• Paleo Beef Jerky

    Paleo Beef Jerky…salty, meaty and chewy.

    It’s beef jerky, of course, and we all seem to love it. What I don’t love is 1) the price and 2) all the other chemicals and crap they put in it. With that in mind, I did a little research and made this simple recipe (and if you were wondering, it is Whole30-approved).

    The coconut aminos really are the key to the flavor (plus, it’s not soy-based and has a lot less sodium than soy sauce and is devoid of gluten unlike tamari).


    You can certainly use a dehydrator (like this one) to make your jerky, but you can still make it in the oven if you don’t have one. Directions are below.

    Paleo Beef Jerky...salty, meaty and chewy.| StupidEasyPaleo.com

    Paleo Beef Jerky

    Course: Snack
    Cuisine: Beef, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Whole30
    Servings: 16
    Author: Steph Gaudreau

    Paleo Beef Jerky...salty, meaty and chewy.



    • 1 lb 500 g lean London broil or top sirloin (grass-fed if you can find it)
    • 1 bottle coconut aminos I used ~half the bottle or 4 oz, found in the vinegar section of the market
    • Large ziploc bag
    • 2 cooling racks you need something to elevate the jerky so that it dries on both sides
    • 2 baking sheets
    • Aluminum foil or parchment paper


    1. Trim all visible fat from the meat. Throw the whole steak in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. You want to firm up the meat (ha!) before you slice it.
    2. Remove from the freezer and use a sharp knife to cut the steak against the grain (so it’s not as tough) and on the bias (diagonally, so you get wider pieces). You want the pieces to be less than ⅛″ thickness and as consistent as possible.
    3. Throw the pieces in a large plastic bag and pour about ⅓-1/2 cup of the coconut aminos into the bag.
    4. BE PATIENT and let marinate it for a few hours (or overnight). Trust me…it’ll taste better.
    5. To dehydrate (jerkify), set your oven to 200 degrees. Line two baking sheets with aluminum foil. Place the racks on top (again, you want to leave the jerky exposed to air on both sides). I used cooling racks intended for baking.
    6. Place jerky on the racks, leaving a little space between.
    7. Bake for at least two 2 hours (checking frequently) or until it is, well, jerky-like! You want it to be dry.
    8. Store in an airtight container. I put mine in the fridge so it’ll keep even longer.

    Recipe Video

    So, as you can see, stupid-easy…you just need some patience. It may not taste like the overly salty jerky you are used to, but I promise it’s so much better (and cheaper!). You could definitely mix it up by adding some chopped jalapenos, garlic, or crushed black pepper into the marinade to. Check out this version from The Food Lovers Kitchen (with garlic and smoky chipotle) and this one from my good pal Jen’s Gone Paleo (with a hint of sweetness from apple juice). Enjoy!

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    89 thoughts on “Paleo Beef Jerky

    1. Yay! I love the homemade jerky! I’m so puzzled by the commercial jerky, why do they do that? Even the “organic” brands have crap in them. Mostly sugar. What are they thinking? Thanks for promoting the DIY. I was afraid to try it at first, dried uncooked meat? There must be some commercial sanitary secret. But after the first batch, I’m totally hooked and go through at least a pound a week. I like roasts, the little fat bits are really good! I like it really thin and extra crispy. Meat chips!

    2. Made a batch of jerky, best I’ve ever had and so easy, can’t keep it away from my friends at work or the gym. Thanks so much

    3. Hi! I really want to try making this beef jerky, but I just spent forever driving around town and I can’t find coconut aminos anywhere! People just give me funny looks when I ask them if they carry it… Is there something I can use as a substitute, or would it be better to try and order it online?

      1. Hi. This sounds like a great recipe – thanks for sharing it. To the person who couldn’t find coconut aminos in the store, I’ve found that it’s cheaper online anyway. They sell it at Whole Foods but you can get it online at places like vitacost, iherb, luckyvitamin etc. for less assuming you order other things to get to the free shipping amount.

    4. This seems awesome. How long would this jerky last? Basically, it’d be really cool if I could just make a whole bunch of it and not have to worry about cooking more for a few weeks or so… how long would I have to finish it off before it’d go bad?

            1. I’ve made jerky before with my dehydrator and found that if you keep it in a ziplock bag in the freezer it can last for AGES – just FYI. And no it doesn’t freeze up so you can take it out and chew it down pretty much straight away.

              Silly question but the 200 degrees – I assume thats F not C? Just want to double check.

    5. Made the Jerky today and it was so easy and so yummy! Had to keep it away from the family or it would have been gone in a flash! Thanks so much for sharing and the wonderful Video! You Rock!

