• The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30

    DSC_0225Every six months or so, I like to push my nutrition reset button and do a Whole30.

    “Wait,” you may be asking, “what the *bleep* is this Whole30 thing that everyone’s talking about? How does it work?”

    The Whole30, created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (aka The Whole9) is a 30-day elimination diet (man, I really hate that word) which is basically like squeaky clean Paleo: no added sugar in ANYthing; no grains, legumes or dairy; no alcohol; and no funky processed foods or preservatives. Their book, It Starts With Food, outlines everything in detail but here are the basics.

    I like to think of it as an awareness tool more than just a period of food restriction. It’s an opportunity to:

    • heal the gut.
    • beat sugar cravings.
    • feel – I mean really get in touch with – how food affects you in both positive and negative ways.
    • regain a sane relationship with food that focuses on your body’s internal cues regarding hunger and satiety – without the obsession of calorie-counting or scale-watching.
    • know how good you can feel from eating nutritious, whole foods.

    I’ve done three Whole30s over the past 2 years. From time to time I like to check in with myself regarding how good my nutritionΒ really is, and now I’m doing a fourth. I’m starting on June 17, andΒ I’d love for you to join me, whether you’re in the midst of a Whole30 right now or have been looking for a reason to start.

    During that month, I’ll be posting some new recipes on my site that follow the Whole30 template. On FaceBook and other social media sties, I’ll also be linking to older recipes as well as posting up other fun bits of inspiration for you to use during your own Whole30. All my Whole30-friendly recipes (over 90 in all!) can be found by clicking here or using the Whole30 tab on the homepage menu.

    I’ll be here to answer questions – I’ve been a Whole9 Envoy for over 18 months – and offer support if you need someone to talk that donut out of your hand.

    The best part is that it’s all completely free. You have nothing to lose except low energy, sugar cravings (find out how I beat mine) and maybe even some nagging health complaints. If you aren’t ready quite yet, the Whole9 crew will be launching an official Whole30 on their site in August (date TBA).

    Leave a comment below, and tell me if you’ll be joining me!

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    286 thoughts on “The Stupid Easy Paleo Whole30

      1. Erin, I’m so glad you’re along for the ride. I remember when I did my first…I had nobody to bounce ideas off of and I wished I’d had that. Feel free to ask anything along the way πŸ™‚

      2. Same here! I’m starting (tomorrow technically) and it’s my first Whole30. I’ve been eating mostly primally since January, but will need help to finally ditch sugar (and limit munching on nuts/fruit).

        1. Danielle, glad to have you here. No sweat about being a day behind. The Whole30 really helped me kick my sugar cravings, and I hope it will for you, too.

      3. Hey Steph, I am doing a ton of research on Paleo Diet/Whole30—I SO WANT TO DO THIS! I have subscribed to your “5-Pack” Quickstart Guide. I want to begin after the Thanksgiving holiday. I am also thinking about jointing a Crossfit class–I have traditionally been a runner, but I think I may need something more structured and social to keep me motivated over time. I lack consistency with any diet/exercise regimen. I am encouraged by your site, and your personal experience. My goal is to *finally* have a healthy relationship with food–and to simply eat to live! Thanks for your part in getting me started on this journey. Here’s to Whole30 kickoff in 5 days!

        1. Hi Tess! I’m super excited to hear about your goals and that you’re going to do Whole30. CrossFit is great because of the class/community environment but my experience is to get your Whole30 done and then see where you stand regarding adding a new fitness routine. Sometimes that much change in a short period of time can lead to overwhelm. Definitely let me know if you have questions!

    1. I already started my first Whole30 on June 1, but I will certainly participate… πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recipes!

    2. Brand new here and just we are just past the finish line in changing our families diet. Looking forward to the recipes and thoughts. Thanks so much!

      1. Jennifer, you are very welcome. Kudos to you for doing this for your whole family. You are setting the example of what’s possible. Glad to have you here.

      1. High five, Stefanie! Glad you’re here. (p.s. I always wanted to spell my name with an “f” instead of a “ph” πŸ˜‰ )

    3. Yes!! I will commit! I live with food allergies, leaky gut, candida & have mood swings. I can and I must do this!! Thank you & I look forward to this.

      1. Hi Brenda! That’s certainly a tough lot to deal with. I hope that through this you’ll see some improvements. Glad to have you aboard!

    4. I did the whole30 program in April. I’m ready for another round, so I’m starting another round with you! I just feel better on the program. I have PCOS and digestive issues…getting healthy again never felt better!

      1. Hey I saw you said you have PCOS and feel better on this program. I have PCOS and have been doing more and more research because I am tired of feeling like this. What kind of symptoms did you feel get better for you? Would you recommend it to someone like me who also has it?

        1. Hi Stephanie! Are you asking me about PCOS or another commenter? (I don’t have PCOS so I just wanted to clarify that). If indeed it was someone in the comments above, I hope she gets back to you!

          1. I was asking the other person just to see if she might respond. I have never spoken to anyone who has done this who also has PCOS. Either way I will be starting it in January but I am very nervous.

            1. Okay! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t confuse anyone. Have you done any looking on the Whole30 forum? I’m almost positive they had a post about this.

      1. Hi Crista! You are courageous to move forward despite being scared…kudos. Is there anything I can answer for you to help settle your mind a bit?

