• Paleo Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce is a delicious, tangy way to add the flavors of Greece to any meal, without the dairy.

    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce makes any Greek-inspired meal perfect! It's dairy-free and comes together in just a few minutes! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

    I’m on a dipping sauce kick lately, probably because they make food more fun.

    I love sauces for their ability to easily add another dimension of flavor to meals.


    A few weeks ago, I made a Paleo version of an Indian cucumber mint raita and knew that with a few simple tweaks, it would make a nice Tzatziki.

    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce

    Prep Time 10 mins
    Total Time 10 mins
    Yields ~1-1/2 cups


    • 1 cup cucumber, seeded and shredded
    • 1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk*
    • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
    • 2 tbsp lemon juice
    • 1 tsp dried dill (or 1 tbsp fresh dill)
    • 1/8 tsp sea salt
    • 1/8 tsp black pepper


    Peel, seed and shred a cucumber until you get enough to fill a 1 cup measure. Squeeze any extra moisture from the shredded cucumber.

    Open the can of coconut milk and scoop out Β½ cup of the cream that’s on top.

    In a medium-sized bowl, combine the cucumber, coconut milk, garlic, lemon juice, dill, salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly to combine.

    If the sauce is too thick, you can add a bit of the clear coconut water from the bottom of the can to thin it out.

    Chill before serving. You can use this a sauce for meat like lamb or be a bit more out of the box and stir it into zucchini noodles.


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    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce makes any Greek-inspired meal perfect! It's dairy-free and comes together in just a few minutes! | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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    30 thoughts on “Paleo Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    1. Great recipe! I made it tonight to go with lamb kafta and it was perfect. Not only did it pair well with the lamb, but my 4-year-old gobbled it up straight.

      The only thing I did slightly differently was that I had a can of coconut cream from Trader Joe’s that I used in place of the coconut milk, and that saved me from the need to refrigerate coconut milk in advance, which I had failed to do. I still let it chill after it was all mixed together.

      1. Depends on the sauce. If it has fresh herbs, those will tend to go brown even before the sauce really goes bad. For most sauces, 1-2 extra days is about all I give it.

    2. I made this today and loved it! I topped it with homemade chicken patties and a salad. Thanks for the recipe it will be a fav of mine!

    3. I have a butterflied leg of lamb marinating as I type… this sauce will go perfectly with it and a side salad. Thanks for the easy recipe!

    4. UGH! no, no, no! All the Greek-ness in me is cringing right now….just like when people pronounce ‘gyro’, “gyh-roh”, instead of “yee-roh” (don’t forget to roll the R!). Really Google? ‘cha-cheek-e’?! This just will not do. Good thing I am here to help. LOL. Phonetically speaking, ‘Tzaziki’ should be pronounced “tsah-zi-ki”. Ok, now you try……

      I’m looking forward to trying this recipe, as I have been pondering the conundrum of non-dairy tzaziki. Will post a followup in a few days! πŸ™‚

    5. I was thinking of using trader joe’s coconut cream to make some coconut cream yogurt and trying that out to get that little tang that comes in real tzatziki. Excited to try this!

    6. This was excellent with falafel. I’m lactose intolerant and happy to find this. Shoot you paleo folks probably don’t eat beans haha

    7. Delicious! It went great with my Greek meatloaf and Greek meatballs. My garlic was unusually spicy, but the sauce still hit the spot! Thanks for sharing.

    8. This is excellent, and goes really well with the lamb sliders. The only mods I made were to omit the pepper, and use some of the cucumber water to thin it out rather than the coconut. But it’s basically the perfect anyway, I’m trying it with the pepper tomorrow!

    9. Hi there, excited to try this recipe. This may be a silly question but do you think popping all the ingredients into my high speed blender would be alright? Is it just a matter of texture or would this alter the sauce somehow?

    10. Could this be frozen? If it seperated, would it be simple to stir back togerher again? If not, would may be a better option? Thanks!

      1. Hi Elizabeth…I’ve never tried freezing mayo but my suspicion is that it would separate and be an unpleasant texture once thawed. You can always give it a try and let us know what happened.

        Sure, you could try mayo instead.

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