• Get This Book: Well Fed 2 (Plus a Chance to Win!)


    Jaws 2.

    Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

    Usually, sequels are never as good as the original (no offense if you really liked those movies I just listed). It’s pretty much an indisputable fact.

    [Spoiler Alert!] The sequel to Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan‘s first cookbook – Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Like to Eat – is easily as kick ass as the first…and dare I say, it may even eclipse its predecessor.

    Back in 2011, when Paleo-land was still like the wild, wild west, I bought my first “dino chow” specific cookbook: Well Fed. It was – and still is – the most used book of cookery in my kitchen, splatters on the pages and all. Mel’s recipes won me over, and to this day I still profess to being her #1 fangirl. [Personally, I’d like to dress up at the Paleo Charlie’s Angels with her and Michelle (Nom Nom Paleo) for Halloween. Can we make that happen?!] Keep reading for your chance to win a copy of Well Fed 2! [edit: the entry period is now closed.]

    The Features DSC_0042Mel returns with her signature layout and features from the first Well Fed, so returning veteran fans will automatically feel like they’ve come home to their favorite slippers…familiar and comforting. All the best stuff is still there, like the clever “You Know How You Could Do That?” recipe variations that gives you ideas for customizing and changing things up.

    She’s increased the font size based on feedback from the first book (score!) and included a tutorial in kitchen basics like chopping and measuring. She’s hooking you up with what amounts to a “how to get started with Paleo”. Everything from Whole30 to autoimmune protocol considerations, from kitchen tool lists to “how to be a Paleo social butterfly” is given some consideration in Mel’s typical lighthearted and fun style.

    The Food DSC_0043I really should thank Mel for saving me money because she’s taken me on two trips around the culinary world with her books. Well Fed 2 will take you to South East Asia to the Middle East to the Caribbean – and everywhere in between. The vibrant pictures will get you drooling (I definitely eat with my eyes first) as you move through the book from spices and sauces to proteins to side dishes. As always, Mel manages to generate massive flavor with squeaky clean Paleo ingredients and makes you excited to eat.

    I had a hard time picking just a couple things to make first, so I went for Jerk Seasoning (p 82), Piña Colada Chicken (p 96) and Kickass Ketchup (p 64). The results? All lip-smacking and belly filling.


    The Jerk Seasoning went great on some oven-roasted chicken thighs (just the perfect amount of spicy) and it went into the Piña Colada Chicken…warm and cuddly with a coconut-based sauce and a bit of sweet pineapple. I couldn’t resist the ketchup, either! If you’re a die-hard Heinz fan, it won’t be the same…because it’s better. Just enough sweetness from dried figs (not yucky corn syrup), balanced by acidity and spice. It was perfect on my yam fries!

    The Verdict? Four Stars

    I’d like to nominate Well Fed 2 for the Paleo version of the Academy Awards. As for a follow up…if there’s a Well Fed 3 in the works, I’d put money on it being a blockbuster! Mel gives you a preview of even more good stuff in this blog post. To pre-order Well Fed 2, click here. It’ll be released on October 22, 2013.

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    Well Fed collage2Want to win your very own copy of Well Fed 2?

    **NOTE: The entry period to win is now closed. Congratulations to Sara L.! If your name is Sara L. please go check your email inbox.

    Thank you to everyone for commenting and sharing your favorite Well Fed recipes. October 22 is almost here!

    Here’s how to enter:

    *Leave one comment below (in this blog post) telling me your favorite recipe from Well Fed (the original) or from Mel’s site, The Clothes Make the Girl. Or, go check out her preview here and tell me which part of Well Fed 2 you’re most psyched about! Entry will close at 11:59 PST on Friday, October 11, 2013.

    The winner will be announced here and also on Facebook. Good luck!

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    357 thoughts on “Get This Book: Well Fed 2 (Plus a Chance to Win!)

    1. The one recipe from Well Fed (The First) I keep coming back to is chocolate chili. I don’t know what can be better than meat with chocolate (okay, cacao). And I can’t wait for the new book and all the recipes. Especially veggies ones (as I always lack imagination for my paleo sides).

      1. I’m excited about the sauces and seasonings section of the second installation of Well Fed!

        Since going Paleo, I find my condiments section rather lacking (and I count salad dressing among this group, so many of my salads have been rather boring!). I have difficulty inventing new and exciting flavors without the use of my previous-life staples (read: soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, and peanut sauce). This’ll be just what I need to kick-start that creativity, I think!

    2. I LOVE the citrus carnitas from Well Fed. With only two in my house, it leaves plenty of leftovers that just get better and better. I recently shared this book with a friend and it was the perfect vehicle for turning them onto paleo eating. There are such great examples of how to play with recipes, changing out parts to transform it that it makes for a nice map of the the simplicity and versatility of eating this way. Thanks!!

    3. I haven’t gotten Well Fed yet but my fav recipe from her site is Paleo Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake With Maple-Vanilla Frosting!!!

    4. I love love love love LOVE her stovetop carnitas from The Clothes make the Girl. Can eat on it for day! Then make again. And repeat.

    5. Ras el Hanout spice blend is amazing! I haven’t had a chance to make many of the recipes yet but the Confetti Cauliflower Rice is quite yummy. 🙂 I’m hoping to make the velvety butternut squash today or tomorrow.

    6. I am constantly going back to the Shepherd’s Pie recipe from Well Fed. In fact, I might bust that out for dinner tonight 😀

    7. I think I like the fact that in the new book it seems like she is going to have a more international theme to the recipes. I love her blog and how easy and relateable she is

    8. I am most psyched about the sauces and seasonings section of this book since I have some trouble whipping up saucy dishes that seem to need something. I don’t know what that something is, but I think it’s in this book!

    9. I agree, the chocolate chili is terrific, but the paleo pad thai is a winner in my house. It’s simple, delicious, and because of it, I now know how to make omelets.

    10. I eat the cocoa toasted cauliflower at least once a week, usually 3-4 times! I am SO addicted! I think that the sauces from Well Fed 2 will be exciting. It’s one of my weakest points in the kitchen so I LOVE new ideas.

    11. I LOVEEE the first well fed! I bought the e-version and read it on the subway to/from work so I can plan what to make for dinner! I just love the idea of steam/sauteeing veggies and mixing them together with proteins & fats 🙂 SO excited for #2!

    12. My favorite recipe from her website is the chocolate chili! It’s a family favorite by far. Close second is her piña colada chicken and calypso “rice”. Totally drool-worthy. So excited about this book!

      1. I really like her recipe for jicama “home fries”. I love jicama raw and have been wondering how else to enjoy this delicious low-carb veggie 🙂

    13. I’m with Vita (comment above). My favorite recipe of Melissa’s is the chocolate chili– I keep coming back to it again and again.