    5. I’m in! I’m already 90% paleo right now, but am still using protein powders and coconut sugar/honey to sweeten my coffee. I’m struggling to lose weight (30 lbs of fat to lose) but I have a hard time eating consistently/enough on Paleo and I’m recovering from an injury so I need the best nutrition possible. I just ordered the kindle edition of the “It Starts With Food” but won’t have a lot of time to read it this weekend. I”m hoping I can get the start up info and read it while I do the Whole30. Looking forward to the next 30 days!

      1. Hi Katie! I’m stoked you’re going to participate. If you’ve got limited time, I’d suggest reading Chapters 1-4 and 15-18, plus skimming over the article that covers the basics of the Whole30 here: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/. The anti-inflammatory nature of this way of eating can really help in the healing process…absolutely correct. Glad you are here!

    6. I’m taking this as a sign to start my whole30 with you on Monday! I have been reading It Starts With Food and need a reset badly. Looking forward to starting this journey

      1. I’m a big believer in signs being there when we need them most. Since my Regionals experience, I’ve loosened the reins on my nutrition and bit, and I need a kick in the pants. Welcome aboard πŸ™‚

    7. Just wondering…I’ve done one “true” Whole30; my first was incomplete so I don’t count it. My question is why the title of this post is “Stupid Easy” – I definitely didn’t find the Whole30 Stupid or Easy. πŸ™‚ Tongue-in-cheek a little, but partly a serious question.

      1. Hi Valerie…Stupid-Easy because it’s the name of my site, and I didn’t want folks to be confused with thinking it’s one being run by the Whole30 folks themselves (though I did ask for their blessing). Part of what drives me is to help people make it as easy as possible…that being said, I’ve been through it and certainly had times when I struggled. Anytime one strives to make a big change, it’s guaranteed to have challenges. I’m all about passing along my best tips, tricks and Whole30-safe recipes to help make it more manageable for folks πŸ™‚

    8. I’ve had a couple of false starts – May 1st and then June 1st. Wine and honey seem to be my downfalls, which means that aside from the alcohol, I’ve just been eating Paleo. Even then? I’m not going back. BUT – I’d like to make it through a SOLID Whole30. I’m IN!

      1. High five!! It’s good to know what foods can be triggers for you. Is it wine when you’re out in social situations? I’ve got your back!

    9. I’m on Day 5 of Whole30. So psyched to have my two favorite websites combined! Can’t wait to see your recipes and follow along!

    10. I’m totally in! Since my half-assed version of paleo and a partially read copy of ‘it starts with food’ hasn’t gotten me very far, I might as well join the crew to just dive into it!

      1. Hi Elizabeth! Honesty is the best policy, right?! πŸ˜‰ Seriously, it’s GREAT to have you here. We’ve got a really great group forming here, and I’m stoked you’re on board! Welcome πŸ™‚

    11. I’m in too, though I will start a couple days late because my birthday is the 18th which means work potluck. Thank goodness my coworkers know that I am gluten free so it won’t be AS bad as other potlucks πŸ™‚ I am terrified to start this but it’s time to get my booty in gear!

      1. Potlucks can be really tough, but it’s nice they are willing to make some adjustments πŸ™‚ We’re here for you!

    12. Hi! I am on day 15 of my first Whole30, its going really well so far, I feel great! I had already eliminated complex carbs out of my diet, so the transition was maybe not so brutal, but I sure missed my diet drinks, butter, cream, peanut butter and red wine at first. It feels great to be in control and break some bad habits, and to be really conscious of what I am putting in my body. Thanks for the recipes I will certainly take a look!

      1. Hi Jane…day 15…WOOHOO!! Huge pat on the back. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head…being back in control is SO empowering. Welcome and keep rocking it!

    13. This will be my second whole30 just ended one in May and have been whole30 since and i feel AWESOME! This time around I want to cut back on my fruit intake since I haven’t lost the sweet craving!

    14. I started my second attempt yesterday (I made it 8 days the first time) and last night we decided our three year old would start today with me. We are hoping to help her combat some mood issues with a no-sugar, cleaner diet. (We already eat paleo-esque and gluten-free, but we’re not perfect.) So I’ll be watching this space for ideas!

      1. Welcome Kathe! Glad you’re here. I know that limiting sugar has greatly improved my moods. This time you’ll get to 30!

    15. I’m on day 8 and have done great so far but I’m getting to the “boring” food phase of just repeating the same things over and over. I’m in!

      1. Hi Elizabeth! Ahhhh yes…that can be a common pitfall and while it can help at first to get your footing, shaking up the menu and keeping things interesting is important too. Welcome!

    16. I’ll be joining you! I definitely need the support. Been paleo with a little dairy since March but I still am addicted to sugar, plus I’ve been less and less strict with what I’ve allowed myself to eat and need to kick the cravings.

      1. Thanks for being here, Sophie! Glad to have you. Over time, it’s pretty common to relax things a bit which is why I like doing a reset every once in a while πŸ™‚

    17. Yes! I was so happy to read that you are starting the 30 day challenge on June 17. I am planning on doing the same and thrilled to know others are starting on Monday as well. I did CrossFit (CF) for over 2 1/2 years and recently had surgery so I had to stop. I have really lost control and have picked some TERRIBLE eating habits again and have gained at least 12 pounds. What is so frustrating, is the pounds are all fat and I can see it in the mirror. I had surgery 6 months ago and have lost a lot of my muscle strength that I gained from CF. Yesterday was the final straw for me and I realized I need to do something differently. Even if I cannot do CF, the least I can do is change my eating habits and do low impact exercising everyday (biking outside, barre classes, yoga, swimming, walking). I am glad to be on board with you all!

