• The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30…It’s a Wrap!

    Before I get into this, major high-fives to everyone who’s doing their Whole30 now and / or about to finish up!! It’s an accomplishment for sure.

    Maybe you saw my Whole30 post on the Stupid Easy Paleo Facebook page or stumbled upon it here by chance. Maybe you started on June 17 or a few days before / after. Or maybe you’re about to embark on one soon. Whichever category you’re in, I sincerely applaud you.

    To honor your [impending] success, I’m throwing a little virtual celebration…because who doesn’t like a good party!

    1: Brag a Little (Hey, You’ve Earned It!)

    Upload this nifty banner as your Facebook cover photo by right clicking to save or pin it on Pinterest!

    Or, you can copy and paste the following code into your blog / website to display the banner in widget form:

    <a href=http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30/><img src=http://whole9life.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/finishedwhole30.jpg border =0 alt=The Whole30 Program, created by Whole9></a>

    2: Share Your Story in the Comments Below

    I invite you to respond to this post and share two things:

    1) What you lost during your Whole30 (cravings, bad habits, weight, etc) and

    2) What you gained during your Whole30 (something you learned about yourself, better sleep, appreciation of a new food, etc).

    3: Get a Photo of Your Favorite Whole30 Recipe Shared

    If you’re creative and good with a camera, send a original photo of your favorite Whole30-friendly recipe to [email protected] by the end of Sunday, July 27th. If it’s an original recipe, please include all the ingredients and directions. If it’s from someone’s book or website, please include that information. I’ll be selecting three photos to share on the Stupid Easy Paleo Facebook page and Instagram!

    Congratulations again to everyone!

    A special note

    If you didn’t make it all the way through your Whole30 without falling off the wagon, I encourage you to start again. It sometimes helps to write down why you think you failed and to come up with a contingency plan around that. Don’t beat yourself up…tomorrow’s a new day. You can totally do this!! Go get it!

    The superawesomeamazing folks at Whole9 are kicking off site-wide Whole30 on August 1, 2013 so keep your eyes peeled to their website and Facebook page for those announcements.


    And just to keep everything in one place, here’s a link to all the Whole30 resources I shared with you throughout the month:

    The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 Pinterest board

    The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30 (kickoff post)

    5 Tips for a Successful Whole30 (video links)

    6 Healthy Paleo Drinks (with video)

    Rock on and don’t forget to share your story below!!




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    14 thoughts on “The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30…It’s a Wrap!

    1. I started AND finished the Whole 30 Program on the same dates as you (June 17-July 16). I lost 15 pounds, lost a pants size and lost my craving for deep fried/salty foods. I think I gained important things also – my sleep was great throughout (well, except for some weird dreams during the 2nd week – I didn’t dream about food though, mine were more violent and included firing a machine gun!) and I also learned that even though I live in Wisconsin, I can make it through baseball games and BBQs without a beer in hand!

    2. So…..we did it!! After 30 days of clean eating with no sugar, grains, dairy or legumes, here’s the results: My seasonal allergies are GONE (and I was taking 3 allergy pills a day with mediocre results prior to starting Whole30), my energy levels are higher and consistent now, I’m sleeping SO soundly at night, my skin is clear and oh yeah… I’ve lost 12 pounds as of this morning. And for Tonja… her blood pressure is now normal, various skin stuff is cleared up, energy up and consistent, and lost 13 pounds. I feel so much better and I feel like my unhealthy relationship with food is FINALLY being broken… the sugar dragon isn’t quite dead but it’s definitely in a coma and I don’t expect it to last much longer, lol! I haven’t had ANYTHING with sugar in it except fruit for the past 30 days and the cravings are pretty much under control now. Imagine that… eating meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds… real food. No fast food, no processed food and no more unhealthy me. I’m so excited about my new nutritional lifestyle and about my healthy future! I’m still not great with cooking, so it’s good that my partner is… but I’m getting better the longer I do this.

      1. Hi Lora…you totally gave me goosebumps when reading this. I am so happy you both participated and came through the other side with so many positive experiences. Huge high five to you both 🙂

    3. I finished my 3rd Whole30 on the 13th; however, I am still continuing to keep it clean. Some of the big things that I have come to realize with this particular Whole30 is that in order for me to be successful I must keep it simple. I cannot do the paleo desserts… I have no off switch. Mostly though, I have noticed a dramatic shift in my mental state. My attitude is dramatically improved while off the sugar and grains. I am more optimistic and forgiving with a clean diet. I have noticed the other improvements in sleep, energy, performance, etc. but to me, my mental health is top notch 🙂

      1. Hi Adina…I think you are a lot like me in that regard. I’m just not great at having a little bit of dessert because it keeps my sugar monster awake. Mental clarity is such a common byproduct of this program. I’m so excited for you!

    4. I had a very successful Whole30: not only did I lose 10 pounds, but I truly feel so much better. I have not had any digestive issues, I don’t feel bloated and I have consistent energy levels. I have learned that I can stay satisfied between meals if I eat a proper, nutritious meal.

    5. What a 30 days! Haven’t gotten on the scale yet because I want to keep going BUT…

      In 30 days, my anemia is gone, my acid reflux has vanished, my skin is clear (of acne and eczema), I have no more headaches, my sleep is uninterrupted and glorious, my back injury disappeared, I have not seen my chiropractor, I have not consumed one medication (not even a Motrin!), my energy is through the roof and I’m stronger at the gym than I’ve been in over a year. Most importantly, my mind is clear, I am focused and for the first time in my life I truly feel in charge of my own happiness. Yeah, I lost weight (since that is all anyone cares about), but those were minor changes compared to having complete relief from all of my other issues that I thought were “normal.”

      -Lauren 🙂

      1. Lauren, you are a true example of being willing to give this a chance and coming through with flying colors. I know you were reluctant at first, but you took it in stride and I couldn’t be happier for you!

      1. Hi Denise…great question. You can either keep doing a very clean diet or choose to reintroduce foods one group at a time (like dairy, then gluten, etc). That way, if you experience any negative symptoms, you’ll be able to identify which food caused it. Hope that helps.

    6. Just finished my first 30, lost 12 pounds, learned that I have a definite sensitivity to dairy and without it I lose pretty effortlessly. Doing this helped me eat more balanced meals and as a result I feel great. I plan to continue for the next 60 days!

      1. Hi Kimberly! That’s fantastic news. Sounds like you have learned a lot about yourself in the process, and that’s always the most important part. Keep up your quest!!

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