    14. I keep making the pad thai and the sunshine sauce over and over again! They are staples in this Paleo house and we no longer miss take-out Asian! I have been patiently, ok not so patiently but eagerly, awaiting this new book since Mel announced it a while back! Can’t wait!!

      1. Look at all these amazing comments, Mel! You’re well loved and Well Fed 2 is a masterpiece in belly-filling goodness 🙂

    15. I can’t make the Bora Bora Fireballs often enough from Well Fed. So looking forward to Well Fed 2 that I can hardly stand the wait.

    16. The most genius recipe from Well Fed was the caulflower pullao, it’s amazing so much more flavorful that plain old cauli-rice, I would never have thought of that and I’m Indian!! Look forward to exploring more international cuisine with a paleo twist in Well Fed 2 🙂

    17. My favorite part of the original well fed book was the easy recipes (cook a bunch of meat and seasoning and add ‘these’ veggies) bam! Hot plates area fave here 🙂

    18. I have to agree that the chocolate chili has been my favorite so far! I visit her blog frequently because I love the way she writes: funny and honest, but not trying too hard. The tips in the first book on how to cook for the week have been a life-saver for us!

    19. Every single recipe I’ve tried from Well Fed has been delicious. I always have some olive oil mayo in my fridge. I recently made dinner for my brother, who was visiting from out of state. We ate Salmon a L’Afrique du Nord, with Cauliflower Rice Pilaf and El Minzah Orange Salad. It was fabulous, and the leftover Cauliflower Rice Pilaf I ate two days later had, impossibly, improved in flavor! I love theclothesmakethegirl.com, and am looking forward to Well Fed 2!

    20. The recipe I make over and over again from Well Fed is the Shepherd’s Pie….delicious! I can’t wait to try the new recipes from Well Fed 2, but the Magic Dust has me most intrigued.

    21. I can’t just pick one recipe!! But, I did finally get brave enough to make mayo from her book! I really love the helpful tips, like having one day to cook the big batches of meats and prep veggies for the week. Even the example grocery list was hugely helpful to me as a beginner. I’m now starting to add to my spice drawer, so more recipe trying is coming! Can’t wait for the new book! Pick me! Pick me!

    22. I have to say we have several favorites from the first Well Fed. Chocolate Chili is the bomb! We also adore the Shepherd’s Pie as well as The Best Chicken you Could Ever Eat. I cannot wait for the second Well Fed and to get in my kitchen to make all those scrumptious new recipes to put in my belly!

    23. It’s so hard to pick just one – but I have to say the Sunshine Sauce. It’s our go-to for making Pad Thai and for dipping veggies (or to use as salad dressing)! I can’t wait for Well Fed 2 – I wouldn’t have made it through my first Whole30 without the original Well Fed!

    24. Totally the chocolate chili. Everyone I’ve made it for loves it too. I need more veggie ideas since I tend to go easy and make things like salads or just saute some spinach, so I’m looking forward to the side dish recipes.

    25. Okay. I must do two. The coconut chips are my CRACK, and so ridiculously easy to make. BUT, what would life be like without her Sunshine Sauce?? Not worth living, I tell you. Also, taped to the insides of my cupboards are her mayo recipe and the creamy Italian dressing. I’ve already preordered this book, so if I win a copy, it will be some lucky friend’s Christmas gift!

    26. It’s really, really hard to pick a favorite from Well Fed. I love the BBQ Pork Fried Rice, but I think her Pad Thai just nudges it out of first. I cannot wait to get Well Fed 2 (if I don’t win it here!).

    27. I’m looking forward to the quick meal section. With 4 busy kids, sometimes it’s hard to cook dinner every evening.

    28. My most used cookbook is Well Fed, and I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on Well Fed 2! My favorite recipe is Citrus Carnitas, and I don’t even like pork all that much. Funny enough, though, if I haven’t made this in awhile, I start craving it.

    29. I have such a hard time choosing one, but I have been able to narrow it down to two. The chocolate chili and sesame-garlic nori chips. My kids (13, 10, and 7) beg me to make the nori chips. My husband and I are in love with the chili!

    30. Only one recipe…well up until last week it would have been the chocolate chili…well then I made the Meatza Pie for the first time and WOW! It was absolutely delicious! I’m learning to use spices in my cooking so I’m looking forward to trying the jerk seasoning! Thank you so much for all your hard work as it has made paleo/Whole30 cooking SO easy for me! 🙂

    31. I always come back to the Bora Bora Fireballs! So many great flavors in that recipe. I’ve made just about every recipe in Well Fed & have never been disappointed!

    32. Chocolate Chili is a family favorite!! If I were allowed to only make one recipe from the book for the rest of my life, it would be the chili.

    33. I am a fangirl of Melicious too…her book made me feel I could still manage to be a foodie AND stick to my ancestral diet…it gave me hope in what I felt was a sea of boring ideas (but, since then, I give the community credit, because things are a changing). I love the Shepherd’s Pie with the cauliflower mash from her first book…a solid comforting one-pot dish that satisfies so many longings! Can’t wait for #2!

    34. I joined Cross Fit in Cedar Park, TX a few months ago and have been trying to find more information about this amazing new lifestyle. A few weeks ago I was searching for information about Paleo/Cross Fit/Thyroid issues and found Melissa’s spunky and wonderful blog and that we had stuff in common…most importantly an issue with our thyroids (although mine is genetics). I recently started eating Paleo (3 1/2 weeks ago) and have been 98% good and trying to figure out if adopting Paleo in my life can really help my hypothyroidism. I haven’t tried any recipes yet, but I definitely will! My birthday is at the end of the month (29 birthday burpees on the 29th for me!) and I have added Well Fed and Well Fed 2 to my wish list. I am really inspired by Melissa’s story (my sister is a derby girl in Savannah, GA and has the same thyroid issue so I have shared this blog with her) and it really helps to know that there are people out there similar to me and actually live in real places (Yay Austin!). I hope I get both cookbooks so I can keep on the Paleo path, especially to find healthy meals and snacks for Wodapalooza in December – my first ever Cross Fit competition!

      Thanks for reviewing the cookbook and have a lovely day!

    35. I have to admit I am not much of a cook (my husband is); I love to bake. I try to cook by choosing simple (no fail) recipes as much as possible and I did make “Czech Meatballs” from Well Fed book; they were a hit! I am Italian, but these meatballs are to die for!! Thanks for such a great recipe and book! Can’t wait for Well Fed 2 🙂

    36. I have so many favorites from Well Fed but I think I have to go with the Czech meatballs. I’m looking forward to the tools and tips in WF2..I do ok in the kitchen but am always looking for ways to do things better.

