• Paleo Pantry and Fridge…Take a Look!

    Stupid Easy Paleo is back after a 4 month hiatus! I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath. But really. Took some time off of blogging to train (besides working full time and having other responsibilities) but now the season is over–albeit prematurely due to injury—so I’m resurrecting the blog with a new twist: that’s right, lots of me on camera. So many chances for self-depricating humor and sneaking in Chem 101 when I can…muahaha! If there’s something Paleo-related you’d like me to do a short segment about, put it in the comments here, and I’ll take a crack at it. And please, be kind…I’m not a professional actor, TV personality or video editor. You may laugh, you may even cringe…but you’ll definitely learn about how to cook Paleo, the simple way.

    So to kick things off, I decided to open my pantry and fridge to all of the universe my 3 followers! Now you have a chance to see what it looks like to keep Paleo supplies on hand. I swear none of my pantry items were rearranged, and I didn’t clean up my fridge. Truth. And for those of you who prefer to read what I keep on hand (or can’t watch because you’re reading blogs while at work), here’s a list of my staples:



    • Fresh veggies (duh!) and occasional fresh fruit (I just don’t love it so I don’t buy much)
    • Lean meats and seafood
    • Sometimes HIGH quality bacon (think organic at minimum)
    • Eggs (I keep at least 2 dozen on hand at one time)
    • Condiments: fish sauce, mustard (no sugar added), fresh sauerkraut, etc.

    So that’s that!! Hope I charmed the pants off ya and that it gives some of you a jumping off point for your journey with Paleo (or some new ideas for you seasoned pros)!! Stay tuned for another video coming soon…a recipe for ceviche!

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    24 thoughts on “Paleo Pantry and Fridge…Take a Look!

    1. Hi! I got to your site from melissa’s ravening from well fed. Can you make a video about traveling and paleo? O have been paleo for 3 months and travel fir work 50% of the time and am finding it socially difficult ( when with customers) and just plain difficult to explain with co workers. Thanks!!!!

      1. Hi Jess! Thanks so much for coming over and saying hello. I’d LOVE to do a video about traveling and how to incorporate paleo into a busy schedule (as well as some tips about how to explain what you eat–and why–to others). Looking forward to helping out!

    2. Thanks! I found this site in researching the Paleo lifestyle. My husband and I are just getting started and I’m going to keep an eye on your posts!

        1. Sure! I’d love to know more about how to transition to the Paleo lifestyle…how to restock your pantry and refridgerator as well as what foods to have on hand. Thanks!

        2. Sorry let me clarify….specific vegetables and fruits, meats, and herbs to have on hand. Are some better than others?

      1. Thanks Jason! Wow that’s a tough question. I would explain what you are going to undertake in terms of your dietary choices and ask that they respect your wishes. I have heard of some people who even separate their pantry or kitchen shelves into “your food” and “my food”. Unfortunately, all attempts I’ve ever seen to help people see the light/convince them to change usually fail. They will start to notice your results (whether from a health/performance/appearance standpoint) and if they are ready to learn more, they will eventually come to you.

    3. Hi! Trying to go organic and paleo, but I’m a bit confused on a few things. Why should I avoid legumes? I love organic peanut butter and it makes a great snack on some organic celery. It’s also great on paleo/organic bread.

      I’m seeing some lists that say to substitute out butter and don’t know why.

      I would love some good breakfast ideas.

      Got any great recepie so for kale?

      I would like to incorporate more turmeric into my diet so would love some recepies for that too.

      Why do you like canned foods, when can linings have BPA in them?

      1. Hi Scott…

        For an article on legumes: https://www.stupideasypaleo.com/2013/10/24/why-peanuts-make-people-go-crazy/

        To search for breakfast and kale recipes: https://www.stupideasypaleo.com/recipe-index/

        Canned food…I try to buy BPA free when I can but ultimately, sometimes it comes down to convenience.

        Sadly I don’t have any turmeric recipes but you can find tons by searching “Paleo + turmeric”.

        Butter has dairy proteins that are irritating to some folks.

    4. Sweet, I’m on the right track with my pantry & fridge! I have a 10 year old son, so I had to make a paleo & non-paleo shelf in my pantry. I am still really new to the paleo lifestyle (& über picky) so side dishes not including rice or potatoes has made some of my dinners boring. I’d love side dish ideas! Also, how easy is it to make paleo mayonnaise?

      Love your site!! So happy I found it!

    5. First, love your blog and info, and just getting started on my Paleo journey.

      However, the grammar police have shown up. 😉

      Okay, I’m a member of a local Toastmasters club, and I’ve even been a frequent listener of the Grammar Girl podcast….so, I couldn’t help being distracted by this one right out of the gate. (And isn’t that why we check spelling and grammar? Because it can be a distraction? Yes.)

      “I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath.”

      Baited breath would smell bad, probably like worms. 😉 The homophone you wanted was “bated”. I think. Well, with a Paleo diet, perhaps you DID mean “baited”! LOL Cavemen probably ate worms…

      Again, thanks for all the good info! Even though I feel “behind the curve”, I actually have quite a bit of what’s on your list. 🙂 Probably just need a greater diversity of spices. And to source some higher-quality canned goods.

      Oh, eggs — I read you shouldn’t eat more than 6 eggs a week (don’t remember where, though). With that may eggs, do you eat more than 6 a week?


      1. Hi Bastion…thanks…I really try to have good grammar and spelling but sometimes things fall through the cracks.

        Yes, I eat more than 6 eggs a week. Eggs do have the potential, like other foods, to cause sensitivities if they are eaten too much, but the recommendations you most likely heard were from a person / site that still thinks we need to avoid dietary cholesterol. Hope that makes sense!

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