      1. Hi Jenn! I can totally relate. Last year, I injured my lower back and couldn’t train the way I had been. I could still swim and run but I couldn’t do most CF stuff. With a super clean diet and trying to be as active as possible, it really helped. Welcome aboard!

    18. I’m in! I keep trying to talk myself into it, but i’ll be so much easier if I know someone else is suffering with me. πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Steph…congratulations on making the commitment. There may be some rough patches but if you stick to it, I think you’ll really like the outcome.

    19. I had already planned on starting that day. Now I am even happier that I picked that day to start. THis will be my first Whole 30.

    20. I was just thinking that my eating is out of control and that I need to start another whole 30 and then I stumbled onto your page!! It’s fate πŸ™‚

    21. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…I’m in! I did my first whole30 last December and it LITERALLY changed my life (lifelong depression, GI problems, fatigue, etc…) Since then I’ve been trying to eat paleo but I fell off the wagon several weeks ago when I caught pregnant πŸ˜‰ Now that the thought of vegetables doesn’t make me nauseous anymore I need a serious reboot. And with all these cravings I going to need some help!
      Thanks for doing this!

    22. I’m already in the midst of a W30 (started the day after Memorial Day, currently on day 19) but I’ll tag along if you’ll have me. I’m always looking for, well, stupid easy Paleo recipes.

    23. Okay, I’m in! I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and this is a great time to just do it! I’m a vegetarian, so it’s going to be even more of a challenge. Any extra veggie support and recipes you can offer would be very much appreciated!

      1. Hi Renee…congrats on deciding to do your first Whole30. My biggest advice is to listen to your body and know that you may experience some symptoms of taking some foods out of your diet at the beginning, but they will pass.

    24. I was doing so good nutritionally until I found out I had to exclude eggs and nightshades. I went off the rails after that. When I eat paleo with no eggs/nightshades I feel great. Energy to burn, stable mind, all good. But then comes the bread with like an inch of butter and honey and then rock salt on top… Yeah. I’m in. I need help!

      1. Hi Bev! Oh, that’s so tough. My boyfriend has to avoid eggs and it can be a real challenge. Bread used to be my jam but then after I took it out completely and healed my gut, any exposure left me double over in pain. Glad you’re here!

    25. Me, my husband, my 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son are all in!! This will be our 2nd Whole30! We had so much success the 1st go around. Good luck to everyone!

      1. Hi Renee! Glad you’re starting with us. One of my favorite pieces of advice is to pick one day per week where you’ll do a bunch of food prep since lack of planning/preparation is one of the most common reasons why we make poor food choices.

    26. We’re just learning about the whole30 program and had planned on starting on Sunday. I’m so glad I stumbled across your website as I think I’m going to need all the support I can get in this. I feel horrible all the time and I KNOW that it has everything to do with the food I eat (and don’t eat.) I’m ready to do this but also intimidated. Thanks for the info and support you offer. I’m looking forward to moving forward!

      1. Lora, good for you for making the commitment. It can be intimidating to make such a big choice, but if you keep your goal in mind and use that to drive you forward, you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Welcome!

    27. I am on day three of the Whole30 and I have had a headache sine day two…I know this is normal. I am excited for some recipes! Because being bored and not knowing what to cook so The Mister won’t complain is a concern of mine! Thanks for doing this!

    28. I already commented on your facebook post, but also commenting here. VERY pumped!!!! As I’m browsing through the recipes I’m pumped to seriously do this!

    29. Did my first Whole 30 last fall. Didn’t think I could do it-but I did. Also, didn’t think I would slide back so far as I have-but I have. So… very ready to try it again!

      1. Hi there…isn’t it a great feeling to conquer something you didn’t think you could. You can do it again πŸ™‚

    30. I am so glad I saw your link via whole30’s FB. Starting another whole 30 on Monday June 17 in preparation for a trip to float the Guadalupe! Super pumped!

    31. I will be joining you! I always have an excuse why I can’t do it this month or that month and I need to quit the excuses and just do it!

    32. Hi,

      I`m in… I tried two times before but I have done it only to day 3… sorry for my bad English (I`m from Bulgaria). I have one big problem with the whole30 – here we dont have such things as pastured meat or eggs …. we have some organic but its so expensive that if i buy it i will eat meat and eggs only one time in a week so I`m doing the whole30 with normal eggs and meat from the store …. do you think that this will ruin the whole 30?

      Thanks in advance Rali

      1. Hi Rali! Welcome. Do the best you can with what you can afford. Regular meat and eggs will NOT ruin your Whole 30. Happy to have you with us.

    33. This will be my second. My first was in January. I have fallen off pretty hard and need to jump back on. I will accept this challenge.

      1. Hi TB…not dumb. Fear can be hard to overcome, but true courage is moving forward even when you’re scared. You can do this!

    34. I just saw this link pop up on Facebook and I was planning to start one on Monday, perfect timing! I’ve had a few false starts before but I’m looking forward to completing this challenge!!

      1. Hi Courtney…that is serendipity for you! False starts sometimes happen, but I have a feeling this time you’re going all the way!

    35. I’ll be joining!!! I did my first Whole30 Jan 1 and it ended up being a Whole60. I’m finishing up my 2nd Whole30 Jun 25 but I’m thinking of pushing it to a Whole60 again. So excited for new recipes!