    37. I think my favorite recipe is the pad thai. I’ve made it more than anything else in the book, although I’ve never made anything from Well Fed that wasn’t awesome.

    38. To pick a favorite from Well Fed (the original) is crazy-difficult! It is my absolute favorite cookbook and, while I rarely repeat a recipe, I FREQUENTLY do from Well Fed. I think I will go with the scotch eggs because, while a little labor-intensive, they are so amazingly delicious that I have never found another to compare. I’m pretty sure it’s that delectable, porky crust that sends them over the top.

      I have to admit though, my heart is breaking a little bit for all the other favorite recipes that I didn’t mention. 🙂

      I can’t wait for Well Fed 2!!!

    39. Where to start…. Jicama home fries, Best stir-fry sauce ever, Cocoa-toasted cauliflower. I love every recipe I have tried, and so does my family, which says a lot!

    40. The recipes that got my attention from the table of content were the piña colada chicken and the ketchup! Glad you recommend them!

    41. My favourite recipe from Well Fed is the pad Thai, it satisfies my craving for a yummy Asian dish, no take out required! Can’t wait to get Well Fed 2!

    42. I love her mayonaise recipe from the website. First time I ever made mayo at home and it always turns out perfect. Olive oil mayo rules!

    43. Bora Bora Fireballs! Who can’t read Mel’s description and not want to try these! Aside from satisfying my wanderlust for exotic locales, they are sooo good, and great for entertaining. I think I’d better go make some now…

    44. “The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat” is…well the BEST EVER!!! It takes some prep work, especially when doubling the recipe for leftovers- but well worth it! Can’t wait for the sequel!

    45. Oh my, how do I choose a favorite recipe from Well Fed? I loved every one of the sauces, for sure.I can almost taste the Chimichurri right now. The chocolate chili was great. I may have to make that for Halloween this year. I love having a big pot of something tasty simmering on the stove.

      I am possibly most excited about the larger font size at the moment, though I’m truly psyched about Middle Eastern recipes and love her writing style.

    46. My family cannot get enough buffalo chicken salad. We eat it just about every week. I also love the coconut-almond green beans and that amazing baked butternut squash recipe. Melissa’s recipes are so easy to throw together and (generally) please my pickier 8 and 4 year olds. They are also really flexible and can be modified with great success based on what I have on hand. Cheers to another great book!

    47. I have to pick one favorite recipe? Yikes! From the basic stuff (like the very best, easiest and best tasting, plus it-works-every-time-est paleo mayo recipe I’ve ever tried [and I’ve tried them all]) to the cook-all-day stuff (like rogan josh, and now I’m drooling a little bit), I love every recipe in Well Fed. I have to say, switching to paleo cooking (from a more general gluten-free lifestyle) was not hard for me because I love to cook with good, grass-fed and locally grown ingredients, but Melissa Joulwan takes it to the next level, and her first book taught me so much about flavors and techniques and dang, just buying good-quality spices, and also about how to fill the fridge with a week’s worth of tasty and handy food. Plus the side notes and comments crack me up. I love a funny author. But I digress. My favorite recipe, you ask? It depends… Grilled chicken thighs on a Monday night when I’m scrambling for what to feed the kids. Scotch eggs on a sledding weekend (or to pack for my husband to take woodcutting). The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat lopped up on salads at work. Sunshine sauce on anything at any time. My current favorite? Bora Bora fireballs. Because yum. And also because how fun are these little bites, sitting in my fridge, just waiting to be popped into a hungry mouth as I dash in between workouts and kids and life? And also yum… They are making me want to have a party because they would be such a great party food. Sorry I’m carrying on so long, but I really love Well Fed; I really do. Oh, incidentally, we made the meat and spinach muffins for the first time last night (plus Italian herbs and minus the cayenne on behalf of my 10-year-old’s palate); what fun and SO stinkin’ good. I’m going to drop a couple off today for a friend who’s putting heart and soul (and food money) into starting a business because they are little cups of nutritious love and I think he could use that. Alright; I’ll quit now, just so long as you understand I could keep going on. Remember: you asked!
      ps: Plus also, Melissa Joulwan taught me the best ever way to cook a spaghetti squash. You can’t beat that.

    48. What don’t I love in Well Fed??? Meatza Pie, Sunshine Sauce. Ditto on the mayo. But I guess if I had to only make one recipe, it would have to be Baba Ghanoush. A bowlful of sugar snap peas and carrot sticks to dip into it, and I’m a very very happy camper!

    49. Thanks for the review, I was so excited to hear about Well Fed 2. I love love love the Sunshine Sauce in Well Fed. I use it ALL the time! I think I am most looking forward to what new sauces are in the Well Fed 2 cookbook.. and also some new chicken recipes.

    50. What I love more than anything from Well Fed is the confidence to just do whatever I want with my veg. I realise that most of the cooking I do on a day to day basis, although not following her recipes directly, are inspired by or loosely based on her recipes. So what’s she’s done, in a way is liberated me from following recipe books. There are too many of her recipes that I love and are awesome every single time: Olive Oil Mayo, Coconut Butter, Best Chicken Ever, Creamy Market Kale, (has revolutionised my greens), Ras-el-Hanout (which has changed my life)….the list goes on. In fact every time I think I’m going to end that list I keep thinking of another awesome recipe. But, since I had it for lunch today, the Czech Meatballs spring to mind (although I added grated apple and cooked them up in a simple tomato sauce). However, my favouritest, most useful and referred-to take away from Melissa Joulwan’s first book has got to be: ‘You are now a veggie-eating machine.’

    51. I make her Scotch Eggs weekly, in fact it’s for lunch today! The best to-go, on the go lunch ever, and no utensils required.

    52. I think ‘how to be social’ with paleo is what I am really looking forward to. It always makes me sound picky or as if I am on my own very high horse. I would love to see how it is handled in Well Fed 2.

    53. I am in love with the Thyme-Braised Short Ribs from Mel’s site and Well Fed 2. I love braised meat and short ribs are my ultimate favorite!

    54. The ‘My favorite chili’ is great-I love all chili recipes for fall and winter time-they’re so comforting and yummy!

    55. I love the chocolate chili. It freezes well and makes a great last minute lunch. I can’t wait to see the new Well Fed!

    56. The chocolate chili is my favorite but I also swear by the olive oil mayo. Well Fed was such an awesome book and helped me through 3 Whole30s as well as transition to a mostly paleo life. I can’t wait for book 2!

    57. My favorite recipe from the original Well Fed is Shepherds Pie, hands down. I’m really looking forward to trying Faux Pho and Crisp-Sweet Collards!

