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    Guess what, my amazing Whole30ers?! If you started along with me on June 17, you’re HALF WAY THERE. Some of you have shared your a-ha moments, struggles and triumphs with me, and I’ll tell you what, it inspires me like no other. I think you’re amazing for doing this for yourself.

    The good news is that the second half of your Whole30 will probably be much better than the first. For most people, the headaches, brain fog and other physical symptoms will usually resolve by this point, and the emotional super-highs and ultra-lows tend to stabilize.

    Most folks say that the second half of their Whole30 is where the magic really happens: the clearer skin, the better sleep, the looser clothes and the sharpness of mind tend to move in. If you’re feeling like giving up…don’t you dare quit now. You’ve come so far and likely, the benefits you’re searching for are right around the corner (if you haven’t already experienced some of them). Hold steady. You totally have this.

    Below are some of my best posts and recipes in case you’ve missed anything so far:

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    Leave me – and the rest of this awesome group – a comment below and check in. What are your triumphs so far? What are you still struggling with?


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    10 thoughts on “Whole30 Halfway Point Check In

    1. For the first time in my life I do not get hungry around 10:30 am. My old breakfasts used to be a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of whey protein drink. I’d always be starving by mid morning, end up eating my lunch then, and be starving again by 1 or 2 and end up snacking through the afternoon. With my Whole30 breakfast (usually an egg scramble or some sort) I stay full until lunchtime. So happy about this!

      1. Beth, I can SO relate to that because it’s exactly what used to happen to me. I thought being hungry every 2 hours was normal (or even worse, preferred). I’m really stoked to hear your victories ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I haven’t started a Whole 30 as of yet but I have been experimenting with some recipes. The one thing I have found is that the cost for organic and grass fed foods is at least 30-40% more than same items not organic. I am getting close to being ready to start a Whole 30; I was just wanting to get other people’s opinions on the cost of organic veg. and grass fed meats compared to a conventional grocery store.

      1. Great question. I tend to buy grass-fed if it’s a fatty cut of meat that I’m after. If not, I trim the fat off and choose lean cuts. Budget is certainly a real concern for folks wanting to give Paleo or Whole30 a go, but I’d rather see people focus on meat/veg/fruit/healthy fat than say, “I can’t afford organic produce and grass-fed meat so why bother?” Certain things I buy organic, particularly berries, but most of the veggies I buy are not. I just don’t have the budget for it. A good rule of thumb is to try for organic if it’s something you’ll be eating the skin of. Avocado, for example, would be an example of something you would never eat the skin of, so buy regular if it’s not in the budget. Hope that clears things up.

    3. I just found your site but have been Whole 30-ing since early June too and am so excited to see the support here! Thank you for posting and for your insight on some of the more challenging parts of this regimen! Happy, Happy 4th!

      1. Hi Katie! I’m glad you stumbled upon the site. Lots more things to come…many of us are on Day 18 or so. Happy 4th to you as well. Glad you’re here!

    4. My husband and I are on day 4 and about to kill each other. Lol! We have been doing semi-paleo for three years with a combined loss of over 100 pounds,but this is our first Whole30 and I am realizing just how far from true Paleo we have been! I LOVE your site because I need quick and easy meals. Thank you for having this blog!! I have 60 pounds to go and hubby has 40, but Paleo is our life and not diet.

      Since we know it is not all about weight loss (although that should be a goal when you are 100+ pounds overweight!), also want to share some other benefits. My husband’s gout has cleared up and the only time he gets a flare is if we get way off track. I haven’t been sick in over a year despite bring around tons of sick people. When tight Paleo, I sail through work outs and feel fantastic. My husband’s chronic stomach issues are gone. And, after just four days of pure Paleo, I finally slept through the night last night!!!

      Our blog is a newbie, but thought it was time to record things for all our friends who ask how we are doing it!

      1. Hi Bethany and thanks for checking in. First, that is monumental weight loss for the two of you! Way to go! Second, it can be hard when you’re starting Paleo to know exactly which variation on the spectrum is right for you. So much of it depends on context and knowing your goals. It’s great to know that you’re paying attention to other symptoms/conditions and how they’ve cleared up. That’s really awesome!!

        I appreciate the kind words. I love doing this and knowing that I may help others by doing what makes me happy is the best thing ever.

        That’s perfect! Keep up with the blogging. Leading by quiet example is the best way to go about convincing others to try this way of life.

        Kudos to you!


    5. Day 4 for me and feeling pretty tired and crapy as I read to be expected. My reasoning behind doing this is a have suffered from chronic migraines, tension, cluster headaches since I was 18, I am now 48. I have been to many doctors and they just continue to medicate me. I went off all medications a year ago and now just deal with the pain. So tired of being in pain and I pray that this is my answer. Headache is ridiculous today, but looking forward to a better tomorrow. Day 5 here I come ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Kerri! Hang in there!! You’re in that first week when some people’s bodies are revolting, but it usually passes within a few days of onset. Keep up your hydration and give yourself a little extra TLC this week. I’m rooting for you. Please check in soon and let us know how it’s going.


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