    36. I keep trying to do a Whole30 but it’s a real challenge. But I don’t stop trying! Maybe joining in with you guys will be the extra encouragement I need to go all the way!

    37. Count me in! I have been eating ‘clean’ for over a year but haven’t tightened the screws on the whole30 regime. I am an avid cook making salad dressings, marinades and such from scratch, only problem is I love to drink wine while I am in the kitchen. Put on some Pandora music and hand me a glass of wine and I will gladly make you a delicious gourmet meal. So cooking without my glass of wine is going to either make or break my whole30.
      I am turning 50 next month and I want it to be a celebration of health, not demise. I have read ISWF twice, so I am ready to do this. Oly thing that held me back was the possible side wouldot have been good considering I teach 7th grade, I figured o should wait until school was out so to avoid any casualties in my classroom.
      So, here I am …ready to tackle the wine beast and lose some weight in the process!

    38. I’m in. I did a really awesome Whole 30 in October 2011 and did fine up until last Sept/Oct. I really need to get started again.. Bad stomach cramps, my back is killing me and so are my legs..along with the 30lbs of fat I’ve packed on and I feel like a slug.

      My hardest part is the receipes (finding good ones I like) so I’m soooo looking forward to doing this with you.

      1. Hi Laura…glad you’re here. Be proud of yourself for having the awareness and the courage to know that you need a reset. New recipes are definitely a bit of trial and error. I’ve got about 90 indexed as Whole30 safe, so I hope you’ll find some that look good to you. Welcome!

    39. Count me in! I have been eating β€˜clean’ for over a year but haven’t tightened the screws on the whole30 regime. I am an avid cook making salad dressings, marinades and such from scratch, only problem is I love to drink wine while I am in the kitchen. Put on some Pandora music and hand me a glass of wine and I will gladly make you a delicious gourmet meal. So cooking without my glass of wine is going to either make or break my whole30. I am turning 50 next month and I want it to be a celebration of health, not demise. I have read ISWF twice, so I am ready to do this. Only thing that held me back from beginning the whole30 was the possible side effects of headaches, mood swings and the ‘kill all things’ temperament, I teach 7th grade and I figured I should wait until school was out so to avoid any casualties in my classroom. So, here I am …ready to tackle the wine beast, gain some energy and lose some weight in the process!

      1. Hi Beverly…haha! I can relate…was it Julia Child that said, “I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.” πŸ˜‰

        Congratulations for making this commitment to yourself (and happy birthday in advance). The side effects listed don’t always happen to everyone, but if they do, know they will pass. I am also a teacher, so I totally understand where you’re coming from in wanting to wait until vacation was upon you.


      2. I’m in. This will be my 3rd whole30. Dread giving up my wine but I always feel SO MUCH BETTER when I’m doing whole30!

    40. Just read the book. I was going to start the next week but why not be part of the group! I am sure it will be a help with my first Whole30. Let’s do it!

    41. I’m in. I did a Whole 30 in March and felt amazing, but I’ve gradually slipped back into terrible eating habits and I feel awful. I’ve been trying to find the courage to do it again, and I’m hoping this will help me. I keep telling myself how crazy I am for not starting, since I know exactly what I need to do to feel better. It’s just a matter of slaying the many dragons…

      1. Debbie, for some folks it takes longer than a month for the changes to really stick (I’m one of them). Sometimes the power of the group is just what can help. Welcome!

    42. I’m in!
      I FAILED on my first W30. I felt great while doing it, so I want to do it again.
      Plus, I’ve got a wedding coming in a year- and I want to look extra hot for my future-hubby!

      1. Hi Kristen! Failure happens…why do you think you failed? Can you identify it and come up with a contingency plan? Well THAT’S a good motivator πŸ˜‰

        1. I’m in for the challenge! I’ve been “Paleo” for about a month now, but laziness gets in the way. And boredom, I got so tired of having the same thing for lunch every day. But I’m excited to see all the recipes and ideas everyone has! Plus my fiance isn’t Paleo so it’s been a tough transition when I have to bring him fast food haha.

          1. Hi Sarah…good for you for making a change! Sometimes if I cook a few things in batch, I’ll rotate them for meals so I don’t get bored. Welcome!

    43. In! We’ve been doing whole30 since June 2, but not perfectly. Hard to get rid of added sugar like honey for my kiddo….and me! And I rely on Julian’s Paleo bread in a pinch. Super busy full time big job, plus part time help husband run crazy restaurant biz, launching new biz. And we’ve for a kiddo! Need easy recipes!!! Thanks!

    44. I’ll be joining in! I just finished up my first Whole30 in May and the reintroduction phase rocked me a bit. I’m hoping another round might help embed the good habits a little deeper. Thank you for the motivation to give it another go!

      1. Michelle, that’s so great to hear. That experience is pretty common from what I’ve seen and my own experiences. Welcome!

    45. I’m in! I’ve completed one Whole 30 cycle and it was honestly the best I’ve felt in years. I fell off the wagon and need to get back on. I found it difficult as I was at a bit if a loss when it came to meals and recipes. I’m picky and I don’t eat fish so I found myself eating pretty much the same meals for thirty days. In addition I was the only member of the family eating this way. It will be great to have the support of a group as well as recipes! Thank you for bring the push I needed!