    58. Cauliflower rice & carnitas. Looking forward to seeing more dessert recipes, the layout and the pictures. Thanks for making this amazing cookbook 🙂

    59. It’s so hard to pick one favourite, but the one I probably make most often is the Waldorf Tuna Salad. It’s so quick to make (and I eat both servings myself…).

    60. Sunshine sauce!!!! I love the ginger and the lime combo…
      I love how her book inspires me to eat delicious food that is actually good for me!
      I looked at the preview and honestly, every single recipe looks outstanding already!! The deconstructed gyro, the belly dance beet salad, the pear and bacon bites…I mean seriously, Melissa is a genius!! I love her!
      Thanks for your blog and for sharing this info!!!
      <3 <3 <3

    61. Paleo Pad Thai and Sunshine sauce! Yummy! It’s my go to meal and love love love Sunshine sauce. Make extra just so I can dip veggies and fruit. Mayo was a big hit too, and so easy. Can’t wait for Well Fed 2!

    62. My favorite recipe from Mel’s site is Moroccan Sirloin w/ Fig Pistachio Butter and Sweet Potato Home Fries, because it has my favorites (pistachio, pink-ish Sirloin, sweet potato, and spices). It looks fresh and mouth watering!

    63. I am not the best cook! So aside from all of the awesome recipes, I am so excited for the lessons on chopping, measuring and other detailed instruction for making sure my meals don’t go to shambles! Plus, I’m still building out my paleo pantry, so I’m definitely going to spend time reading through those pages!

    64. My 4 year old loves the chocolate chili and my 2 year old loves the phad Thai! We make them every other week. It’s pretty much our favorite cookbook.

    65. I love so many recipes in Well Fed, mayo, sunshine sauce, “sushi”!!!!
      Melissa’s Sushi is probably easiest “fast Food” in the world for me.

    66. My fave recipe(s) are simple: the spice
      Blends! They are so versatile and allow me to make so many yummy, CLEAN things. Yay for Mel!

    67. I just got the book (on Steph’s recommendation) and I’m absolutely thrilled! My favorite recipe (hard to choose) is Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat. I also love the Ras al Hanoot — I put it on most of my meats. The thing I’m looking most forward to in the new book is the variety of ethnic flavors. When someone asks what is my favorite food, I always answer “Ethnic” so this is right up my alley! Hope it also will be available as an eBook very soon.

    68. Bora Bora Fireballs over Cauliflower Rice with Sunshine Sauce. Close second is the Chocolate Cauliflower. Weirdest recipe? the Jicama Potato Salad (cause you have to cook the Jicama for so long!)

    69. IMPOSSIBLE!! EVERYTHING is so amazingly tasty.
      If I must choose: Velvety Butternut Squash. The Ras el Hanout, roasted garlic, cinnamon, coconut milk and egg make the most delicious dish ever. It’s the Hubz favorite hands down.

      I am most excited to make Mulligatawny in Well Fed 2. I admit, I miss Indian food!

    70. My favorite from Well Fed would have to be the Chocolate Chili; it really is difficult to pick just one though. Also really loved the Shepard’s Pie and Zucchini Noodle Aglio et Olio. I’m excited about the “you know what you could do with that” part – genius for a cookbook!

    71. I have pre-ordered “Well Fed 2” via Amazon months ago…so I am personally set. But I have a good friend who is evolving her journey of clean eating to battle an auto-immune issue that causes her severe cysts. She is effectively treating herself as if she had Celiacs. But the auto-immune protocols of the Whole30 and the Well Fed cookbooks may open up horizons for her as well. If I were to get this copy of the book, my plan was to send it to her along with a copy of “ISWF.”

    72. I love all the recipes in Well Fed but my favorites are the grilled chicken thighs and the garlic browned meat recipes. Paired with a roasted veggie, they are definitely my go to recipes when I need to get a quick yet great tasting meal on the table for my busy family. I am so looking forward to Well Fed 2 and would love to win a copy!

    73. It’s so hard to choose a favorite recipe from Well Fed! We have a dozen paleo cookbooks, but Well Fed is hands down our favorite – everything is just so GOOD. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Shepherds Pie, followed closely by the Chocolate Chili and Sunshine Sauce. YUM!

    74. Bora Bora Fireballs! I’ve had Well Fed and used it extensively for about 9 months. Just recently tried this recipe and am kicking myself for not doing so sooner. SO good!

    75. I just made her Thyme Braised Short Ribs from her sneak peek on her blog this weekend! My family LOVED itl My 7 year old picked at the bowl of shredded short ribs for dinner and had to gently ask her to stop picking at it. She gobbled it up with a side of kohlrabi slaw. I’ve been such a huge of an of Melissa’s blog and her first book. I hope I get to win this 2nd installment!

    76. Sunshine sauce, coconut almond green beans, rogan josh, coconut chips (omg)… and clearly, based on the comments, I need to get making the bora bora fireballs ASAP.

    77. Just looked at the TOC for #2. Wow! Everything looks so good! Can’t wait for this book! I make her sunshine sauce a lot. Love it!

    78. I came across your blog and review because I love theclothesmakethegirl. I recently made Mel’s ginger Zucchini soup. It was so creamy and comforting! I’m trying to get my family to slowly convert to a more paleo diet, so having Well Fed 2 on hand would definitely be a push in the right direction.

    79. The scotch eggs! My husbands goes crazy over them!
      What I really like about the original Well Fed book is that it’s not full of recipes that push the Paleo boundaries (like dessert recipes that use lots of non-wheat based flours). I like how her recipes are a very clean and authentic Paleo. Well Fed was the first Paleo cookbook I owned and has been an inspiration.

    80. The Sunshine Sauce/Pad Thai from Well Fed is a staple in our house!
      I can’t wait to see what goodies Well Fed 2 has to offer.

    81. Oh, how I LOVE Mel and the original Well Fed cookbook! My ultimate standby is her luscious olive oil mayo. So much better than store bought! The citrus pork carnitas is also oh-so-delicious!!

    82. I make Scotch Eggs all the time, in fact it was lunch yesterday and again today. Best to-go, on-the-go lunch, and no utensils!
      Salmon a L’Afrique Du Nord – the best dang salmon ever!

    83. Gah, forgot to mention what I’m most excited about it #2! Probably the condiments (hello, kickass ketchup). Yes, most definitely the glorious condiments!!

    84. I am obsessed with the Cinnamon Beef Stew. I just made it this week and it gets better every time.

      Melissa is an amazing author and Well Fed is seriously the best cookbook I have ever owned.

