Athletes. Instead, I thought, “This sounds crazy, but I’ll try anything.”

    So why am I a Paleo loser? By eating Paleo…

    • I lost my bloated belly.
    • I lost the fainting spells.
    • I lost my weird back acne.
    • I lost the weird energy swings.
    • I lost the feeling of always being hungry.
    • I lost my sugar addiction.
    • I lost extra body fat.
    • I lost my fear of eating fat and my dysfunctional relationship with food.
    • I lost my negative self image.

    I also gained a bunch too…a ton of muscle mass, lots of energy, mountains of strength and more importantly, self-acceptance.

    before & after paleo 6

    I was COMPELLED to create my Real Food. Real Good. eCourse…to help others be losers too because PALEO CHANGED MY LIFE. I want to help you get more energy, lose fat and heal yourself from the inside out by eating real, nutrient-dense, nourishing Paleo foods just like I did. No smoke and mirrors. No deprivation. No extreme tricks.

    My Real Food. Real Good. eCourse – with video lessons, PDF guides and my super-duper companion cookbook is usually $39 but right now it’s on sale as part of the Fall Into Health Autumn Bundle. You have to act now because the sale ends Sunday November 10! For the price of my course, you get the whole bundle which includes:

    • 47 health and real food ebooks like The Paleo Survival Guide, Awaken: 30+ Grain-Free and Egg-Free Breakfasts, and my cookbook!
    • 2 other online courses
    • 2 meal plans
    • 15 exclusive podcasts
    • 2 online magazines
    • Over $500 in online coupons for products I trust


    That’s $2000 worth of premium quality resources for just $39.


    I want you to stand proud and be a Paleo loser just like me! Click here now to get your bundle…sale ends 11/7 EXTENDED through Sunday 11/10!!

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    21 thoughts on “Confessions of a Paleo Loser

    1. wow girl! definitely something i am interested in! i can’t believe the sale ends tomorrow! i might purchase it today! i would love to learn more from you <3

    2. It’s amazing, it all starts with eating clean. I know this blog is about paleo, but I’m sure you’d agree there are lots of diets which work. Cutting out the garbage is really what is important. I personally follow a Paleo diet as well and it just flat out works. This is a bit of shameless promotion, feel free to remove this but this is my story which is eerily similar.

      I’m not shredded like you (nice work by the way :)) but I’m healthy and feel good about myself again. it’s always awesome to hear about other ladies who kicked their self-esteem issues to the curb by overhauling their lifestyle.


      1. Hi Danielle…true…I don’t think Paleo is the only way and cutting out the processed junk is the biggest first step people can take. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

        Aw thanks! I’m really glad you’re on the road to wellness 🙂 Cheers!

    3. Wow, I read this post and just sat back in disbelief. Everything you wrote, beginning to end, resonated with me except the acne wasn’t on my back but all over my face. Almost totally clear now. I became a “paleo loser” at age 31 and will never go back to my old ways. There are days when I eat bread, have sweets, etc. but only occasionally. If I eat paleo 90% of the time I feel awesome! I just got use to waking up with heartburn and acid reflux for about 12 years – then I started a 30 day food detox-diet (like the Whole30 Program) and by the end of the second week, no heartburn! It was a flippin’ miracle. I finally found the “cure” for so many of my issues – heartburn, acid reflux, acne, afternoon slump, lack of energy for workouts, not burning fat (I am down to 17% BF now!)….just by changing up the diet. Proteins, fats (REAL fats), and veggies with a little side of complex carbs. Perfect.

      1. Hi Pam! I think the story is very common and there are many folks like me (you…us!) out there. I get the absolute biggest warmth in my heart when I hear that others were able to improve their health by making some basic substitutions in their diets. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

    4. I don’t know what’s going on with me right now, but I’m on Paleo again after falling off the wagon, and I’m gaining weight like crazy. I’ve gained easily 10 lbs!! I can’t figure this out. I’ve been solid for over 3 weeks now. Crazy.

      1. I’ve been on Paleo for 3 months now, and I’m NOT losing! I maintain, and exercise. VERY frustrating, so I feel your pain. I am 46 yrs old, and my body stopped working at 45! I’ve had my hormones checked and got that in check, and no one has been able to help in the last 2 years. I basically have to eat no more than 500 cal/day to lose, or I won’t lose at all! Good luck!

        1. Hi Tracy…it’s kind of counterintuitive but restricting calories a lot can wreak havoc on the body’s hormones and essentially tell your body that you’re in starvation mode. It can become very hard to lose weight that way. It’s important to eat enough to support your basal metabolic rate (you can find calculators on line that can estimate how many calories you should be eating even at rest). If you exercise, you need to eat more.

    5. This is the start of my sixth week eating paleo, results 20 lbs down, and today I saw a friend in the grocery store, and she said I look great, what are you doing to your skin, I told her I started eating paleo, I am not sure what the effects this has on my body, but I’m in it for the long haul, I walk three to four days a week, feeling great, co works are starting to notice, I have to gives thanks to cara for introducing me, too a whole new lol old way of life. Kathy F Conn.

    6. AH! Thanks so much for sharing, Steph! My husband & I just started weaning into Paleo about three months ago. This was a super encouraging read for me!!

    7. Way to go girl! Steph, I must say that I admire your effort to change and the results you got. You look amazing! It is very inspiring to see people having incredible outcomes.

      I agree with Danielle. There are a lot of diets, or I should say, ways to eat healthy that also work besides paleo.

      Although I haven´t tried paleo myself, I think paleo works since I have seen a lot of people having results with it.
      It is very important to cut out the junk food but I think it is equally important to cut the negative emotions not only about eating but about life.

      If you eat the healthiest foods but you have hatred, stress or any other negative feeling you actually contaminate the food you eat.

      You also need to incorporate the food with a lot of healthy habits, like working out and a positive attitude towards your body and life, which I am sure you have done to be able to accomplish your healthy, fit and beautiful body.

    8. Hi Steph! I’m super curious what was causing your fainting spells. Were you ever able to find the reason for them happening, or did they just disappear after you changed they way you ate?

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