      1. Hi Ruth….that’s SO awesome to hear that it helped you feel great. I know meal prep can be tough for some folks and it can be even harder when you’re the only one in the household eating that way. I like dishes that can use easy swaps, like say, tomato sauce with ground meat…the family can have it with pasta and maybe you with spaghetti squash?

    46. I am have been eating clean and Paleo at least 90% since January. I thought I did a W30 but I am not sure. Can you still eat fruits? I knew to remove honey but I fear I am missing something.
      I have also been drinking green smoothies ( fruit veggies and spices) every morning. I need help to realy understand which foods to remove for the W30.
      I have wanted to do this but needed the support. Then I found this link.
      Do I need to “like” somewhere to join you????
      Thank you thank you thank you for your time and guidance on this health journey!

      1. Hi Caryl! Fruits are okay, but just be conscious of how much you’re eating and if you have a sweet tooth (like I did), I tried to limit the amount I ate so it didn’t become a sugar substitute. I personally don’t do smoothies (and I know Whole9 doesn’t recommend them) because the liquid food doesn’t give your brain the powerful satiety signals that chewing does.

        For a complete list of which foods to take out, you can visit: http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/.

        You don’t have to like to join along. You can follow the site here at stupideasypaleo.com though if you’re on FaceBook, I’ll be posting far more content than I will here. (www.facebook.com/stupideasypaleo).

        Happy to help!

    47. I’m in. I’ve done a few and started one a few weeks ago but stopped because I thought I ‘needed’ wine and Paleo cupcakes. But I’m in, I need a push.

    48. I REALLY want to do this, but my birthday is June 26. There’s no way I can not drink on my birthday. Can I start July 1?

      1. Hi Megan…certainly. You’ll be able to access any recipes I post, and if you follow along on my FB page (http://facebook.com/stupideasypaleo) you can see all the things I post. June 17 is just a day I happened to pick, so if you want to start later, that’s totally cool πŸ™‚

        Once it’s done, I’m going to work on indexing it all on one page here on my site.

      1. Hi RoxAnn. I remember feeling scared, too. I think it’s a normal feeling to confront when you’re about to change things up. Give it a shot!

    49. I’m in! Been planning to do it and there is never a great time (easier like no birthdays or something) so here I go!

      1. Jeanne, you are SO incredibly right. There’s never a “great time”, is there? I’ll be posting some tips and work-arounds for social situations because I know that can be tough.

    50. Have been edging towards towards this for a while. I have been switching up and trying to paleo-ise my everyday meals for a while now. I so enjoyed reading your post. I’m in.

    51. I’ve been pseudo paelo for a couple months but want to suck it up and give Whole30 a valiant try. My problem has been the planning piece…breakfast – not so hard, dinner – relatively easy, lunch? Forget it…Im lucky if I get to have lunch during the work day and struggle with what to bring! So I’m looking forward to some great ideas for planning for the week options for lunch that may literally need to be snarfed down. Trying to plan my Sunday shopping list so I can jump in with both feet on Monday.

      1. Hi Jenn…no time like the present to give it a shot. For make-ahead breakfasts, I love either making egg muffins or a huge frittata or some hard boiled eggs (or just eating leftovers from the night before). Join us when you’re able!

      2. I can SO relate, Jenn. My lunches have to be eaten as I go (and frequently are covered in dog hair – but what are ya gonna do? At least it’s clean hair at that point!) and is usually a big-ass salad (do a YouTube.com search for that) or leftover meat with lots of vegetables. My goal each day is to finish eating my lunch before I finish my last dog. Dinner is a meat with veggies cooked and raw. Sometimes I cook it up early in the week, sometimes it’s chicken breasts while I shower, sometimes it’s something out of the crockpot. There is NO shame in eating simply or eating the same meal a few times. Robb Wolf’s Paleo Matrix is another awesome resource for tired brains at the end of the day. Plus, make these up and freeze them for lunches when you don’t have time to make one. Don’t remember how to do links anymore so you will just have to google it. Good luck! The planning portion I have figured out… It’s the willpower where I struggle.

        1. Hi Bev. All great ideas…when I’m not recipe testing, my meals are pretty basic. My favorite dinner is a big-ass salad with meat on top!! I think this is the PDF you were referring to: http://robbwolf.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/thePaleoSolution_FoodMatrix.pdf.

          In terms of willpower, I usually have a contingency for those moments where I feel I might make a poor choice. Sometimes it’s texting my support buddy, sometimes getting some water, and usually…keeping my hands busy doing something else.

    52. We did our first whole30 last year right after school for me ended. IT WAS AMAZING! Both my husband and I lost about 20 pounds and we both felt incredible. My favorite part was the deep sleep….I’ve tried to keep eating mostly compliant since then, but have been heading back into dangerous territory the last month or so. I was planning to start next weekend, as I have three more days of school, but I think we will dive right into whole30 #2 with you all on Monday! This time, I am taking before and after pictures and measurements. I started CrossFit in January and I’m psyched to be able start going three days a week and in the morning once school is out. I don’t expect to lose as much weight as I did last year, nor do I need to, but I’m looking forward to getting lean and strong!
      Looking forward to new recipes as well! I think summer is there perfect time to do a whole30 because there are so many fresh veggies and fruits to eat! We also have the luxury of three farmers markets within easy walking or driving distance each week! Bring on summer vacation!!!!