    85. I do not have the first Well Fed book, but it’s on my wish list. Well Fed always pops up as a suggestion for me on Amazon, so I was aware of it. It wasn’t until I came across Melissa’s blog one day searching for some unique meatball flavor ideas, that I finally gave the book some attention… and now I WANT her books… but can’t decide which one to start with… I’m sure I’ll eventually own both of them. I like trying new flavors and combining unexpected ingredients. I have made Melissa’s “favorite chili” recipe (with the chocolate) from her site and my husband and I loved it! I’m from Cincinnati and it reminded me of Skyline Chili (Cincinnati Chili). I see that there is a “Cincinnati” chili recipe in Well Fed 2 that will most likely be the first recipe I make!

    86. Ok, so not really a recipe, but I love her post “dress up your broccoli”. Nothing worse than eating plain steamed broccoli over and over and over and over…..until you feel like you’re turning into a piece of broccoli.

    87. Our family favorite is the pad thai with sunshine sauce. My husband is in love with pad thai! So the fact that I was able to replicate his favorite dish with compliant ingredients was amazing! My favorite is the quick curry dish. I’m a sucker for curry.

      I am most excited about all the new flavors in Well Fed 2. I’m no novice in the kitchen, but Melissa got me using spices I had never touched before. I’ve loved curries and noddle dishes from the east most of my life but never had the guts to try to make them myself.

      Thanks for the chance to win!

    88. Sunshine Sauce! Good on so many things, not just meats and not just veggies – both!!!
      (Love Well-Fed 1 – really expanded my Paleo menu!)

    89. Hi!! There are so many to pick from!! Her pizza seasoning, chimichurri sauce, best chicken, bora bora balls, baba ganoush. SO MANY!! I’m excited for her new sauces, they make my easy paleo meals delicious 🙂

    90. I love the Chocolate Chili! The Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat was a HUGE hit last night! The spagettii squash tips were very helpful for my first time!!!!

    91. Mel’s book Well Fed has helped me repair my relationship with food after an eating disorder. Her delicious recipes like chocolate chili and rogan josh have kept me happily eating on the road to recovery! I am so excited for her new book to come out!

    92. My spoil-the-cave-husband recipe is Paleo Pad Thai from Well Fed. The sunshine sauce has changed my world of chicken and veggies. Favorite veggie from the original: zucchini noodles! Thank you so much, Mel. 🙂

    93. Seriously? I have to choose ONE? Please don’t make me choose. The bora bora balls… no, wait… the Chocolate chili! The chocolate chili is definitely my favorite! At least this week. Next week, perhaps back to the bora bora balls.

    94. For me, it would be the whole section on protein. I’m new to the Paleo way of eating and I am transitioning from mostly vegetarian protein to animal protein, so I think this section will be most helpful to me.

    95. I love love the Bora Bora Fireballs, they are just amazing — especially when paired with the sunshine sauce! I thought they would be hard to make but the instructions in Well Fed are so clear and easy to follow.

    96. Don’t have her book (yet) but the mayo recipe & instructions on her site have been my go-to and allowed me to make an awesome emulsion which can then be morphed into untold varieties of deliciousness. My food processor is working overtime, but the house is full of happy tummies!

    97. I am excited about the Old School Italian Meat Sauce in Well Fed 2. I own the original Well Fed and the carnitas recipe is wonderful.

    98. My favorite from Well Fed is the Pad Thai. I also love the mayo which I make all the time and it turns out perfect thanks to the easy directions. I can’t wait to get my hands on Well Fed 2!

    99. I’m most excited about the seasonings like the Merguez seasoning! My husband and I love cooking with lots of rubs and seasonings but so many have sugar we’ve begun making up our own and using rub recipes from paleo cookbooks. The Italian meat sauce recipe looks amazing too!!

    100. I’M NEW TO PALEO, so I’m SUPER excited for this and in dire need of RECIPES!
      I checked the “preview” of WF2 and I’m most looking forward to the “Deconstructed Gyro”. I worked at an Italian restaurant (The Mad Italian) for 5 years (starting at 15 years old). The restaurant was owned by a Greek man and he always had THE best Gyros. Needless to say I was a hefty teenager. I need these back in my life!

    101. The mayonnaise is a staple fat in my weekly meal plans, and the spice combinations are food for my own creations. The new book looks amazing.

    102. I can’t wait for Well-fed 2… The first one’s section on weekly cookups and hot plates was just a wealth of info on weekly food prep. I learned so much from it!

      *My favorite recipe: Bora Bora fireballs
      *My most used recipe: Mayo (as in, I have it memorized and I make at least 3 batches a month, which I then turn into chicken/tuna salad, veggie dip, salad dressing, etc, etc… that’s why it’s so awesome!)
      *My extended (non-paleo) family’s favorite: Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat… brining was a new concept for me & that spice rub is so good 🙂

      I just know Mel will have a bunch of amazing new recipes and helpful tips in the next book!

    103. My hubby and I just finished our first Whole 30 yesterday, and Well Fed was a MAJOR help. My husband who is usually picky eater when it comes to “healthy” foods loved all the recipes from Well Fed, I think one of our favorites was the Moroccan Meatballs…sooo yummy! I’m so excited to try out the new Well Fed 2 and continue our journey to being healthier, and way better fed!

    104. MY fave ( & mine alone as no one else eats it) is the Olive Oil mayo

      THE ENTIRE FAMILY (including the pickiest of puck yesterday around here) are, hands down, Chocolate Chili fans. Once a week it’s on the meal plan and occasionally, they even leave enough for Momma to eat 😛

    105. If I weren’t already married, I’d propose to the Paleo Mayo on The Clothes that Make the Girl. I am currently involved in an obsessive [albeit healthy] relationship with balsamic vinegar, so my vote for must-try recipe is: Balsamic Grilled Butternut. 🙂

    106. The Plantain Nachos look incredible! My mouth has been watering all morning thinking about those bad boys! That is the ultimate comfort food for me since I am Latin and I cannot wait to try them!!!!

    107. I have to pick just one?! Then I guess it’s Melissa’s Egg Foo Young. The sauce is absolutely delicious drizzled on veggies, so I always make at least a double batch.

    108. My favourite recipe is the one for Scotch Eggs. It was the first real paleo recipe I’d ever tried. It didn’t turn out as the one in the book, so I emailed Melissa to ask her about it. She responded quite quickly with suggestions and tips for me to try for the next time I tried it.

    109. I’ve been following Mel since I started my paleo journey in 2011 and I LOVE her blog, style of writing, and recipes. My favorite recipe is her silky gingered zucchini soup….when I make it I end up eating it for every meal. I would love to win a copy of her book!