      1. Hi RoxAnn! Well that’s great news (er, glad you were able to take it away from them before it was gone) 😉

    6. Just discovered your site! Awesome!

      A note that San -J Tamari is 100% Soy (No wheat = no gluten). They have different varieties, but the one I use says 100% soy on the bottle. MUCH less expensive than coconut aminos!

      I’m making this tonight! Thanks!

        1. Hey Steph…well, I didn’t get around to this over the holiday break but just made today. I separated the meat and did 1/2 lb as per recipe and 1/2 lb with 3 crushed garlic cloves and 1/8 tsp cracked black pepper added to the marinade.
          SO easy…and OMG I am never buying jerky from the store again! These are fabulous! Just gave some to my daughter to try…she actually closed her eyes and said, “Oh wow! Good one, Mom!” I did put them in the fridge, but I can tell you they won’t last long enough to need refrigeration 😀 I’d better stock up on coconut aminos….we’re going to be making this a lot!

    7. Hey just curious, I made this yesterday and it came out Great!, my husband and I are on day 5 of whole30 and want to know how much jerky is considered a serving?

    8. For taste, do you recommend adding stevia to the coconut aminos? Sugar is commonly used to make jerky, and stevia is essentially a paleo version of sugar.


      1. I don’t personally like the taste of stevia, but if you do, you could add it. Stevia’s only technically Paleo if it is directly from the leaf. Otherwise, the white powder is highly processed. In the end, it’s totally up to you.

    9. Hi Steph! I finally wanna make a jerky using your recipe 😀 But I recently heard that amazing jerky can be made with BEEF HEART, so I wanna go for that, because it is really cheap to get a good heart here. Did you ever made a heart jerky? Will try it and let you know 😀

        1. Steph, I currently have it in the fridge marinating in Coconut Aminos, I didn’t have time to do it yesterday, so it is marinating for 2 nights now, hope it’s okay 😀 I will finish it today and let you know, I believe it’s gonna be YUMMY!!! 🙂

    10. Thanks for the recipe! This looks wonderful but I have a question. 2 hours is the shortest cook time I’ve seen for a jerky recipe. Do you have a convection oven and/or cook with the oven door propped open? Again thanks for the recipe!

      1. I prop the door open. It’s not convection. 2 hours should do it though it depends on how thick the meat is. You want it very very dry.

    11. I am marinading the beef now in just the coconut aminos overnight, and I plan on reusing the marinade. As soon as I take the beef out I will mix in some spices (extra hot Indian chili powder, some coconut sugar and chili flakes) and putting more meat in, just to see the difference.

    12. Im new to everything paleo, but the biggest issue i have had is that there is coconut oil in SO much stuff. Im deathly allergic. What would you suggest to use as a replacement?

    13. Due to the reduced preservatives, this won’t last long, but it shouldn’t last long anyway for being yummy.

      I always put silica gel packs in my jerky containers. you can put a a little foil between it and the food if you don’t want it touching the packet.

    14. Hi there! Quick question that’s completely off topic.

      Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My
      weblog looks weird when viewing from my iphone4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct
      this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share.
      Appreciate it!

      1. Hi,

        Yes, it is. Sometimes the ads can make it look a bit off but you should be able to double tap it to automatically adjust the screen size. 🙂

      1. Hi Fred,

        Unfortunately, I’ve never used an excalibur dehydrator if you can believe that! I have no idea how long it would take, but I’m guessing if you go on the excalibur website there will be directions for making jerky with it. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    15. Can I use a roast? I am so uninspired by the traditional roast recipes but if I can make jerky, that’s a whole different ball game.

    16. Hello! I’m wondering how to make this work in a dehydrator? My oven is extremely finicky and I’ve never made jerky. Thanks! ?

      1. Hey Rachel….I’ve never used a dehydrator so I can’t really say. If you google how to make regular beef jerky in a dehydrator there’s bound to be some methods that are easy to follow 🙂

    17. Hi Stephanie – This is by far the best beef jerky ever. I found a local butcher who can slice eye of round for me and it’s been going great for past 5 batches until the recent slices looked bit thicker than unusual. Do you think it would be ok to pound them down thinner before marinating for 24 hours? Let me know what you think. Thanks for great recipe and I love your book!

      1. Hey Sonya…sure that would work. Just keep an eye on it in the oven if they end up thinner…you may not need as much time 🙂

    18. Thanks for this! I’m trying to plan better snacks to keep in the house, partly because I need to keep my salt intake down. Happy to find an option for jerky that won’t blow my ankles up!

      1. Hi Ellen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m sure you’ll find more valuable information exploring the site. Have fun!

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