      1. Hi Colleen…stoked that you enjoyed your first Whole30. Isn’t the sleep amazing?!

        Love the goals of getting lean and strong, and the idea of taking some before and after measurements to track progress. Maybe there is a WOD you could do as a benchmark, too to see if your performance improves? Maybe something like Helen πŸ˜‰

        Yes! Bring on the veggies and great weather and summer vacation. Great to have you here!

        1. Helen!? Love her, but hate her too….though I do believe Cindy is my arch nemesis! Ran a 5 mile race today…managed 9:24 miles despite the heat and sun. Pretty happy with that-a week after my 10K pr of 57:00. Haven’t been running too much lately-just 2 runs a week, with a bike ride and a few CrossFit workouts mixed in. These are my best race times ever! Here’s to a sub 27:00 5K in July!

          1. Helen and Cindy aren’t my faves…too many pull ups! Wow…congratulations on the race result! Sounds like you’re making the most of the summertime so far πŸ™‚ Clean eating and training will take you far, my friend!

    53. Hi Steph,
      I had planned to start my Whole30 on June 17th, and came across news about your site on Melissa and Dallas’s facebook page. Count me in, I feel blessed to have come across this help, its my first whole30 and its great to have this support…..thanks so much.

    54. I’ll be joining you. I completed a successful Whole 30 in March and felt great doing it, but as my stress level has increased over the past few weeks, those bad habits have returned.
      I am looking forward to gaining control over food and cravings once again.

      Looking forward to some new recipes and meal ideas!

        1. Cooking, cooking, cooking for the week ahead. Preparation is the key for me – and does my house ever smell delicious!

    55. I am in! Starting on the 16th for me, I am ready for this. But I will need support, I have started a few times but haven’t completed one, will this time.

    56. I was going to start July 1 but saw your post and decided not to wait.
      Oh, I also signed up to start crossfit this week. Nothing like a good challenge πŸ™‚

    57. Hi Steph,
      I will be joining you as we’ll. I did my first 30 last November. Since then I have had lots of medical issues. I have diabetes, and a serious back problem. I feel fine when I am sitting but can only stand for a short period of time. I know this leads to a lot of eating in front of the TV.
      I am anxious to get started again and see some new recipes. I need all the emotional support just to keep me going day to day.

      1. Hi Nancy. I’m curious if any of your issues resolved or lessened when you did your Whole30 (or did they start for the first time after you did it)? Lst year I hurt my back and couldn’t train…things like bending down to put on my shoes were almost impossible to do pain free. I was able to eat very clean which 1) reduced inflammation and helped healing and 2) helped me maintain my body composition in a healthy range. I’m glad you’re here.

        1. Hi Steph,

          My medical problems have been on going long before I started the Whole 30. After I finished it my blood pressure returned to normal and my diabetes got a little better. The back problem is still there. Nothing but surgery will fix that and at 80 years of age I don’t want that.
          You said to spend the week end cleaning out the pantry and throwing away everything not needed for the next 30 days. Well instead I have been eating it. I know, I know, ,…..not good, but the cereal for breakfast sure was good.
          I have a question. There is a lot of talk about a “leaky gut”. I have no idea what that is. What are the symptoms?
          I am looking forward to starting for good tomorrow.

          1. Hi Nancy,

            Thanks for clarifying that, and it’s good to hear that you found some relief. I have to give you MAJOR kudos for doing this for yourself and giving it a try. You inspire me!

            Leaky gut is basically the idea that if the integrity of our intestinal (particularly small intestine) lining is compromised, undigested particles of food can enter the bloodstream and cause the immune system to try to fight it off. I’m going to refer you to Balanced Bites who has a really great article on leaky gut here: http://balancedbites.com/2010/07/is-your-gut-leaky.html. Hope that helps.

    58. I’m in!! I had already planned to start a W30 on Monday and this sealed the deal! I tried it once before but found it very difficult to do with a non-participating husband. This time I’m committed and he will have to deal….or fend for himself lol!

      1. Hey Lauren! Ahhhhh…I love that this helped you seal the deal πŸ™‚ Family can be tough to work around, but with some modifications you may be able to stretch meals a bit. Example: make tomato sauce loaded with meat and veggies. He gets it served over pasta and you over spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. Welcome!

    59. I just started this a few days ago… I’m hoping to 1) see if this diet change could increase my milk supply and 2) see if this could help my mold allergy go away or improve. It causes migraines with aura and facial numbness for me. Losing weight will be an added bonus. So far it’s not been too hard, but I am looking forward to some easy recipes. Glad to be along for the ride.

      1. Hi Brandiann! I’m happy to hear you started recently and are doing well. As far as the allergy goes, definitely see how it plays out over time…you may not notice a difference right away but I know some folks who have had their allergies lessen in severity by doing a Whole30. Welcome!

    60. I would love to join this adventure. My fear is now that school is over (I teach) that glass of wine sure tastes good about 5pm….I really want to overcome this weakness. Plus I’ve been taking whey protein everyday for a year and fear if I don’t get enough protein I will lose the muscle I’ve gained in 12 months . I still want to join this group though!!

      1. Hi Kathy! I’m a teacher as well (12 years of high school science), so I know how it is to be more relaxed once the summer comes around. I can tell you that for a large part of my CF training, I did not use any whey protein (only recovered using whole-food protein sources like cooked meat), and I saw no significant loss of muscle mass or strength. It may be worth a bash for 30 days to see how it goes, and at the end you could certainly go back to using whey (and having some wine), but you’d gain the awareness of how they really make you feel–for the good and/or bad. The choice is up to you, and if you’re up for joining, it’d be awesome but if now’s not the right time for you, you can check it out anyway. What grade/subject do you teach, out of curiosity?