    110. I just got “Well Fed” in the Harvest Bundle, so I haven’t tried all the recipes yet, but of all the recipes on “The Clothes Make The Girl,” the one I’ve made the most in the Meatza Pie, tons of varieties! LOVE IT!!!

    111. It doesn’t get any better than the chocolate chili! I’m excited for tons of new recipes and another beauty of a cookbook to add to the collection!

    112. Using white peaches, our favorite is Melissa’s Peach Almond Crisp from the original Well Fed book. It is definitely a bit of heaven! I envision making the Italian Meat Sauce from Well Fed 2 to go over our spaghetti squash and meatballs. A warm winter dinner after shoveling snow.

    113. So excited to see the new Well Fed! It is hard to choose a favorite – either the Moroccan meatballs or the Chili. In the end, it turns out I use the pesto, mayo and sausage spice mixes almost weekly. One of my best (most well-loved/used) cookbook purchases ever! Hope to win the next one here!

    114. My entire family loves your first book. Our favorites are the Bora Bora Fireballs and the Carnitas but we wouldn’t turn our nose up at a single one of the recipes, they are all AMAZING!!

    115. My favorite recipe form Well Fed is the Pecan Butternut Squash, yum! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in Well Fed 2. Thanks 🙂

    116. I love the recipe for Paleo Mayo. I love this stuff. It always turns out so delicious and I use it on everything. Thank you so much for all these wonderful recipes.

    117. The mayo recipe from Well Fed is my fave so far. I’ll admit, though, I haven’t tried too many of her other recipes yet. (And the mayo came out perfectly on my first try!) Thanks for the chance to win this!

    118. I really dig the sauce section. I am ALL ABOUT THE SAUCES! Plus, the recipe pages layout rocks! I hate trying to parse out the important parts of a recipe while making it. The layout will be easy to use while in the kitchen.

    119. I always read cook books like sci-fi…really cool, ain’t gonna happen. However, I have made pretty much all the recipes in Well Fed! My fav hands down are the Cumin Roasted Carrots, with the Ras El Hanout being a close second (I put that on everything). I CAN NOT WAIT for the sequel? Who knows…perhaps it will win the Oscar just like The Godfather Part II?

    120. Just got a copy of well fed and made baba ghanoush for my hubby. It was amazing!! We have had plenty for days worth of left overs and its a great way to get in some veggies!!

    121. I adore her middle-eastern inflected recipes! But my favorite recipe is her blue ribbon country chicken…a little bit more work than my usual recipes, but so worth the effort. Very excited for the next installment of well fed!

    122. i have to choose just one?! LOL!! I LOVE the Chocolate Chili and the Grilled Chicken Thighs are new staple in our house. Can’t wait for Well Fed 2!!!

    123. Ok so my all time favorite dish out of Well Fed is the chocolate chili. My favorite side dish out of Well Fed is the zucchini noodles… I can’t remember the name! Very similar to the comfort noodles on her blog. Love them both!!

    124. I LOVE the Pina Colada Chicken recipe from her site and the Bora Bora Meatballs from the book. I’m trying to convert my husband to Paleo with me and those recipes moved him closer to the edge.

    125. I love, love, love the Citrus Carnitas from Well Fed. The last time I made them I ate the whole batch in just two days. I really want to try that Pina Colada Chicken from Well Fed2.

    126. Mel’s Ras-el-Hanout spice has become a staple in my house as well as her mayo recipe and everyone’s favorite chocolate chili.

    127. So hard to pick a favorite, but I LOVE the Moroccan Dipping Sauce from Well Fed with the Best chicken you’ll ever eat or some of the meatballs!

    128. I love Jicama Home Fries but I do them with rutabaga! My husband’s and my all time favorite is Pad Thai with her Sunshine Sauce. AH-MAZE-ING. I could eat it every day. Forever.

    129. Looking at the preview for Well Fed 2, I would love to try out the deconstructed Gyros! I am in love with gyros. Sooo good.

    130. I think my parents fear vegetables. Sometimes jokingly, they wonder if I am their kid. Therefore; I am thankful for cauliflower rice.

    131. Sweet & Salty Fudge Bombs
      Because if there is anything worth waiting for and letting go for a moment, then this is all of life’s questions answered. In a ball. With a grain of salt.

    132. I love all the recipes and her meal planning section, hot plates saved my life! Every week I make big batches of Citrus Carnitas, Chocolate chilli, Captain Chicken and steam saute most of the veggies and make mayo and sunshine sauce and also best stir fry sauce .. Yummm paleo is soo good !

    133. I have to say her Zucchini soup is awesome. Even my zucchini hating husband loved it :). Being on AIP, I haven’t been able to try as many of Mel’s recipes as I want to but I’m so hoping that my elimination stage will show that I can tolerate spices. So far the Well Fed has drool marks all over it :). Can’t wait for 2nd book to come out!!

    134. I am really excited about the deconstructed gyro recipe. I love gyros but mine never taste truly authentic. I’m sure Melissa can fix that!

    135. Ranch Dressing. Really? Ranch dressing with NO dairy?! How can anything get better than that?!!!

      Well Fed has become the gift I give newlyweds. How can I help them start a better life together than that?

    136. Rogan Josh hands down! No wait, Chocolate Chili…the Waldorf Tuna is yummy and I’m not a huge tuna fan to begin with 🙂 Bora Bora Fireballs rock! It’s all good– a collection of recipes that make the “happy tummy dance” a certainty at the dinner table!

    137. I am in love with Mel’s mayo recipe – hands-down the BEST Paleo mayo on the planet – and I’m gonna go with the scotch eggs. Yum! Can’t wait to see the new cookbook 🙂

    138. My favorite recipe from well fed is Scotch eggs. There are so tasty and versatile. I also love hot plates,. They are filled with veggies and leftover proteins, but mainly quick delicious Paleo meals! I am so looking forward to well fed 2 🙂

    139. The chocolate chili helped make my dad a paleo convert, and it convinced him to do a whole30 with me, so that one is DEFINITELY a winner in my book. And I ALSO, love the sausage seasoning… because now I can make any meat taste like sausage. And that is what makes the world such a great place. CAN’T WAIT for the sequel!

    140. CRISPY CHICKEN LIVERS! That sounds delicious! I also love the “Weekly Cookup” info in the first book and I’m looking forward to more helpful time-saving tips 🙂

    141. Sunshine sauce, all day everyday!

      Of course you put that into the paleo pad thai which everyone I have made it for has loved!

    142. I really love her “Best Chicken Ever” along with her cauliflower rice variation with green peppers and carrots. Also goes well with her cucumber salad recipe. I am most excited to make that Italian meat sauce! looks so rich and filling…and meaty lol

    143. Love her Shepherds Pie but what makes me really, really love her book is the way she plays with the ingredients so you can make a couple different meals with the same recipe. She has such a great voice in her writing style. Cannot wait to get my hands on her new book! Looking forward to adding some new recipes to my menu!

