• The Stupid Easy Manifesto

    This is me.


    I like to lift heavy things up and put them down. I’m a science nerd. I’m a teacher. I love food, and I eat Paleo.

    For those of you who might not know, Stupid Easy Paleo as it is today has had about five years of evolution under its belt. Long ago, when I started blogging about my mountain bike racing adventures, I’d occasionally post up a recipe here and there. In this time frame, I went from eating anything I wanted to becoming vegetarian and then eventually adopting the Paleo way of eating in January 2010. Even once I’d forsaken most grains and dairy, I still was only about 80% adherent until the summer of 2012. Nevertheless, adopting a grain / legume / (mostly) dairy free way of eating has changed my life in ways I hadn’t imagined, and I continue to learn as I go.

    Last fall, I decided to go all-in and eat pretty strict Paleo. The benefit to my training and overall feeling of health and well-being has been astounding. I’ve become passionate about sharing what I know about Paleo and nutrition with anyone who is interested so please let me know if you have a question.

    With the above in mind, I’ve decided it’s high time to define what SEP is all about.

    man-i-fes-to noun

    : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer (Wikipedia)

    Behold…the Stupid Easy Manifesto:

    • Recipes from this site will support a healthy way of eating. The emphasis is and will continue to be on whole foods and keeping processed ingredients to a minimum.
    • Though I don’t believe in being militant about food, and I do indulge in treats from time to time, I’m not into Paleo-ifying every dessert or no-no food under the sun. Constantly making sweets and treats only serves to reinforce many of the bad habits many of us tend to fall prey to. If you want a Paleo dessert superhero to make all your once-forbidden foods now “safe”, this isn’t the site for you; there are plenty out there for you to seek out. Just keep in mind: a dessert is a dessert and sugar is sugar.
    • From time to time, I give options for adding ingredients that may be defined by some as not Paleo – butter or heavy cream, for example. If you are a purist, then leave it out or use a sub. There many ways to slice and dice what’s Paleo and what’s not and almost no universally-agreed-upon definition (aside from the generally accepted “grain, legume, dairy-free” refrain). Read this website with that in mind. If you need an idea for an ingredient substitute, send me a question, and I’ll get right back to you.
    • Not everyone can afford the highest quality, organic, free-range, grass-fed, cage-free, humanely-raised, etc etc food under the sun. I get that. If you are trying to choose between eating Paleo and making the mortgage, put down the grass-fed t-bone steak and pick up a conventionally-raised sirloin instead. You’ll live. The Paleo gods will not strike you down. Just keep in mind: your health is a long-term investment and meds are costly. Food can be poison or medicine.

    Look for exciting things to come from SEP in 2013 (new recipes, more videos, better photography and more)! I’m looking forward to helping you fill your bellies.



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    9 thoughts on “The Stupid Easy Manifesto

    1. Well-worded manifesto! I understand where you are coming from, and I look forward to hearing more of the wisdom (and recipes) that you have learned from your experiences.

    2. Hate the “Paleo pancakes” etc bullshit. The reinforcement of non-Paleo behaviors is rich in stupidity, not in ancestral health, whatever. No sauces potions sugars or thier subs for me. Not strict but not stupid. In fact, I resent “Paleo” and just eat real food.

      1. Hi Lara. I agree…the label “Paleo” is tough to wrap my head around sometimes. It means so many different things to so many different people. Keeping the emphasis on whole, unprocessed meat, veg, fat and some fruit has done wonders for me. Keep on keeping on!

    3. I, like you, have done paleo about 80-85% but have decided to got all in as well (warm bread being my downfall). Your recipes have helped a lot and I look forward for more to come. Hopefully a little cleaner diet will push me a little closer to being a better competitor in crossfit. We’ll see!!!! Thanks

      1. Roy!!! Bread! Oh man…I love(d) bread but the couple times I’ve had it since going strict Paleo, I’ve been left with a stomach ache of massive proportions. Le sigh…we can dream, can’t we? Thanks so much for the kind words. A cleaner diet will definitely help! What are your goals?

        1. I would like to crack the top 100 in the open in my age group ( I’m 46) and get top three in a local competition there in the southeast. I got a 4th place this summer, just need to get stronger sucks being small ( 154 lbs.) but whatcha gonna do. I with you about the potatoes too, but thats the irish in me.

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