    61. I’m in as well! This will be my third Whole30, my very ambitious plan is to actually do a Whole90 which will take me up to our second wedding anniversary!

      1. Hi Lindsey πŸ™‚ Welcome to the group. I know how you feel because that’s how I felt before my first one, too. It’ll be great!

        1. I have been an avid calorie and macronutrient counter for a long time. During the whole 30, do you recommend keeping track of your calories as well as protein, carbs and fats, or no? Whats your take on counting calories?

          1. Lindsey, according to Whole9’s philosophy, calorie counting is not really recommended.

            From a personal perspective, I think counting calories can cause people to ignore and lose touch with their true feelings of hunger and satiety. If someone’s eating, say, 1800 calories a day but is always hungry, something is wrong (either, it’s not enough calories…period or from what I’ve seen with clients, not eating enough fat or protein). I’ve seen good results – for me personally as well as with clients – when I eat 3 meals per day (plus a post-workout refuel on days I train) with 1-2 palm sized portions of meat, a huge mound of veggies and a good chunk of fat at each meal (for me that’s something like half an avocado or an open handful of olives.

            I tried counting macros/blocks before and it made my life miserable. I felt like I was always tied to the scale or FitDay and was ignoring my own body’s signals about when I was full or more often, not. I like the mental freedom that not counting calories has given me.

    62. Count me in as well!!!! I stumbled across this site from a Facebook post, I was preparing to do my second whole 30 anyway! I did great on my first one, but love being able to do this along with others, makes it so much easier….and fun! Do we keep up with each other here or on Facebook?

      1. Hi Tami, Woohoo! Whole30 #2…glad you’re here. FaceBook will get the most frequent updates but I’ll be checking the site here and FB daily.

    63. I am starting my 2nd Whole30 today, and found your link through the new Whole30 shopping lists! I am happy to have company on this Whole30, how great! Good luck =)

    64. Nothing like stumbling across this at the last minute! Today was going to be the first day of back to serious paleo and it might as well start with a whole 30, no? πŸ˜‰

    65. Following along in prep for starting in a few days. I need to figure out what is bothering my gut!!

    66. I’m IN!!!! & I’m SO Excited!!! I’ve been planning to start today but was nervous to go it alone!!!. I did it once before on my own & it was tough & didn’t quite make the full 30 days even tho I felt so good! Crazy that I found you & this awesome support system today of all days!!! YAY!!! Thank you & I can not wait to feel good again!!! πŸ˜‰

    67. I’m in! So excited to have found this. I have started and stopped many times, did a whole 45 earlier in the year and am ready to take back control:) I just love sugar:( its like a drug but i hate the effects. Good luck to everyone!

      1. Hi Audrey. I can really relate to the “wanting control”. It’s such a nice feeling to know that food doesn’t have to rule you, right?!

    68. Love to join in. Thanks for creating this event and support group. This will be my second whole 30, did the 1st in February. I eat really clean but my big downfall is a few glasses of wine while cooking and eating dinner.

    69. I’m starting tomorrow! I’m 54 years old, used to be super healthy but have sort of just been lax since I hit the big menopause last year. I’m thinking I need to get back to the old, healthy me and that this is a great way to start!

    70. Count me in please! Have yet to complete a full whole30 100% without any slips, cheats or off roading. Have not been able to go past week two :/ hoping my “umpteenth” time will be thee successful One! πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks Steph! Great question indeed… Aside from the “something would always come up/family events/my 30th birthday month celebration (eeek, I know..lol) if it’s not one thing or another or simple falling into pressure” which I know are all un-excusable excuses…. I have come to the realization that after week two I lost that spark,drive, commitment to prepare my meals ahead of time and would find myself rushing or not knowing or having something ready to eat. I’m also not great in the kitchen so cooking is very challenging as it is for me and I would find myself getting bored with the same recipes I was comfortable making. I would also slip into emotional food picking here and there with sweets and processed carbs :/. However, I am now fully aware of the emotional triggers and promised myself an honest, committed, no slips, successful Whole30! πŸ™‚

          1. Hi there…I think you’ve done a great job reflecting on what’s given you difficulty in the past. Emotional eating is big for me, as well. If you know the triggers – which you definitely do – it’s easier to come up with a contingency plan to avoid them. I sense the determination you’ve got this time!!

    71. I just got the book last week and I am going to try to do the 30 days while reading it! I’m excited for change.

      1. Hi Tamara…If you can, try to read over Ch 17 and 18 as soon as possible…that’ll give you some of the basic guidelines. Glad you’re joining us!

    72. I’m going to tag along for the ride. I actually started a Whole30 on June 1st (day 17, baby!) with three other friends who have all since quit. So it’ll be great to have the support of this community. Besides, who says a Whole30 can’t be converted into a Whole47?!

    73. I’ve been wanting to do this…just decided to get ready today. Didn’t realize you had a whole group starting today? (Umm, where have I been?) I’ll likely be a day behind, as I’ve definitely *not* been compliant today. πŸ™ Tomorrow is day 1 for me!