    144. Hot Plates. Honestly, I was losing my mind every week trying to figure out how I’d eat. With work, an overcrowded house and limited kitchen time/space, I was practically eating nothing but scrambled eggs.
      But on my days off when I can play.. I’d say the Pad Thai is my favorite.

      I’m soooo excited for Well Fed 2!

    145. Love, love love the mayonaisse recipe from Well Fed 1. And, the Scotch eggs, and the stir fry sauce! And the you know how you could do that. But my FAVE is the Ras el Hanout! It transforms everything it’s sprinkled on…and my teens didn’t know what hit ’em! Also, I really benefited from the cookup discussion. It just helped me get in the routine of it, and get organized. I am super excited for the sauces part or Well Fed 2, plus other seasoning combos.

    146. Favorite recipe from Well Fed 1 is the chili. We have it at *least* once a month.

      The pad thai is also delicious (but requires effort, so happens less often)

    147. I love the pad thai with sunshine sauce….and I cannot wait to get my hands on well fed 2! My favourite paleo book in my collection!

    148. My favorite recipe is the The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat. Ever. It’s been a staple of the first two Whole 30s I did this year. So much flavor! And I’m most excited about is having more recipes for future Whole 30s!

    149. It is a hard choice to say which is my favorite Joulwen recipe. My 5 year old loves her chocolate chili and peach crisp. I make the cumin scented carrots at least a couple of times a week. Her recipe “best chicken you’ve ever eaten” lives up to its name. Oh- and the soups: butternut/bacon and ginger/zucchini! I am so excited for the new cookbook!

    150. A good BBQ sauce is what I miss with the Paleo diet. I look forward to her tips for Whole30. All the sauces and seasonings will make my meals so different and exciting; I’m excited about those!

    151. Really silly repeats….chocolate chile, best chicken, every dressing/condiment in ‘sauces and seasonings chapter….mayo (hated mayo before olive oil mayo, creamy spice market kale and I make Brussels sprouts this way, too,, Yummo for all recipes and I cannot wait for ketchup recipe to top every egg there ever was! Miss Heinz ketchup so much.

      Feels like I’m waiting for a friend to deliver the baby on the 22nd,,

      Can’t wait,,

    152. Chocolate Chili! Was just thinking about that with the weather getting cool. And I make nori chips and coconut chips. A lot!

    153. I just finished my second whole30 and I can’t believe I did two without the first WellFed book. Looking forward to exploring the recipes in WellFed2 including the balsamic butternut and the beet salad.

    154. Kickass ketchup???? Stop it. I need it…now. With a small degree of shame I admit to being a ketchup junkie and I miss it so dearly. Any attempts I have made to make my own come out tasting like Ragu spaghetti sauce…gross!! I literally cannot wait for this book!!!!

    155. Mel is my hero! I was struggling with weight and found Well Fed and immediately started trying recipes. I’ve lost over 45 lbs in the last 6 months because of Well Fed and exercise. My favorite go to, easy meal is the Grilled Chicken Thighs. It is the easiest thing to make and it NEVER disappoints. I have fed guests, kids, and co-workers this EASY and YUMMY meal with either a salad or some fruit. I also LOVE Mel’s The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat. Brine that chicken for a day or two and you will have a very happy Paleo tummy. I can’t wait to get my hands on Well Fed 2!!

    156. My favorite recipe so far is actually the mayonnaise!!! such a simple recipe but one i was never brave enough to try until i bought her book!! loooove it!

    157. It’s so hard to pick just one recipe. The one I make the most often in her mayo, followed by the sausage seasoning. My favorite is the Greek cinnamon stew, but my family loves cottage pie.

    158. I can’t lie, I enjoy a lot Melissa’s recipes, but I think my all time fav is probably her Ginger-Lime Grilled Shrimp from the original Well Fed. My family loved it and it’s definitely one of my go-tos. I’m really excited to see what she’s got cooking in her new book! 🙂

    159. Coconut-almond green beans! Have to be my all time favorite. And it’s is so true what she says about making a double batch!

    160. From Well Fed – my favorite recipe is the Coconut Almond Green Beans. Excellent. They will be a new Thanksgiving Tradition instead of that old casserole.

      Well Fed 2: Well the whole thing of course. I look forward to continue the Paleo journey that was started in Well Fed.

      I also want to taste the Kickass Ketchup!

    161. the sunshine sauce in well fed 1 is ADDICTING! i’m also excited for all the meatball variations since i’m always looking for more interesting ways to use all the grass fed ground beef i buy when it’s on sale!

    162. I love Well Fed and personally recommend to anyone who is remotely interested in eating Paleo. I love her weekly cookups and hot plate ideas, but my family absolutely LOVES the Rogan Josh!

    163. Hi! I’m Rachael and I am very very very excited about the entire veggies&salad portion. I really need new vegetable recipes. So glad I found this website! Thank you 🙂

    164. I LOVE Well Fed, and I am super excited about Well Fed 2 coming out. I would say the Sunshine Sauce, the Bora Bora Fireballs, and the Chimichurri sauce are my favorite recipes.

      First recipe on my list will be the Pina Colada Chicken.


    165. I’m definitely looking forward to the new book. The grilled butternut squash looks awesome. I never think to do something with it whole like that, I always just want to put it in soup.

    166. I have Well Fed 1 and it is great! If I have to pick, I will say Chocolate Chili – only bad thing is I can’t stop eating it 🙂

    167. OMG don’t get me started! I love love love the pot pie recipe from Well Fed. My entire family is so in love too they ask me every week like clockwork “are we having pot pie tonight?”. Love it and all the recipes. We make our own mayo for the kids sandwiches and they don’t even know it! Thanks for a great book!

    168. My favorite recipe in Well Fed (first paleo cookbook I purchased!) by far has to be the Shepard’s Pie. It is a go to meal in my house at least twice a month. I am looking forward to the many options that Melissa offers in all her recipes in Well Fed 2.

    169. She made a deconstructed hamburger salad that I tried. I had never thought of it, so simple so filling, so good. Make it often. Also love “the best chicken you’ve ever had” Scotch eggs, and a multitude of awesome meatball recipes. Making Bora Bora Fireballs this weekend. 🙂

    170. My favorite is the egg foo yong recipe and the sauce in the recipe I use over and over for many things. It has been a life savor.

    171. My Well Feed, is pretty stained at page 105 = Meat and Spinach muffins – the P E R F E C T Post-WO-meal!!!
      Or else, I would say “Golden Cauliflower Soup – I have at least 1 bag of this in the freezer 😉

    172. Favorite recipe from the blog…hmmm…how to choose…? Now that its fall I’m in the pumpkin mood, so at this very moment it would be Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake with Maple-Vanilla Frosting.

    173. There are so many great recipes, it’s impossible to choose just one! I’ll say that Pizza Soup makes the most frequent appearance in my kitchen.
      Can’t wait for Well Fed2!

    174. One? You want just One? Impossible. Here are my top 3 from Well Fed: Bora Bora Fireballs, Citrus Carnitas and Chocolate Chili. Really my Favorite thing from Well fed is the meal prep – Hot Plate idea. It provides endless variety with one good prep per week. Brava!

    175. I have a hard time choosing just one from Well Fed! Love the Paleo Pad Thai and Citrus Carnitas, but I am always passing her mayo recipe on to my friends and family. So excited for Well Fed 2!

    176. My favorite recipe from Well Fed is the Eggplant-Italian Sausage Strata – but you have to wait until day 2! I made it, had some right out of the oven and thought, “Oh well, it’s edible, but I probably won’t be making this again.” But there was a lot left over, so I wrapped it up, put it in the fridge, and had a piece the next day for lunch. OMG – you wouldn’t have thought it was the same dish! Everything blended, and the eggplant had morphed from slightly slimy into creamy, and it was the yummiest thing ever.

    177. It is so hard to pick just one favorite! Mel is a paleo genius and I always get people coming back for seconds and thirds when I make one of her recipes. My favorite recipe from the first book would be a tie between chocolate chili and paleo pad Thai. I can’t wait to get the new book and start trying some new flavors.

    178. Our favorite recipe is the Italian Sausage & Eggplant Strata. I am guilty of preparing it twice a week. My hubby refuses to eat any other way. We’ve gotten rave reviews from our non-paleo friends when we’ve prepared the Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata. We are looking forward to Well Fed 2!!! 🙂

    179. My absolute FAVORITE dish and somewhat of a go to is the Pad Thai! I can’t get enough of the “peanut” sauce I am drooling just thinking about it. I am most excited about the entire book! How can I pick just one thing? I started my blog because of this cookbook and her endearing struggle with food and weight. So if I had to pick one thing it would be the new side dishes. I love to cook but figuring out what to go with the main dish is hard.

    180. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shepherds pie! But seriously we havent made anything in Well Fed that we havent loved! Thank you for making a second book! I was at Barnes & Noble today & asked for a copy not realizing it comes out next week.

    181. Bora Bora Fireballs are not only my favorite recipe from Well Fed, they are my favorite paleo recipe PERIOD! I’m obsessed, and can’t wait to see what awesomeness is in Well Fed 2!!

    182. I loved Mel’s mayonnaise recipe – I thought I’d never be able to have mayo again, because the store brands are so icky. And, I love the writing on her blog – she’s funny, and she’s very kind in responding back to comments too. Awesomeness!

    183. I absolutely love the Chocolate Chili recipe in the first book!! I’m most excited about the Hoisin Sauce recipe! 🙂 I love trying to create the recipes I learned from my mother growing up and Paleofying some of the Chinese items I was used to cooking has proved challenging!

    184. The one that I make the absolute MOST is the homemade mayo. Use it on everything and in all my recipes and make it about once a week. My copy of WF 1 is all dog eared and covered in cooking ingredients, just like you’d love to see of any cookbook!

    185. I’m pretty new, only 6 months into this wonderful way of life. Ironically I was at a friend house last weekend and she shared “Eat Well” with me. I took a picture of the book so I could order it when I got back from vacation. Another friend of mine posted the Bora Bora Fireballs a couple of days ago and I traced it back to Stupid Easy Paleo LOL I tell people all the time to friend her on Facebook, so they stop asking me “WELL what can you eat” I don’t know why I didn’t pay attention to her book? I am looking forward to the recipes for sure but the information she has on the preparedness is going to be a big help to me.

    186. Well… I was going to say that I was most excited for the sauces and condiments section (I think a lot of us are intimidated by things like this) but I looked through the preview and now I honestly can’t decide what I am most excited for. So I guess what I am looking forward to most is the inspiration. I am comfortable cooking paleo but it ends up being the same old stuff day after day. This book is full of recipes that utilize ingredients that I have on hand all the time but in ways that I never thought of using them.

    187. The burger toppings!

      I always feel guilty not being able to offer more variety with burgers and I have loved making my own condiments!


    188. Mayo might not seem like a big deal to everyone. I, however, am not much of a cook. I am also new to paleo. When I made the olive oil mayo in my blender it did exactly what Mel said it would, change in pitch while blending and all! I tasted it and it was silky and delicious. I was so jazzed and so proud! Can’t wait to get my hands on Well Fed 2!

    189. I am new to Stupideasypaleo.com. I found this post on facebook and
      thought I would try to enter. I don’t have a favorite recipe but I bet
      they’re all good.

    190. I ADORE Well Fed!!! I have several Paleo friendly cookbooks and I’ve been using Well Fed exclusively ever since receiving it about a year ago! My favorite recipe is the cauliflower rice. I love how Mel offers several variations of each recipe! My favorite variation of my favorite recipe is the Pilaf as it has a Moroccan flare….with raisins, cinnamon, garlic….scrumptious marriage of great flavors!

    191. I am on my second month of being paleo and I didn’t buy the first one because I knew a second one was coming out. And I’m not down with getting something when I knew the sequel would be even better! I would love to cook some of the recipes from the paleo king and queen! Mmmmm food!

    192. It may sound stupid, but my favorite recipe from Well Fed is the mayo. I had given mayo up as a teenager because I knew it was just full of nasty stuff. Even after 15 years though, I still missed the creamy goodness on veggies, in our deli/veggie rolls and deviled eggs. When I found the mayo in Well Fed, it was like I was a kid again. Even my hubby, who HATES mayo, loves deviled eggs with our homemade mayo.

      Can’t wait for Well Fed 2!

    193. I love her olive oil mayo. I’m new to paleo cooking, day 27 of my first whole30. I’ve just finished looking at the free 30 page Well Fed PDF and I’m excited to buy my copy of the original Well Fed. Glad to see she also has a new collection coming out.

    194. The Pad Thai recipe has been a long-standing favorite from the first Well Fed. With this dish, I have proved to several friends and family members that going Paleo does not mean you have to sacrifice taste, flavor, or variety. And since today is actually my birthday, I think Well Fed 2 would make a lovely birthday gift 🙂

    195. I was just introduced to her website the other day and signed up for her newsletter! I’m going to be making the Bora Bora Meatballs this weekend!

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