    74. Yay!!! I am going to do it for the first time. The hardest part is I can’t figure out what to use as coffee creamer

    75. We attempted to do a Whole 30 as a family earlier this year. We didn’t complete it 100% but it was the most success we’ve had in years, in spite of how difficult I found it to be to find & cook Whole 30 meals for a family of 9. One would think it would be easy but I found it very difficult. I don’t know why but I found it mentally hard to plan & prepare the meals. Unfortunately, we completely fell off the wagon at Easter & have been going crazy with the sugar & potluck/bbqs type foods you find at a typical get-together. The ‘Stupid Easy’ hook caught my attention because that’s how I feel… like I need a ‘Whole 30 for Dummies’ guide to clean eating!! And I have got BAD sugar cravings & really hoping your tips can help!

      1. Hi Heather…I really commend you on your efforts! It can be a challenge for one person, and you’ve got nine! Do you have a crockpot (or two)? That could be an easy way to get some relief from having to stand over the stove. How about one-skillet meals like ground meat and sauce with a fresh veggie salad? At our gym, Karen (the owner’s mom) shops at Costco for all our gym dinners. They use the grill a lot and will cook up a bunch of grilled meat and veggies with some fixins on the side like a huge bowl of mashed avocado. For breakfasts they do a lot of egg bakes (sliced sausage or meat, veggies, pour whisked eggs over and bake). The one thing that’s helped me kick sugar is making myself go without it for a while (during the Whole30), giving my body the time to readjust without it. Thanks for checking in!

    76. My hubby & I started our first Whole30 today! We’ve been eating mostly Paleo for a while, but definitely make allowances for some treats. Really looking forward to kicking some cravings to the curb and reestablishing a good relationship with food!

      1. Hi Sarah…so happy you and your husband are here! I think you’ll find the Whole30 is great for doing just that. Welcome!

    77. I am starting Whole 30 tomorrow –
      First one
      have been Gluten Free /mostly dairy free for over 2 years –
      I know even Gf grains bother me – happy to let them all go
      Many things long gone… like coffee and alcohol
      but the last hold out … surprise surprise…… is sugar – dang she is a beast

      1. Hi Maureen….I know that feeling…the sugar dragon was a big one for me BUT it’s possible to calm it πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you’re starting soon! Check back in soon!

    78. I’m in. I started June 19, one week after having my second baby. I’m not going to go down the bad eating path that was the postpartum period after my first child! I’m here on day 3 and already starting to feel much better. I only had to cut out diet soda, gluten/dairy free candy and gluten free brownies, so I didn’t expect much of a “carb flu” but intense sugar cravings. Yep, I am definitely getting hit with the cravings! But, I feel very motivated to stick through it. I did one in January, most of April, and did 50 days last August/September. I miss how great I feel on the Whole30, so I’m eager to get back to that!!

      1. Hi Casey….glad you’re here! The good news is that you’ve done it before and I know you can do it again. The gluten free treats are so tricky because they’re usually so loaded with sugar as you’ve seen. Keep up the good work and check back in if and when you need to.


    79. Day 8….cravings are all but gone. shorts fitting ! I haven’t had the energy surge yet.
      Thank you for coordinating this challene!

    80. I’d like to start this. Just came across this site today July 6th. Is there a new group starting Aug1st? I have to plan for this, have a busy work schedule (traveling which makes it challenging). I juice and juice/blend a lot. That works well for me but is boring! Congrats to all those doing this. I enjoyed reading the posts and look forward to my joining.

    81. I’ll be joining you in January for my second Whole30 – having back surgery in February so I’m planning on being in the best health possible before the surgery so I can have the fastest recovery afterwards!

      1. Sorry to hear about your surgery Justin. I can say that this summer I was doing Whole30 before and after my surgery and the nurse could NOT believe how fast I was healing up. Wishing you the best!

    82. I am going to be joining as well. I am a huge fan of your web site and have the book “it starts with food” I have PCOS which comes with lots of symptoms including migraines and infertility. After struggling with these and many other issues I have started researching using diet and supplements instead of medication and everything points back to paleo and whole 30. I need support because my husband is supportive of me but not willing to change his ways. That in turn leaves lots of extra temptations in the house that I struggle with. So tired of feeling tired.

      1. I can definitely understand your concerns (and I don’t want this to sound flippant at all) but do you have anything to lose by trying it? I know it can be scary to change the way one eats (I felt that way too when I start paleo in 2010 and I wasn’t facing the health issues you have). You may find relief from your symptoms if you give it a try. I’m behind you 100%…if you need anyone to chat with, I’ll be here!

        1. Thank you so much I feel that way right now. I have nothing to loose and everything to gain and I am so thankful for your support because I think it’s exactly what I need. πŸ˜‰

    83. Hey Steph! Just wanted to say you are on of my absolute favorite food bloggers and i LOVE following you on Instagram! With that, I know I;m lae to the game on this post however, I’m researching and planning for my first whole 30, and while I know its dumb, i cant help but to be a little freaked out haha. These mild freakouts lead me to a thought/idea. Do you think you could maybe do a paleo or whole 30 starter kit give away type thing? Or even just a quick reference post. just a bundle of the things you cant live without and know would help a first timer like me feel less nervous about starting and would help me kick this whole 30’s butt! Or rather kick my gut! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts you truly are an inspiration!!

      1. This is a super idea, Jessica! I may plan this for the beginning of next year when we get a LOT of whole30ers.

        It can be intimidating but I have a feeling you’re going to do fine!!

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